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Oct 21, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Workshop on Knowl
edge Technologies
, Luxembourg, 15 May 2002

Semantic Web

Workshop on Knowledge Technologies, Luxembourg 15 May 2002


Issue to be considered

Interoperability does not happen by accident,
but needs to be planned from the beginning

Projects will do research in technologies and
business models on various levels (technical,
semantics, ontologies, Web services, trust etc.)

There is a risk that a set of incompatible results
will emerge that will not interoperate, or require
future (expensive) adaptations

Workshop on Knowledge Technologies, Luxembourg 15 May 2002


Proposal for FP6 activity

Necessity for cross
programme activity
(Accompanying Measure)

Define models and levels in interoperability (e.g.
business models, semantics, syntax, protocols)

Encourage tools development within the
interoperability model (creating a market)

ordinate demonstration of interoperability
between projects (certification?)