Gypsum in El Salvador

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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Gypsum in El Salvador

Story reported by Patrick Dymora

My Trip to El Salvador

El Salvador is a very peaceful area from what I can tell. It is very nice and
slowly growing economically and socially (El Salvador mining, n.d.). From
my travels I have discovered that El Salvador is actually slowly becoming
destroyed from unnecessary mineral mining. It is because of this mineral
mining that sustainable development plans for Northern El Salvador are
being halted (Congressional Letter, n. d.). I will continue to further explore El
Salvador in search of more evidence that mining really is destroying this
beautiful country.

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Picture showing the destruction

of land by mining.

Photo credit: Monga


The mineral Gypsum is one of the many minerals that
are mined for in El Salvador. It is because of these
minerals that the land of El Salvador is being ruined
(Mining in El Salvador). The land is being ruined by
many different types of ways, and it is harmful to many
different things, which I will cover later in my report.

Photos of Gypsum

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Gypsum Causing Water Shortages

I have found El Salvador to be quite a small country, with quite a few
problems. One of those problems are chronic water shortages.
Ofcoarse these can be fixed over time as the country develops. But
if mining continues in El Salvador, the water shortages will become
even worse. An estimated 200,000 liters of water a day will be
needed for the mineral extraction process (Congressional Letter on
Mining, n.d.). This will cause great conflict in the country
(Congressional Letter on Mining, n.d.).

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Young boy in El Salvador fetching water from the
only water source available for miles.

Photo credit: Project Concern

El Salvador Mining Causing

El Salvador is ranked as one of the least
forested countries
(Congressional letter on
. But if mining continues and
spreads, even more forests will be cut and
destroyed in order to mine for minerals like

Maquilishuat, National Tree of El Salvador

Photo credit: Ray Shernandez

Here you can clearly see the deforestation

already taking place.

Photo credit:

Mining Causing Health Issues

Its no surprise that El Salvador isn’t the most sanitary
country out there, but it’s quite obvious that mining for
Gypsum will only make the current situation worse.
Mineral extraction will pollute the air with toxic mercury,
cyanide and sulfur dioxide gases (Congressional Letter
on Mining, n.d.). Theses gases have been linked to
pulmonary and respiratory illnesses, cancer,
miscarriages, fetal deformities and are known to cause
headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, skin problems, and
vertigo (El Salvador Sister Cities, June 17, 2009) .

Mining Site in El Salvador

Photo credit: Crispaz

After My trip back from El Salvador, I realized
how lucky we as Americans are to have such a
balanced country. Other Countries like El
Salvador simply try to make their money off of
mining which ruins their land and in the end
costs them more money to fix (El Salvador Sister
Cities , June 17, 2009
. I hope you have all
enjoyed my article and learned a bit more about
the dangers of mining for Gypsum in El

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