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Design Document
Team Black Mage
Guidelines – Rules developers must follow during implementation

Development will be done using Netbeans 6.0. and Java 1.6

A specific study buddy architecture will be followed in the creation of study buddies. Study
buddy will be sub-programs which Excelsior can call. These sub-programs will be .jar files, along
with a single question file in the .dat format.

Only open source code may be used, if necessary to incorporate code from other sources

A graphical user interface will be used. This will be created with the AbsoluteLayout library and
System Diagrams – Various diagrams for the system

Excelsior Class Diagram

Excelsior Sequence Diagram
These Diagrams may be viewed by opening ExcelsiorClassDiagram.jpg and the
ExcelsiorSequenceDiagram.jpg files, both of which may be downloaded from our team (Team
Black Mage) website, under the Downloads tab.
Data Requirements – I/O Summary

The main executable for the system, the mini buddies, and each individual study buddy will have
a .jar extension

All data files will use the .dat extension. The .dat files are merely text files that will contain
necessary user and program information.

User interaction with system will be done using a keyboard and mouse for input and a monitor for

File Formatting: Each line in the data files will contain new (different) information

Separate folders will be used for different types of data
The User folder will contain user data such as:
User scores
Mini buddy information
Inventory items
Buddies will be located in the Buddies Folder, and will be contained in one of two
folders, the Study Buddies or Break Buddies folder, depending on buddy type
Mini buddies will have their own Mini Buddy Folder. This folder will contain a separate
folder for each buddy which will in turn contain all required data files and images
necessary for the mini buddy to run
Feature Priority – Various features added in each version
Features to be implemented in each version:

Version 1
User Profiles – a profile skeleton. This will display a default profile for the user. Update-
able profiles will be available once the statistics class is implemented
Plug-in System – plug-ins can be added to the program
One Buddy – a working buddy with questions and answers. This will be a sub-program
that Excelsior will call.

Version 2
Variety of Built-in Study Buddies – all default buddies created and working
Random Buddy – implemented for study buddy and break buddy
Plug-in System – plug-ins can be removed from the program
Awards – all awards created. They will be properly distributed when acquired, and will
appear in the user’s profile
Adaptive Buddy – fully functional, will act similarly to all other buddies except it’s
High Scores Table – will have local (user) high scores and global (program-wide) high
Profiles – statistics class will be implemented and will be able to retrieve and update user

Version 3
Credit System – will be added to the statistics class. Will properly add and subtract Zub
Mini Buddy – all buddies will be fully functional and accessible
Mini Buddy Accessories – shop will be operational, will implement an Inventory class to
handle all accessories