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Project Proposal


Fiona Hinds

Date and Revision number:

20/02/2009 v


Knowledge Management in

Human Resources

Main Theme:

There are many standpoints on Knowledge Management. If
Davenports et al

(1998) and their

on Knowledge Management are

it soon
becomes clear that
the subject involves
a vast

(1) To create knowledge

(2) To improve knowledge

(3) To enhance the knowledge

(4) To manage knowledge as an asset

This projec
t will focus on Knowledge Management in HR. HR

is a

sensible place for a
project such as
this to be channelled from as functional and managerial human resources are grouped and
maintained through this function.
What better place to champion Knowledge Manag
than from the function that looks after an organisations people.

This project will investigate how change such as the implementation of an ERP system and /or a
shared service centre might affect Knowledge Management within
. Transitionin
g to these new
ways of working will bring a new culture of predominantly self and outsourced services. How will the
loss of an internal corporate
presence affect

employees and the way that Knowledge is
managed within the new Human Resources? H
ow will HR keep managers informed of new policies
and forms for example or
up to date with the latest and best practices? All of these questions and
more will be investigated. Based on the outcomes to these questions a strategy will be formulated
which wil
l drive the creation, improvement, enhancement and management of
knowledge going
forwards. Tools to be implemented as part of this transition such as SharePoint will be investigated
to establish ways to enable the formulated strategy. Interviews and / q
uestionnaires will be used in
order to
establish anxieties and hopes of
groups of
employees with regards to the impending
change. Views of the current situation will also be established in order to make a comparison
between views of current and forecasted
KM methods.

Research Questions: (Possible questions drawn from the area)


How do employees think the implementation of an ERP
(vast self service)
and shared
service centre (outsourced HR)
will affect KM?


Who belong to the HR fundamental knowledge net
works at
? E.g. managers,
recruiters, trainers, delegates, candidates, employees. How will these groups be affected?


How can a KM strategy help stabilise the effects of such change?


How can tools such as SharePoint be leveraged to enable this strategy?

Outline of argument or position

In this project I will try to argue that the implementation of an ERP system and shared service centre
could have a detrimental effect on KM in HR without careful strategic planning. If HR are no longer a
key source of know
due to their size
and there is no organised creation, improvement,
enhancement and management of knowledge amongst groups of employees then the efficient and
effective service that a much smaller HR

provide could be compromised.

A Knowledge
ement strategy would align with the over arching HR objectives and identify key knowledge
groups and optimum methods of managing their knowledge. Social tools such as SharePoint
to enable effective Knowledge Management by providing a framework fo
r individual contribution to
collective knowledge.

Links to wider Information System issues

The changes that
the NDPB

are imminently going through will not only affect HR but other teams
within corporate services such as Finance and Facilities too. These p
roject outcomes can be drawn
upon to strategically prepare for inevitable change to their ways of working. Potentially a framework
could be established to help identify key knowledge networks imperative to a team’s continued
performance in order to establi
sh the best new method of management of knowledge.

Links to syllabus of other units within the degree

The module that I studied this time last year called Knowledge Management Strategies links in to
this project topic. I will dr
aw and build upon this resea

Key words or phrases for use in an online search

Knowledge Management, ERP, Shared Service Centre, Communities of Practice, Knowledge
Networks, Social technology, Human Resources

Alternative ways to research the topic and to collect data

I have not y
et identified any other research in the area of Knowledge Management within HR
therefore am unable to provide examples. If I happen to come across this I will summarise their
approach here.

Required resources and issues of access

I have already made contac
t with the Head of HR / Director of Corporate Services regarding my
project and am in fact proposing that this be viewed as a piece of consultancy work for the NDPB. I
have no doubt that they can facilitate access for interviews and questionnaires and also

have access
to the exact proposals for change. I will be looking to investigate other NDPB’s successful
implementation of KM strategies and outcomes of transitions to shared service centres and ERP’s.

Assessment of required skills or techniques

I will nee
d to continue to read up on project research in information systems in order to establish
best research methods for my proposal

References to 5 articles or books relevant to the topic

I have browsed through the XPert HR repository of journal articles thou
gh have not read any. There
seem to be a comprehensive selection of articles relating to this topic. Once I have completed
further reading I will name these articles or books.

Justification of interest to others

This topic is of importance and wider intere
st because this is real change and a potentially real
problem that this NDPB could be facing. The Head of HR, Director of Corporate Services and IT
consultants that will come in over the forthcoming months to configure our new systems will
welcome research

such as this. In addition with the ever increasing move to social networking tools I
believe that it is important to ensure that a strategy is in place to drive the implementation and not
the implementation drive the strategy. I hope that a successful sub
sequent KM will help to prove