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AMEC plc annual report and accounts 201224 AMEC plc annual report and accounts 2012 25

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Sustainable growth
This third element of our sustainability strategy – sustainable growth – provides the linkage from
living our values and excellent project delivery to our Vision 2015 business strategy and delivery
of the company vision and beyond.
Excellent project delivery
Our growth aspirations will only be achieved by focusing on our customers and how we deliver to
them safely and sustainably in line with our values.
Our customers face increasing legislative and other pressures to operate in a sustainable way and
we at AMEC are in an ideal place to support them, working with our partners and supply chain.
They are looking for sustainability solutions: minimising resource use (water, materials, energy),
considering long-term social requirements on our projects (utilising local workforce and suppliers,
supporting the local communities in which we work) and ensuring the delivery of safe projects
(inherent within the design, on site during delivery and onwards during the operation).
In each of these areas, we utilise our internal programmes and tools, along with AMEC’s technical
and scientific expertise, to ensure excellent customer delivery.
Living our values
Our values are integral to how we do business and how we deliver projects successfully for our
customers. They create the cultural context in which we work and form the foundation to our
sustainability strategy in four key areas: people; safety; environment; and integrity.
Policies, processes and standards are in place globally to ensure we are able to manage these areas
consistently wherever we work.
Highlights include:
During 2012 we recruited over 10,000 people
into the business (people)
Our e-academy, a learning management
system designed to help us improve our
global reach to everyone at AMEC, was
launched in June 2012. To date we have had
over 120,000 hits to the system (people)
During 2012 we had a target to focus on high
potential incidents. To this end, all 36 high
potential incidents recorded were reviewed
at senior management level (in 2011 we had
48 high potential incidents) (safety)
During 2012 we achieved better than our
All Injury Frequency Rate target and although
we missed our overall Total Recordable
Frequency Rate target we improved on our
2011 performance (safety)
We had our fifth year supporting SOS
Children’s Villages as our global strategic
charity. During the year we partnered with
SOS Children to support their village in
Baku, Azerbaijan (integrity)
New online Code of Business Conduct
training rolled out to all employees – by
2 January 2013 17,838 employees had
completed the training (integrity)
Power management software is being
implemented on our networked equipment
in all our locations globally. To date the system
has saved nearly 15,000 kWh in energy use.
Once fully rolled out we estimate the annual
saving to be in the region of 1.49 GWh of
electricity (environment)
Water strategy has been developed in
2012, along with baseline water usage.
A programme in line with the strategy will
be rolled out 2013 onwards (environment).
AMEC believes sustainable business is the balance of economic, environmental
and social responsibilities, meeting the requirements of our stakeholders,
consistently, in line with living our values.
To achieve this we have to ensure that sustainability is integrated into the very core of our business and within our
decision-making processes. Our sustainability strategy is described using three interwoven elements – living our values,
excellent project delivery and sustainable growth, each of which is described in more detail below and within our
sustainability report.
Highlights include:
Roll out of our new global supplier registration
and qualification system began to those
suppliers viewed as critical to successful
project delivery. This new process incorporates
health, safety and environmental requirements,
compliance with the supplier code of conduct
and specific ethics questions
We are supporting EDF Energy Nuclear
Generation as a strategic partner for the
lifetime of the existing UK nuclear power
station fleet, focused on efficient low carbon
asset operation with minimal losses and
maximising the generation lifetime of the
fleet, while ensuring zero harm to personnel
and the environment
Roll out of the ‘Essentials of engineering safety
and environmental protection through the
project lifecycle’ training programme through
AMEC Academy, to 1,414 people during 2012
In 2011, the Jabulani skills training
centre was established as part of the Sappi
GoCell project at Ngodwana in South Africa
to maximise local community involvement
and provide the project and local area with
construction skills. During 2012 the training
centre won two ‘achiever’ awards from
BHP Billiton
Our Environment & Infrastructure division
held its innovation summit in October,
showcasing best practice and innovative
solutions from across the business.
Highlights include:
As part of our stakeholder engagement
in 2012 we hosted a sustainability debate
amongst our employees. Over 100 people
from across the business actively took part,
discussing their thoughts on what sustainability
meant for AMEC, what we do well and what
we could improve on. The results of this
debate are helping us to shape our focus
for 2013 and beyond
We were included in Dow Jones Sustainability
Index for the ninth year in succession, continuing
as industry leader within our sector.
Fit for the future
Priorities include:
Focus on communicating sustainability in practice as part
of an employee awareness and engagement programme
Ensure our carbon reporting and data capture
processes are in line with new mandatory carbon
reporting requirements
Full review of our carbon footprint with the aim of
re-baselining during 2013 to take into account key
changes within the organisation from 2008
Roll out of a project framework for sustainability –
ensuring that sustainability is embedded within our
projects in a consistent manner
Articulate our Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
to build employee engagement
Continue to focus on roll out of the Code of Business
Conduct training to ensure that all of our employees
have completed it.
In our reporting on sustainability we focus on those areas that are most important for us and to our stakeholders and
those that are critical for AMEC’s long-term success. We set targets for, and check on the progress of, over 40
sustainability indicators, some of which are incorporated into this report.
See also 2012 sustainability report
On reflection, our employee magazine, highlights these and similar achievements
Our KPIs are shown on page 20
Living our