Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering MI-206 Theory of Machines (Spring 2012-13)


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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
MI-206 Theory of Machines (Spring 2012-13)
Instructor:Dr.Manish M.Joglekar (Oce:#136,, +91-1332-284769)
Course Time-table:
 3 Lectures (Tuesday,Thursday,Friday:10 to 11 am in Room#251)
 1 Tutorial (Wednesday:11 to 12 for I
& Friday:12 noon to 1 pm for I
in Room#251)
 1 Practical (Tuesday:4 to 6 pm in Dynamics of Machines laboratory)
Course Evaluation:
40% End-term,30% Mid-term,20% Two in-sem quizzes (10% per quiz ),10% Practical sessions
Course Website:
URL to the course website
Students are requested to monitor this site regularly for updates,announcements,and lecture notes.
Course Content:
Part-1:Plane motion;links and mechanisms;mechanism-inversion;relative motion;velocity and
acceleration diagrams;instantaneous centers;analytical and graphical methods;static and dynamic force
Part-2:Fundamental law of gearing;basic terminology used in gear analysis;involute tooth prole and
its kinematic considerations;simple,compound and epicyclic gear trains;belts and pulleys;balancing of
rotating masses;critical speed of shafts;introduction to compliant mechanisms.
Course Objectives:
 To introduce the basic concepts of kinematics and kinetics of machines
 To develop a basic and broad comprehension of techniques used for analysis/synthesis of mechanisms
 To study representative engineering applications through selection,specication,sizing of the
There is no'prescribed text-book'for this course.A partial list of reference books is provided below:
 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery,R.L.Norton,Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.Ltd.
 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery,R.L.Maxwell,Prentice-Hall,Inc.
 Kinematics,Dynamics,and Design of Machinery,K.J.Waldron and G.L.Kinzel,John Wiley and
 Theory of Machines,W.G.Green,Blackie and Son Ltd.
c Dr.Manish M.Joglekar,MI-206 (Spring 2012-13) Course Hand-out
Rules and Regulations
Attendance is compulsory.A minimum of 75% attendance is necessary in order to be able to appear for
the end-term examination.Attendance for the quizzes/exams is mandatory and no make-up quizzes for
the absentees will be oered.All students are expected to come to the class on time;however,a tolerance
of +10 minutes from the scheduled start-time is allowed.
Unless otherwise stated,all quizzes and exams will be closed-notes,closed-book.Only non-programmable
calculators are allowed during the quizzes/exams.Students are expected to be equipped with the necessary
stationery items (this includes rulers,set-squares,compass,protractor,pencil,eraser,etc.) during the
examination and no exchange of those items will be allowed.Cellphones,alarms,musical instruments
MUST be switched o during the quizzes/exams and also during the regular class-hours.Any misconduct
during the class-hours and quizzes will be penalized.This penalty,especially during the examination,will
be imposed for acts which include,but are not limited to:copying,exchange of stationery items,seeking
illegal help,denial to return the answer-sheet after the examination period is over,communicating (or
attempting to communicate),use of electronic media (other than the non-programmable calculator),etc.
Both the benefactor and beneciary in such cases will be penalized equally.The minimum penalty for
such cases is a zero-score on the respective quiz/examination.If you are not sure about your action,
please seek instructor's/invigilator's permission before carrying it out.A separate policy for re-evaluation
requests will be administered for this course and the details will be communicated prior to the quiz/exam.
Professional Conduct:
You are expected to maintain a professional conduct and etiquettes in the classroom.It is the responsibility
of everyone to treat all members of the learning community with respect.Disruptive and frivolous acts
will invite penalties and/or disciplinary action.
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c Dr.Manish M.Joglekar,MI-206 (Spring 2012-13) Course Hand-out