Nerdathon night kali setup checklist

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Oct 27, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Nerdathon night kali setup checklist

Motive for this document: This setup is to be carried out to allow fellow nerds to
connect to our nerdathon games via the internet.

Install procedure.

The following files are needed and can be downloaded from



Kali install ( v2.4 is available but 2.3 will suffice )



Kali Key Generator, to make a unique key different to other nerds

Firstly the following “Network Control Panel” settings need to be checked.

(This does
not need to be done on nerd machines connecting in via the internet )


TCP/IP networking protocol must be installed.


IPX networking protocol must be installed


A unique IP address must be assigned to the ethernet card in the network


The subnet for the ethernet card must be

To install Kali ( for internet nerd connections also )

Next run

and enter into it a 6 digit number, different from that of fellow
nerds. This will return a Serial number and an Skey. The

Tkey can be any 12 digit
number. Record these numbers.

Now install kali by running
clicking yes / next to everything. Once
complete run Kali from “Start”, “Program Files”. Now you need to enter the set up
details for Kali (you may need to res
tart ). Your “Nickname” is what fellow nerders
will see you as in the chat rooms, this must be unique. Then enter anything into the
detail fields, it is not important, but Kali requires it to work. Then click “Enter Serial
Number” and type the numbers abov
e from Kalikgen. Just enter any 12 digits for the

When Kali starts click “OK” to scan for new games. Then click “OK” to add all
games found ( Warcraft BNE 2 should be there ).

The following only needs to be done on nerd machines connected to the
rdathon LAN


Click “File”, “Settings”


Set Tracker to “”


In the “Advanced” check “Disable Tracker access (Intranet usage), this
will minimise data down our internet connection.


Now in the “Proxy” tab set “IPX Kproxy” leaving the port at 3213


k “OK” at the bottom then close Kali and restart it.


You may also want to disable “dial my default connection on you internet
connection. This will stop any annoying modem dial ups when using Kali.

Final Connections to Initiate Games

The Proxy machine
will run both Kali and KaliProxy. The Kali client on this machine
will be set to “Server” mode, in the “Servers” menu setting. A Beefy machine need to
be used for this.

The KaliProxy “Settings” mode is “IPX Kproxy” only, with the port being 3213.

The IP a
ddress for this server is obtained when dialing to the internet is done. This IP
will change on subsequent dialins. Every Nerd, both “internet dialers” and “LANers”,
will need to obtain this address at each dial in of the KaliProxy machine.

Any Nerder ca
n now connect (Internet or LAN).

To connect to the server, goto
“Servers” then “Connect To Address”. Type the KaliProxy IP dialup address, then
enter the port “2213” ( or what ever the server is set at ).

Once in you can chat in the main room, make more
rooms or chat one on one to other

The icons at the bottom are the games for the Nerdathon. On clicking these, chat is
exited and a normal IPX game can be started ( ie to start a game all nerds
simultaneously click the desired game ). Being connect
ed to the server is the same as
running a large LAN, any IPX game will work, from anywhere on an internet
connected machine running Kali. Normal IPX games on the LAN will not be able to
see Kali games. Kali must be used on all machines.

2002 by Greg

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