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Jun 26, 2012 (6 years and 27 days ago)


Welcoming message from Tom Ogg.
Understanding the Paradigm 1-2, The Travel Indus-
try, Beneficiary of Global Commerce 1-7.
The History of Contextual Advertising 2-2, Google
AdWords 2-3, Sample Google Advertisement 2-4.
Advertising Networks 3-1, Its All About the Keywords
3-4, Sample META Tags 3-6, Keyword Optimization
and Making Money 3-7.
Travel Affiliate Marketing 4-1, The Effects of Current
Trends on Affiliate Marketing 4-3, Understanding Af-
filiate Marketing 4-5, Types of Affiliate Marketing Pro-
grams 4-6, How Affiliate Marketing Programs Work
Building a Travel Affiliate Website 5-1, Building Your
Websdite (s) 5-5, Using Web Templates 5-8, Working
With Web Designers and Developers 5-9, Hosting Your
Website 5-12.
What is “Quality Content?” 6-2 Keys to Building Con-
tent 6-3,Creating Your Web Content 6-5, Sites That
Offer Travel Articles For Free 6-9.
The Power of Community 7-1, The Need to Connect
7-2, How to Manage Your Community 7-7, Other
Kinds of Community Content.
Google’s AdSense 8-1 The AdSense Code 8-2, Creat-
ing the AdSense Code 8-4, Installing the AdSense
Code 8-6, Optimizing Web Pages for AdSense Code
Travel Affiliate Programs 9-1, The Affiliate Networks
9-2, PPC Publisher Networks 9-3, Companies Offer-
ing Travel Affiliate Programs 9-4.
Marketing Your Website 10-1, Using Contextual Ad-
vertising 10-4, Blogging, RSS Feeds and Podcasting
10-6 eNewsletters 10-7 Write Articles 10-8 Online
Communities 10-9Viral Marketing 10-11.
SEO, Search Engine Optimization 11-1, 10 Things
Search Engines Love 11-5, 10 Things Search Engines
Hate 11-8.
Recap 12-1, The Opportunity 12-3.
Glossary of Terms Used in This Book G-1.