Knowledge management


Nov 6, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Knowledge management
•The process whereby (new) knowledge is implemented
into medical fields & services and applied in daily practice
•Knowledge management is a circular process that consists
knowledge development
knowledge dissemination
knowledge implementation
knowledge evaluation
From knowledge to practice
Best Practice in knowledge management:
National Project Scoring Results
–Quality redesignof all services for treatment, care and
prevention based on Masterprotocol (comprehensive R&D
management tool)
–Focus on main phasesin treatment (intake/assessment,
detoxification, crisis intervention, life/coping skills
management, relapse prevention management, aftercare
–Interventions are evidencebased, piloted and produced by
research & development centres in close cooperation which
addiction services including an implementation strategy
–Two levels: treatmentof motivated clients aimed at recovery
and self-control and social carefor chronic addicts aimed at
harm control and stabilisation
–Addiction services can apply for fundingto implementnew
Best Practice in knowledge management:
National Project Scoring Results (2)
•List of main
clusters of protocols & interventions:
•-Cluster of intake, assessmentand motivation
–Cluster of psychosocialinterventions (CBT, CRA)
–Cluster of medicalinterventions (clinical –
–Cluster of preventiveinterventions
–Cluster of comorbidity(double diagnosis)
–Cluster of juridicial/probationinterventions
–Cluster of youth treatment interventions
Perspectivesonresearch interests
•Scientists: “knowledge” data & publications
•Services: quality& performance
management, accountability
•Practitioners: effectiveinterventions,
treatmentprocesseval. “satisfiedpatients”
•Patients: complaintless, qualityof life
•Stakeholders(healthassurance, government
etc: reductionof DALY’s, costcontrol
R&D Prioritiesfor services &
•Quality management: “primaryprocessof treatment&
aftercare”, comparisonof treatmentsystems, (cost)
effectiveness, innovation, accessability
-youthaddictioncare (earlydetection, assessment,
guidelines, interventions, service development,
-elderlytarget groups: earlydetection(55-70), guidelines
f.e. alcohol-psychopharm. & geriatrics(70+)
-specificadulttarget groups: intellectuallydisabilities(&
doublediagnosis), low SES groups,
. Diseasemanagement: developmentof a model for
managing the “disease” of substance(ab)use”