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Nov 6, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Knowledge Management Systems

Discussion Forum

The following are some comments / suggestions / thoughts that
have come out of my
observations of the discussion forums so far.

In light of the chance you have had to use the KMS discussion, h
we star
t to think
about a discussion forum? What are some of the criteria that might be important

when setting
out to create or run one

Discussion forums are no different (at least at the start) to any
human activity
we examine i.e. the important a
reas for consideration are still:




If we look at the requirements for a discussion forum, what might some of the things be that
we need to consider? Some of the things raised



Can you find it?

Can you use i

The level of discipline / structure “imposed” by the software or rules

What is expected of people posting to the forum
? (s
Assignment 4, in
Assessment Details

for more information)

Is the information current / appropriate / useful?

Are the c
onsistent contributors people with “too much time on their hands”
providing useful information

An observation I would like to make is that, despite use of electr
onic media being promoted in
the media as the new way of communication, how few people (less than 1/3 on a show of
hands in a class of nearly 20) have previously participated in online discussion forums. So
even among ourselves, the “technically / compute
r literate”, there are new technologies, new
means of communicating, to be learnt.

What are some of the things happening on the KMS discussion forum?

there are series of ideas being expressed, statements being made, but
not much

in the way of

cussion …

there is no debate happening


disjoint with
a lack of

flow to the

multiple topics are being created where a single, nominated(?) topic might help
to focus the discussion e.g. have a nominated topic for a period

(how many
topics are titled “knowledge”?)

there is no ownership of the discussion

how many
people are asking questions

What are some of the things that are working in the KMS discussion forum?

at least there are no flame wars (yet?)

search works

different ideas are

being expressed (can be creative)

(can) get momentum

references are useful

get to see other peoples thinking

can help you organise your thoughts

help to test your arguments

What are some of the things we need to consider when gathering requirements for a
forum? Is this any different from the considerations we would give to gathering requirements
for any system? Some of the things we may need to consider are:

is there a problem needing to be solved

and if so, what is it?

what is the context i
n which we are operating

stakeholder identification, and identification of their issues / concerns / ideas /

project requirements (e.g. resources, scope, time, cost, quality, options)

information needs

processes we might use within the system.

l Lynch

5 September 2010