EDP Topics of Xavier

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Nov 21, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ryerson University

EDP Topics of Xavier


Energy Harvesting Shoe

Can a staircase capture energy
from people walking up and down
it ?

When we walk along a pavement,
eight watts of energy is absorbed
by the ground with each heel.

Is it possible to harvest at least
30% that energy.

Pacesetters Project is will be the
world’s first human energy
harvesting staircase in
Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower

COE/ELE700 Engineering Design


In this project, we will investigate

how to generate enough electricity

and store it in super capacitors to

power our cell phones

Solar Panel Tracking System

One major problem with many existing solar panels is
their orientation.

Most solar panels have static installation and only a
small portion of the total sun light is properly utilised.

The objective of the project is to design an inexpensive
solar tracker system that will maintain the solar panel
perpendicular to the sun most of the time.

The tracker should have six degrees of freedom for
proper operation.

The power consumption of the tracker should be
minimum (a fraction of the power improvement we get
from the tracking)

Other goals are cost reduction and circuit simplicity

COE/ELE700 Engineering Design


Electric Vehicles are
now connected to
the grid and
part of
the smart grid

New Era of Mobility

EV are part of the smart
grid even if not connected

Wireless EV monitoring

Wireless PEV Energy Manager

in EV use up to 84%
less energy compared to
internal combustion vehicles

However, users are reluctant

They have the

A Wireless PEV Manager
could help them to better
make use of the PEV

Adaptively control the charging
depending on the grid condition

Giving a real time indication on
charge level

Alerting too low battery charge
or too high discharge rate

Would you like to help?

COE/ELE700 Engineering Design


Hydro One is interested in this project

They have given some funding

You will be part of a bigger team

Radiant Heat Sensor Network

Why it is cold close to the glass window
even if the inside temperature is +25 C?

Why at the same outside temperature, a
sunny day feels warmer than cloudy day?

The answer is
radiant heating

In Canada, radiant heating is underused

Up to 30% heating cost can be saved by
proper measurement and control of radiant

COE/ELE700 Engineering Design


Collaborative Robots for Simple Tasks

Many tasks require multiple mobile robots (search &

They should establish a reliable wireless
communication link.

They should accomplish a task together by
communicating with each other in a collaborative

They should perform complimentary actions, not
identical actions.

The distance between them could be from few cm to
few tens of meters.

Other goals are cost reduction, low power operation and
circuit simplicity.

COE/ELE700 Engineering Design