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approach to technol ogy
We are a company that specialises in business
communications. We integrate the fast growing
technology of the internet into businesses looking to
improve customer / supplier communications.
We do this by creating I.T. based solutions that
effectively bring together the web – your computers
– and your telecommunications. This enables you to
capture information, assess your company and help
you make business critical decisions based on the
way you currently operate.
Absolute efficiency is our goal.
Welcome to
Webpoint Solutions
Web Design
Our goal is to energise your brand and inspire your
customers through professional web design. We will
give your image a refreshing new look that sets you
apart from the competition.
Our creative and commercial experience ensures
that we deliver not only innovative but functional and
visually stunning designs using flash, html, asp, php,
ecommerce and content management systems.
Our solutions can be fully automated, database
driven and even allow integration with any payment
processing system should your site require it.
Since Webpoint’s inception we have always strived to
deliver the highest quality affordable web design. We
develop a strong relationship with each of our clients,
which helps us provide the total support and care
which they have come to expect from us.
Unlike many other solutions, we provide a system
customised specifically for you.
The key benefits of our systems are:

Complete site control via the admin area where
any design can be used, whether it be made by
our design team or someone else.

Everything we do is made Search Engine Friendly
so the search engine spiders can read your site
without a problem.

Unlimited categories / subcategories structure
which is totally controlled by the admin panel.

Improved customer service.

Full training and support provided

Reduced costs and increased efficiency.
We pride ourselves in providing you the customer
with a cost effective e-commerce solution, which is
tailored for maximum productivity.
Is your business still trading today?
Bespoke Software
Webpoint Bespoke Software is an ideal solution for
companies that can’t find an off-the-shelf product to
fulfill their specific business needs.
Bespoke Software will provide a fully tailored software
solution to meet all the requirements of your business
and those of your clients. Webpoint has the expertise
to develop quality custom software that provides
unbeatable competitive edge.
We have worked in many industries such as
Education, Sales, Insurance, Construction, Logistics
and many more.
Do you need
to be unique?
Webpoint’s natural
green seo
(search engine
optimisation) is needed to make your website
readable for the search engines. What is the point in
having a website if no one can find it?
Webpoint Solutions not only designs and builds your
website but we also prepare it for search engine
(using natural green search)
. This means
your website can easily be listed with any of the main
providers such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Whether you want to use pay per click (ppc) or
natural green seo, Webpoint can cater to your needs,
delivering a range of packages to suit you and your
price range.
What gets you ahead of the game?
Data Networks
Webpoint’s network team has years of combined
experience in a diverse range of cutting edge
We are able to offer a complete and managed
end-to-end solution with a variety of services that
cover your needs from planning through to delivery.
We have the expertise to deliver on messaging, task
management, network security, disaster recovery,
remote working, internet connectivity, intranet and
much much more.
Our comprehensive network consultancy and design
service ensures that we bring you appropriate and
productive solutions that precisely answer your
business needs. An important part of the role we fulfill
for our customers is introducing them to technologies
that can assist them in achieving their business goals.
Sharing your information correctly?
Choosing the right server for your business can be a
time consuming and frustrating task. Which processor
brand can you trust? What hardware provider offers
a reliable solution that won’t let you down? What
operating system has the ease-of-use and security
you demand with the applications you need to keep
your employees productive and connected?
Webpoint takes control of this for you and we provide
full maintenance to assist you with the on going day
to day issues.
Whether it be a web, file, terminal or data server, we
ensure you have maximum productivity 100% of the
What’s powering your team?
Work Stations
Webpoint business desktop computers and laptops
are scalable, to fit both your small or medium-sized
business needs and your budget. We take pride in
providing computer solutions for all businesses. We
carry that tradition forward, bringing your business
unparalleled pricing on business desktops and
valuable customer service.
Expand or consolidate the specifications of your
custom business desktop or laptop from Webpoint to
find the perfect fit for your business. Bottom line, you
will find desktop computers and laptops to suit all of
your business computer needs. Discover your solution
online today at
or contact us to
speak with a business professional that specialises in
computers and laptops.
Do your staff have the right tools?
Epos Systems
At Webpoint we cover all point of sales solutions
working in the Leisure Retailing Market from Garden
Centres, Pets and Aquatics through D.I.Y., Outdoor,
Country and Equestrian Stores to the more active
leisure pursuits such as Diving, Sailing, Windsurfing and
Climbing. We can tailor a solution to any industry that
requires an electronic point of sale system.
We cover all areas of EPOS including -

Chip and Pin Technology

EPOS Hardware

EPOS Tills

EPOS Receipt Printers

EPOS Customer Displays

EPOS Cash Drawers

EPOS Barcode Scanners
Are your sales figures correct?
Closed Circuit Television is a vital part of any security
system and Webpoint can ensure that, whatever
size of building, the correct amount of coverage is
gained. This means that any incident that may occur
is not only captured but is recorded in high quality
resolution to ensure that the images can be viewed
without distortion.
Because of our extensive knowledge of IT, networking
and graphic design, we can create computer based
maps that are laid out in relation to a building. This
enables you by the click of a button to bring up the
image of a dedicated camera for a specific area,
not only at the buildings security station but also
anywhere in the world.
Have you made the effort?
Wireless Solutions
Delivering performance using wireless technologies
requires in-depth understanding and experience of
the technology. We have the expertise to perform this
With over 9 years specialist experience in delivering
multi-service wireless network solutions in the most
challenging environments, our customers include:



Conferencing & Events


We work very closely with customers to understand
their needs in detail, ensuring we deliver the best
solution for their needs today, with the capacity to
scale and grow as their business develops.
Do you have freedom to move?
Telephone Systems
We provide a range of business telephone systems that
are ideal for business users from 2 to 500 extensions.
We install for companies that want to take advantage
of traditional telecoms services such as ISDN, whilst
investing in a communications platform that will
embrace new technologies, such as Voice Over IP.
This can enable connectivity to home workers, branch
offices and SIP trunk telephone service providers.
We offer high quality, high-speed voice and data
We allow you to take immediate advantage of
available technologies such as Call Transfer External,
Direct Dialling Inwards, caller ID, missed calls or
Integrated DECT Digital Cordless Solutions. All of our
telephone solution systems are Voice Over IP enabled,
offering tomorrow’s technology, today.
Our systems are the easiest telephone systems to
operate featuring award winning technologies, which
eliminates the need to refer constantly to user guides
when utilising the many standard features.
I think they will get my message?
Cat 5 / 6 Points
From Cat5 to Cat6 and beyond, we have the
engineers and the skills to provide you with all your
cabling requirements.
Our engineers arrive on your project with everything
you would expect for the installation. We work fast and
we work clean to supply you with the backbone of
your data / voice network.
From a simple network point test to the installation of
a fully operational system, you can have peace of
mind that all of our jobs are fully tested and will work
first time.
I got told this was right...
Fibre Optics
Webpoint help you plan, design and install your fibre
optic solution. We also help you test existing networks
that may be experiencing speed issues or data loss.
Where you have a large number of workstations,
we can provide you with a fibre optic solution so
your employees don’t have any speed issues whilst
waiting for data, especially with the demands of the
internet and software today. Video and large data
requirements lend themselves extremely well to fibre
optic network installation that will provide extremely
high speed network capabilities.
Fibre optic solutions have decreased in price over the
last five years, and are now becoming the preferred
solution to your network for total efficiency.
Do you have it now?
Mobile Technology
Webpoint Mobile Solutions helps clients to leverage
business applications based on mobile technologies
that enable high performance and cut costs. We
have experience in implementing solutions across all
industries and business functions.
Our Services
Webpoint help clients use mobile technologies
effectively to improve productivity, lower costs, and
enhance differentiation.
What’s holding you back?
Webpoint Solutions
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