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Understanding the exact behavior of a
complex embedded system is difficult since
system behavior is often hard to observe
and reproduce. An embedded system is by
definition embedded into other devices and
has usually very few interfaces for diagnostic
information extraction.
Moreover, the performance requirements
usually only allow for recordings of low
level information, since processing and
storage consumes too much memory and
execution time.
Log Exploration and Analysis Made Easy
The Enea
System Debugger

the issue of information fusion: collecting and
refining system information contained in logs.
This is achieved by advanced post processing of
log information, by fusion of different logs, by
providing a framework for mapping recorded
information to high level models, and, not least,
by bringing structure to the log exploration.
The Enea ZealCore System Debugger can be used
through several life cycle stages of a software
product. It can be used during development,
integration, test, deployment, and operation
depending on when the logs have been gathered.
It can also be used for debugging, profiling, and
preventive maintenance depending on how system
information is gathered. If gathered during a crash
situation the purpose is debugging, if gathered
continuously during normal operation it can be
used for profiling and preventive maintenance.
The Enea ZealCore System Debugger lets you
create Project for structuring the exploration of
an individual case such as a particular bug. One
Project can cover information from several logs,
either from one and the same system collected at
different occasions, from different software versions
or from different nodes in a distributed system.
The Project file holds views illustrating different
aspects of the system behavior as well as analyses
and searches of data related to the specific case.
Examples of views are: event time lines, process
execution charts, UML state machine animation,
UML sequence charts, and graphical plots.
Enea ZealCore System Debugger
Power Diagnostics for Embedded Software
• Synchronized information fusion
of different logs
• Brings structure to exploration
• Advanced post processing
refines information
• Automatic deduction of high level
models, e.g.,
— Sequence charts
— State machines
• Open Platform
— Easy import of existing logs
— Combine information from different
types of logs
— Handle logs from multiprocessors
or distributed systems
• Powerful analysis methods
— Graphical Illustration
— Advanced search
— Assertions
Enea ZealCore System Debugger Datasheet
The Enea ZealCore System Debugger allows you
to make advanced post processing of data includ-
ing filtering and advanced searches that can
pinpoint a specific behavior. The results are
synchronized with other views and exploring
the results is just a click away.
Assertions allow for automatic detection of
system malfunctions, risks and negative trends.
The latter is especially powerful when the post
processing is performed on e.g., logs from differ-
ent versions of software for a system ñ making it
possible to detect subtle behavioral differences
between the software versions which later could
lead to system failures or poor performance.
The Enea ZealCore System Debugger is built on
top of the Eclipse framework and is entirely
written in Java, thus making it possible to use the
tools on a variety of platforms including Linux
and Windows based systems. It ships as a stand-
alone application or as a new perspective into
the eclipse framework.
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