The Future of Internet : Some Perspectives of Evolution of Internet in the Society

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Oct 25, 2013 (5 years and 4 months ago)


The Future of Internet

: Some Perspectives of
Evolution of Internet in the Society



It is NOT the fact that IPv6 is deployed since last Friday or any
technological innovation which is concerned with this Study Day. The
focus will be on some

perspectives of evolution of Internet
in the
. It’s not the case of the previous Study of the TA Swiss some
years ago.

After two decades of quasi
exponential growth, the Internet has become
an essential component of our society. The evolution of th
e Internet may
strongly impact the whole society. It is therefore important to address
short and long term questions such as:

The unicity of the Internet: Are we heading toward a truly universal
network of objects, machines, and services? What could be the

and negative consequences of a (physical and/or logical) partition of the

The "health" of the Internet: The Internet is constantly under attack. It
resembles a living body infested with parasitic organisms (spams, viruses,
spywares, etc
.). How will the health of the Internet evolve?

Artificial life in the Internet: Our society is increasingly relying on
automated processes that make important decisions (e.g. high frequency
trading). Recent achievements in artificial intelligence (the Wat
son system
winning the Jeopardy game), the interconnection of large knowledge
bases, machine learning techniques, natural language processing, etc.
may well lead to the creation of artificial entities that "live" or "think" in
the Internet. Shall we contro
l these developments?

The availability of huge amounts of data through the Internet has already
led to new techniques to solve problems (e.g. statistical machine
translation) or to monitor situations (e.g. epidemic surveillance through
social network analy
sis). The FutureICT project will explore this kind of