SICK crowned Vision Award winner of 2010 with ColorRanger E

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SICK crowned Vision Award winner of 2010
ColorRanger E




has wo
n the prestigious Vision Award
with the
novel camera
ColorRanger E
The Vision Award,
the “Awa
rd for Applied Machine
Vision”, is
presented each year at the
Vision show in Stuttgart

he purpose
is to

the high i
nnovative power of the industry and i
nnovative solutions which
nsure more quality, efficiency and
cost reduction
Ranger E

r and 3D capabilities in one high
speed camera, th
erefore redu
cing overall
and cost
by replacing the need for several different cameras for
an imaging task.


The Vision Award
has existed almost as long as the Industrial VISION Days. It was
established by Messe Stuttgart w
ith the purpose of awarding the high innovative power of
the industry. The
Vision Award


presented for the 18th time this year and
went to SICK
AG for the contribution


aspect imaging using one single camera". The
Vision Award

is wor
th EURO 5,000 and is sponsored by the British specialist magazine
Imaging and Machine Vision. The jury includes Dieter
Josef Walter, Daimler AG; Don
Braggins, Machine Vision System Consultancy; Hermann Tropf, Vision Tools and Martin
Wäny from Awaiba Lda. T
he jury members were once again spoilt for choice this year and
had to select the winner from a total of 28 submissions.

ColorRanger E

ColorRanger E
is the newest member of SICK’s 3D camera product line. The cameras are
used as a key vision component by m
anufacturers and vision integrators worldwide. They
solve various inspection tasks by measuring shape, contrast, and surface defects, to ensure
product quality and production reliability. The ColorRanger E expands the inspection
possibilities further by al
so providing high
resolution RGB color at up to 3072 pixels per


channel. With simultaneous 3D and color information at more than 11 kHz, multiple
inspections can be performed in parallel at full production speed.

Improved production quality using both 3D

shape and color

3D imaging is ideal where height, shape, or volume is of importance for the production
process. However, to make a complete quality or grading decision, it is often necessary to
also consider the color of the parts produced. This is, fo
r instance, common in grading fruits
and vegetables, shape and baking degree verification of baked goods, board grading in the
wood industry, quality assurance of electronic assemblies, and fill level and color verification
in the cosmetics and pharmaceuti
cal industries. By considering both 3D and color, more
reliable inspections can be performed which improves product quality and reduces waste.

Reduced solution cost and system size

ColorRanger combines the functionality of a 3D camera and a line
scan colo
r camera. With
SICK’s proprietary MultiScan technology, the camera can be configured to provide several
measurements at the same time, such as 3D shape, laser scatter, color, and monochrome,
according to the exact need of each specific application. As a re
sult, one ColorRanger can
replace several other cameras, which reduces the system size as well as the cost for
hardware, integration, and maintenance. In addition, since the different measurements come
from the same camera system, it is easier to combine d
ata for analysis.

Superb color quality

ColorRanger delivers high
quality 3D and multi
linear color data, including RGB, near IR,
and monochrome without IR content, on a Gigabit Ethernet communication interface. It has a

separate row of pixels for each col
or, which give full color resolution at up to 3072 pixels per
channel. The color quality is ensured by well separated color filters of high spectral
response, on
chip white balancing, and spatially corrected color channels output. In addition,
to eliminate

interference from different light sources used for 3D and color imaging, there is
a filter option for light source separation.


About Ranger

ColorRanger E is the newest member of SICK’s Ranger product line, which now spans from
the low
cost Ranger D for
speed 3D applications, to the high
speed Ranger E with
MultiScan technology, up to the new ColorRanger E that provides simultaneous 3D and
resolution color measurements. With their measurement speed, data quality, and high
flexibility with MultiS
can technology, they can be used in tough industrial environments for
various solutions from small
sized component inspection up to large
scale log scanning. The
3D technology is based on laser triangulation using a separate laser source. With this, the
er has the full flexibility to adapt field
view, height range, and height resolution
according the needed of a particular application. With SICK’s easy in
machine 3D calibration
tool, the 3D measurements can still be provided in millimeters.

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