camping near pawna lake

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Nov 30, 2019 (2 months ago)


Camping is a fantasy of every outdoor enthusiast. Driving along the Golden lake side, enjoying the water mirroring the skies, camping in the middle of now here staying in a tent beside the lake, feeling the heat of a campfire, with a mouth-watering partying and grill off the evening. If you're interested in finding this fun so, Pawna lake swimming is the ideal choice for camping near pawna lake close to Lonavala and Pune.

Memorable One Day Picnic at Pawna Lake

Spend your day with your Loved Ones and friends enjoying Cherish the moments with
your nearest and dearest from the scenic campsite of
Pawna Lake Camping
. A perfect
destination for Any Day Picnic, Pawna Lake Camping is available for individuals of all age

To Do List in Pawna Lake Camping:

After having welcome Tea, an individual can begin the day by enjoying the free
Tasks like Rifle Shooting, Archery, Fishing would be the starters. If you would like to play
some outdoor games such as Cricket or Soccer, Pawna Lake Camping has sufficient room
to cherish the fantastic old times of your youth playing gully Cricket/ Soccer. The gear
concerning the actions will be supplied in a campsite.
For almost any picnic, food is the most essential part.
Pawna dam camping
knows this
and provides delicious dishes of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes cooked by the
regional villagers served in Buffet Style.
Post Lunch, an Individual can unwind reading the publication at the hammock or even
Remember to take photographs since these are the minutes to catch.
Feedback and Expertise sharing session is a significant part after enjoying all of the rides
and activities, day snacks have been served with warm tea in the dining room where
individual responses is accepted by the officials since there's always a range of progress.
Thus, don't overlook the possibility to enjoy such a fantastic Moment with your family
and friends in Pawna Lake Camping.