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How to Generate
Insurance Leads
Through Social

How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
The web revolutionized the way top insurance producers
traditionally marketed to large groups. With the advent of
social media, the web is now doing the same to
networking and customer interaction.
Social media allows agents and brokers to harness the
power of the web to automate, expand and increase their
networking abilities.
You can still attend dozens of networking events each
month, looking for referrals and new prospects. But with
social media, you’re able to network with many more
groups and potential clients — faster and with less cost.
Most social media channels are free. By tapping into
these social media opportunities, smart agents and
brokers can start generating exclusive leads with little or
no cost.

How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
What is Social Media?
Before going any further, it may help to identify what
exactly social media is.
It’s probably no surprise that most people who use social
media have a difficult time actually defining what social
media is and does.
We have vivid examples of social media through websites
such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MeetUp, Yelp, Digg,
YahooAnswers, various blogs and many other sites. But
what exactly is social media?
Social media can best be defined as any digital media that
uses conversations and social interactions to distribute
itself and its message.
To give it some context, consider the progression of
media messages over the centuries:
 One-way. Traditional newspapers, brochures,
books and even letters are all one-way media. The
publisher creates the message and sends it out.
The response must come separately through
another media or message.
How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
 Two-way. Basic phone lines and instant
messaging give us a two-way media that allow
people to instantly interact with each other, but
usually in a one-on-one basis (although conference
calls do expand the boundaries).
 Multi-directional. With social media, the message
is being developed by multiple parties instantly and
continuously. By linking with other people through
Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social
media sites, our message (announcements,
comments, videos, photos, etc.) are distributed to
the web but is left open for other people to
comment, add on or contribute.
The key element of social media is the invitation for
immediate participation and relatively open access.

Types of Social Media Websites
The past five years have seen an explosion in the number
and types of social media sites now operating on the web.
How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
Some like MySpace have fallen behind as other social
media sites have proven more adept at giving users
exactly what they want. Others like Facebook, LinkedIn
and YouTube continue to dominate with new features and
opportunities to interact.
Although some social media sites overlap categories, they
all tend to fall into five general categories:
 Sharing
 Reviews
 Bookmarking
 News & Forums
 Networking
Facebook and LinkedIn have evolved to now offer
features of a sharing and news site. At the same time,
news sites have started to add community sections and
forums, while Twitter and blogs also contain elements of
review and sharing sites.

How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
Type Example Opportunity
Also called social publishing sites,
social media sharing sites allow you to
share videos, photos, slide
presentations, documents and other
creations. Visitors can then comment,
recommend or even make changes or
use your product to create new ones.
Scribd, Vimeo
Create short videos, guides or
slides explaining different
insurance elements to
consumers. The links pointing
back to your site drive SEO
benefits and prospects to your
Although consumers are buying more
online, they need more reassurances.
Customer reviews have become a
potent tool for building trust with
website visitors and potential
Angie’s List,
Be pro-active at defending your
brand reputation and completing
your business profile on these
sites. Better yet, enlist your
satisfied customers to post
positive testimonials for you.
People follow stock analysts and
commentators to get their views and
recommended stock picks.
Bookmarking websites give individuals
the chance to share their
recommendations on websites and
news items.,
Reddit, Simpy
For insurance agents who
produce online content
pertaining to insurance,
bookmark applications like make
it easy for visitors to share your
content with others. Plus the
contact information and
marketing pitch you place at the
end of the article goes with it
when the article is shared.
News & Forums
Information and opinions still power
some of the most popular consumer
websites. Major search engines also
like to index and highlight relevant
content they find in blogs, news
aggregators and forums.
Blogs, Twitter
Post, Drudge
Your participation in forums and
blog communities help to
develop your thought leadership
and brand identity — as well as
get the notice of online
insurance shoppers.
We are all social creatures, and
networking sites give us the most
direct opportunities to create social
connections through the Internet.
Properly nurtured, these connections
can then create leads and referrals.
In addition to networking with
potential clients, professional
networks like LinkedIn and
forums help you connect with
mentors, coaches and other
successful agents.

How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
The above matrix provides a handy review of leading
social media sites and how you can use them to generate
insurance leads.
This list is not meant to be comprehensive. There are
many more examples of these types of social media sites,
and there are many more ways you can use them.
What this simple matrix does provide is a basic
understanding of the top ways social media sites are
being used today to reach out to potential customers.

Specific Steps for Social Media Marketing
Social media can be easily integrated into your existing
methods for generating leads. Best of all, it’s free. So the
return on investment (ROI) can be strong, especially if
you don’t spend too much (if anything) on your social
media campaigns.
If you’re taking your first steps into social media
marketing, here’s a handy guide of ways to maximize
your social media effectiveness:
How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
1. Complete your profile.
When you join an online community, make sure
that you provide as much relevant information as
possible in your profile. In fact, before you start,
make sure you have your information, profile
greeting, elevator pitch, portrait JPG file, website
address and other necessary information ready.
Whenever possible, add links to your profile that
link back to your website and blogs.
2. Set a time limit.
I recommend spending no more than two or three
hours a week on social media networks. It’s too
easy to waste too much time on these sites. If you
have real leads and prospects in your pipeline, you
need to give them priority. Of course, your blog,
videos and websites are separate from this limit.
3. Start with LinkedIn.
The #1 social media site you need to be on is Open a free account and make sure
you provide a complete profile. Then start
connecting with friends, clients and colleagues. And
How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
don’t be afraid to ask for LinkedIn
4. Professional forums.
Join professional forums to improve your insurance
marketing and sales skills. Forums for agents and
brokers are where you can get opinions about
vendors, carrier contacts and tips for handling
challenging clients.
5. Consumer networks.
Join consumer networks like Yahoo!Answers to find
shoppers who may fit your profile. But avoid the
hard sell! Remember that these are communities—
not hunting grounds.
6. Listen.
Build relationships by listening to what people are
saying. Instead of annoying everyone with your
self-promotion, get to know the needs of your
prospects. Even if it is outside the realm of
insurance, provide ideas and tips to show that you
are interested in helping them address their
concerns. When prospects see that you are honest
and trustworthy, they will be more open to your
How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
insurance message. They’ll also be more likely to
place their insurance business with you and refer
you to their family, friends and social media
7. Set a Google alert.
Google has made it easy to know when people are
talking (or writing) about you. Go to and plug in your name, as
well as different variations of your agency’s name.
Whenever Google spots any mention of these
terms on the web, they’ll notify you via email or
RSS feed.
8. Establish a daily routine.
If you have a blog or website, set aside 15-30
minutes each day to update it. Search engines love
fresh content; and so do online shoppers.
9. Team up.
Build strategic partnerships with professionals in
businesses that complement your line of insurance.
You can help each other out by referring client
inquiries, recommending each other and sharing
How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829

DOs And DON’Ts of Social Media Marketing
When using social media to generate leads, there are
certain protocols to follow to ensure that you are building
trust. Likewise, there are things you can do to increase
your chances of generating leads.
Here are some tips to follow in social media circles:
 DON’T spam. Rather, create new messages for the
different social media outlets you use. And use that
message only once.
 DO remember that you are communicating “with”
members not “at” them. Your messages, comments
or content should be engaging, interesting and
provide beneficial information without a preachy or
blatant sales tone. You can still build awareness of
your business, but in a more subtle way.
 DO use social media as a vehicle for building
customer relationships. Your communications need
to be honest, objective and sensitive to concerns
How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
and issues. And be sure to show your personality
and your passion for your business.
 DO write comments that add real value to social
media conversations, such as sharing pertinent
information about insurance, illustrating why
insurance is important, linking the need for
insurance with a top news story, or helping with an
insurance problem or question.
 DON’T feel discouraged if your efforts fail to
generate leads immediately. You need at least
several months to build your presence on any
social media site.

Take Advantage of Technology
Insurance agents can gain an edge on the competition by
taking advantage of social media opportunities. Social
commerce, sometimes called social media marketing,
allows insurance agents to effectively interact and
communicate with prospects. This in turn leads to new
leads, increased sales and customer loyalty.
How to Generate Insurance Leads Through Social Media 1-866-466-7829
Opportunities are particularly fruitful for agents targeting
young adults since they use technology to its fullest. The
most effective way to realize the potential of social media
is to use a mix of formats that best cater to the
demographic and market you are trying to reach.
However, before you start trying to build traffic with
social media, make sure that you’re ready to handle that
Invest time in developing a website that educates and
engages insurance shoppers with information material
and self-service tools that let them compare your
different plans and even go straight into an application.
The Internet has been the best thing to happen for
entrepreneurs and insurance agents alike. We not only
have the opportunity to reach more prospects more
quickly. We can also now do so with less effort and

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