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Just starting out online? Want to know the absolute quickest way to begin making your
Internet fortune?
What are OP products?
Why, "Other People's" products, of course. You've heard of using OPM (Other People's
Money) to bootstrap your way into a successful business. Well, this is a lot like it, except
there is very little money required to get started.
Where To Find OP Products
You can find OP products all over the web, but quality products are only available at a
handful of locations. When you sell OP products, you are acting as an affiliate.
What's an affiliate? An affiliate is a product reseller. In a nutshell, you will be selling OP
(Other People's) products and you'll receive a percentage of the sale price as your
Here are the best Affiliate websites with quality products for you to sell:


Google Adsense

Commission Junction
These sites offer a variety of products that will easily fit your website's theme. Each affiliate
program pays a little differently, but if you click on the links above, you will be able to see
just what the commission structures look like.
I highly recommend
because as an affiliate there, you can get up to 75% of the
sale price as your commission! Product prices range anywhere from $5 to over $100, so
your commissions can potentially be quite high.
is the next highest in payouts, followed by Linkshare and Commission Junction.
pays varying amounts depending on the offer you sell, but they also pay for
simple clicks or just information signups, as well as actual sales. That means you are able to
make money just by sending your blog or website visitors to the product signup page!
Commission Junction
is similar to Linkshare in the way it works and how much it pays.
Linkshare and Commission Junction's vendors can be a little particular about
the content on your website. What this means is... it's up to each vendor whether you
will be allowed to sell certain products. So, you might have to wait until your website
has built-up some solid content or has gained some popularity before some of these
The #1 Fastest Way To Make Money Online
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affiliate programs will be available to you. However, it certainly doesn't hurt to signup
and try anyway.
is a Google product that allows you to put relevant ads on your website or blog.
When one of your visitors clicks on a Google ad on your site you get a small portion of
whatever amount the advertiser has paid Google for placing that ad.
pay the least compared to the other affiliate sites mentioned
above, but if you get a lot of traffic on your blog or website, these programs can increase
your monthly profits by hundreds of dollars or more. So you won't want to overlook them.
And The Best Thing Is...
The best thing about all of these affiliate programs is they are free for you to join! Be
advised that some of them require you to have a website or blog already created. That's
because they give you HTML code to place on your site to display their ads. Some also will
want to review your site to see if it's relevant to their product.
However, both Clickbank and let you become an affiliate for any product
without reviewing your site.
How To Get Started Selling...
To get started, you'll need a website or blog to list the products you will be selling. A blog is
easier to manage than a website, so unless you know HTML well enough to create your own
website, I suggest you start with a simple blog at
. It's very
easy to make a new blog and it's free too!
What Your Blog / Website Will Do
Here's what you'll be doing on your blog or website... You'll be providing useful information
in the form of short articles about some aspect of the theme you selected for your site.
Within those articles you will promote affiliate products that are relevant to your readers.
Bottom line, you will be selling OP (Other People's) products which you will mention in your
articles or blog posts. Ideally, these references will be cleverly interspersed within the
content of your website. You make money from the commissions you receive when your site
visitors click on your affiliate links and purchase the OP products you've recommended.
So, to make money selling OP (Other People's) products, here's what you do:
Pick a theme.
Check out the product categories at the above affiliate websites and
decide what the theme of your website or blog will be based upon what interests
you and what's available to sell.
It's important that you choose a theme that corresponds very closely with the OP
products you plan to sell. If you don't or if you list too many diverse products, you
will just confuse your visitors, at best. At worst, they simply will not be very
interested in the affiliate products you sell on your blog or website. That means few
The #1 Fastest Way To Make Money Online
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or no commissions for you.
Once you pick a theme,

create your blog or website,

give it an appropriate name using relevant theme-related keywords in the

write a 200-300 word introduction to place on the first page of your site.
Make sure you mention the theme of the site, peppering your introduction
with relevant keywords.
Keywords and keyword phrases are very important! Search engines
will use them to list your site in their search results so potential buyers can
find your site.
Sign-up for the affiliate programs of your choice
and enter the code for their
ads on your site. You can start with the one or two affiliate programs that best fit
your site's topic. Most affiliate programs will give you the HTML code to include in
your website or blog.
Be sure to check the affiliate program for any restrictions and limitations on ad
placement. The above mentioned programs have few placement rules except for
Adsense, so read the Adsense rules carefully if you are using Adsense.
Write articles or blog posts
about specific problems your readers might have and
casually mention or recommend a few related affiliate products (use your affiliate
link, of course) that will help them overcome the problems.
Continue to write articles or blog posts (at least one per week) citing benefits to
your readers, how to overcome problems, how to do something they might want
done, etc. In your posts, be sure to recommend affiliate products that will supply
those benefits, solve those problems or help them accomplish their goals.
Remember, always stress the benefits of any affiliate product, NOT just its features!
After that, it's just a matter of getting traffic to your website or blog...
recommendation below.)
Recommended products to boost traffic and sales:

SEO Elite
- Get this software and double or triple your traffic with the latest SEO
(Search Engine Optimization) tactics!

Adwords Miracle
- Learn how to pay the absolute least for Google ads to bring
qualified buyers to your site and make up to $300 per day!

To help make your blog become a real success, check out:
Blogging to the Bank
Discover traffic generating techniques that will make any blog you create both
popular AND profitable!

Or, if you need some more background in online sales and some help making your
first site or blog profitable, I can recommend:
Newbie Cash Machine
The #1 Fastest Way To Make Money Online
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Wealth Package
. Both of these products will give you the guidance and practical
information to make your first money online in record time!
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