Chapter 8 Review

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Chapter 8 Review


What is sensory memory? Describe the experimental design used by George Sperling

to measure the
iconic store, and summarize his results. Besides the iconic store, what is the other major sensory register
and how long does it typically last compared to the iconic store?


Discuss the limitations of short
term memory and describe two w
ays that they can be overcome. Why is
term memory sometimes called "working memory" and, according to Alan Baddeley, what are three
different components of working memory?


Describe the serial position effect and its two separate components. Discus
s the specific structural
components of memory that are responsible for it.


Define and differentiate between the following ways of encoding information: 1) automatic processing
and effortful processing and 2) structural encoding, phonological encoding,
and semantic encoding.
Provide an example of each construct.


Assume a friend of yours is having trouble learning and remembering information for one of his/her
college classes. Given what you have learned in this course, offer four techniques or things
he/she can do
to improve long
term memory and academic learning.


What are schemas and how are they related to expert knowledge. Illustrate their relation by discussing
the research conducted with novice and expert chess players.


Define and discrimina
te between an associative network model and a neural network model of memory.
What is meant by the term "priming" and to which of these two models does it apply? Explain how each
model would account for the appearance of a particular word in the mind.


hat kinds of factors serve to create inaccuracies in memory or forgetting? In your answer, discuss the
relevance of the misinformation effect and source confusion. How does this information relate to your
opinion of the eyewitness testimony?


Discuss the

approach Ebbinghaus took to the study of forgetting. In your answer be sure to describe
stimuli and methods he used and his classic finding.


Explain the difference between anterograde, retrograde, and infantile amnesia. For each address its
possible c


Discuss the encoding, storage, retrieval and motivational processes that are related to forgetting.

Video Questions


What does the colonoscopy
pain study suggest about the conflict between the two selves?


What is the relationship between clim
ate and happiness? Why might we end up moving to a
better climate to become happier? What is the result?


What is the relationship between income and happiness? What does this suggest?


What is the Baker/baker paradox? Why does this occur?


What is the m
emory palace? Why is it an example of “elaborative encoding”?


Explain the social memory experiment performed on oxytocin knockout rats using lemon. What
does this suggest about the relationship between oxytocin and social memory in rats?


What is the rela
tionship between oxytocin and perception of threatening faces in humans?
Explain the difference between people with autism and people without autism in regards to this