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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


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SourceCoast Launches Joomla Facebook Extension Featuring Open Graph
SourceCoast’s new Facebook extension produces an organic explosion of social media
engagement for Joomla users.
Austin,TX ( PRWEB )
December 10,2012 - - SourceCoast Web developers have launched a new version of their
Joomla Facebook extension that enables Open Graph Actions.For Joomla users,this recent release of
JFBConnect provides a long awaited weapon in the battle for social media attention.Joomla website owners
can now have its users’ actions automatically pushed to their Facebook Timelines with little effort or time
Open graph actions have some of the highest click through rates on Facebook.Anything a user does on a
website,from look at a picture to comment on or read an article,can now be immediately posted on the user’s
timeline.A simple click on a picture yields a message on the user’s Facebook Timeline.For example,the user’s
Timeline message might read,“John Doe viewed this picture on SourceCoast ( http://www.sourcecoast.com/)."
This creates a huge advantage for Joomla website owners who rely on their users to communicate their message
over Facebook.Up until now,these open graph actions were virtually unavailable to Joomla users.
SourceCoast’s extension goes a step farther by allowing website owners the ability to monitor what has been
posted on Facebook,when,and by whom.The result is a more efficient and effective website.
JFBConnect comes with Open Graph plugins for Joomla Content,JomSocial,EasyBlog,jReviews and K2;but
custom actions for any extension can easily be created.The simple installation takes only a few minutes to set
up.Andreae explains the setup in about four minutes in this video:
Alex Andreae started SourceCoast with his wife,Melissa,three years ago.The two met while working at
Advanced Micro Devices in Austin,TX.After they married,they decided to branch out on their own and
started SourceCoast Web Development.Their website tagline,“We Know Code” says it all.Since the
company’s beginning,they have developed some of the most innovative Facebook extension for Joomla and
have become regular speakers at Joomla conventions.This latest release is poised to bring the startup
international attention.
Learn more about and purchase the Joomla Facebook ( http://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/)
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