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VPAAC Members & Alte


Anderson, Phyllis
, Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions

Phyllis Anderson is representing the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)
which is a global leader in standards developmen
t and technical planning for the information,
entertainment, and communications technologies industry. ATIS is the umbrella organization for
17 committees and forums with over 600 representatives from more than 250 different member
companies. Phyllis is
presently attending both the ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF) and
the IPTV Downloadable Security Incubator (IDSI). The IIF develops ATIS standards and related
technical activities that enable the interoperability, interconnection, and implementation

systems and services, including video on demand and interactive TV services. The IDSI has
recently broadened its scope and is developing both technical
and business specifications that
include the detailed requirements necessary for the implement
ation of a Downloadable Security
Solution (DSS) for IP delivered media content.

Phyllis is a full
time employee of AT&T and is presently a member of the Strategic Standards
organization within AT&T. She has over thirty years of experience in telecommunica
tions with
her current assignment being IPTV and Home Networking standards. She has extensive
experience in Numbering and Addressing standards including both International and Domestic
numbering and addressing and Wireless and IP numbering and addressing.

Other areas of
experience include Transmission Engineering, Transmission Equipment Engineering, Inter
carrier Connections, Marketing, Finance, and Regulatory/Public Policy. Phyllis has a M.S.
degree in Telecommunications Engineering, and holds B.S. degr
ees in both Chemistry and
Science Education.


Belt, Bill
, Consumer Electronics Association

Bill Belt is Senior Director of Technology and Standards for the Consumer Electronics
Association (CEA), a trade association with more than 2000 members representing
the $172
billion U.S. consumer technology industry. Mr. Belt participates in CEA’s ANSI
standards development operation and provides key engineering support to the association and its
membership groups. CEA hosts more than 70 committees, subcom
mittees and working groups
that produce standards used in millions of consumer devices. CEA standards are referenced by
the EPA, the FCC and other government agencies.

Mr. Belt represents CEA’s technical interests in industry and international venues r
elated to the
digital television transition, spectrum management and policy, accessibility, and energy
efficiency. Mr. Belt has participated in international development programs on standards and
presented at FCC workshops on a variety of subjects.


to joining CEA, Mr. Belt worked as Senior Director at the Telecommunications Industry
Association. Prior to that, Mr. Belt was a Senior Engineer at AT&T Wireless Services. Mr. Belt
holds BS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University



Beyer, Ro

Robert Beyer has been involved in captioning since 1985, first with the National Captioning
Institute, then as Offline Manager of VITAC in Pittsburgh, PA, Operations Manager, and
currently General Manager of VITAC in Arlington, VA.

He has a d
egree in English and a background in Engineering. As a parent, he has volunteered
with BSA and Little League Baseball.


Black, Naomi
, Google

Naomi Black is an Engineering Program Manager at Google, where she specializes in
accessibility and internationaliz
ation feature development. Naomi helped to launch the auto
captions feature on YouTube and manages the effort to ensure that captions get added to Google
and YouTube's corporate videos. She also educates online video owners about the potential to
reach a w
ider audience through captioning, and works with caption vendors to promote their
services to YouTube channel owners. She's worked at Google since 2006. Naomi has an M.Sc.
from York University (Canada) and is passionate about the intersection of communicat
ion and
culture. She speaks several languages, including English and a little ASL.


Blanchard, Robert
, Sony Electronics, Inc.

Robert N. Blanchard is a Regulatory and Standards Project Manager for Sony Electronics.

1999, Robert has been involved in
the standards development process and has made contributions
to various analog and digital television standards.

The standards development organizations to
which Robert has contributed include the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), the
r Electronics Association (CEA), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC),
and the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

Robert‘s contributions to the CEA
include serving for five years as chair of the working group that maintains the

708 Digital
Television Closed Captioning standard.

Robert has also participated in the Telecommunications
and Electronic and Information Technology Advisory Committee (TEITAC) developing
recommendations for the revision of Section 508.


Brewer, Judy
World Wide Web Consortium

Judy Brewer directs the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) at the World Wide Web Consortium
(W3C). Her work includes ensuring that Web technologies (HTML, CSS, SMIL, XML, etc.)
support accessibility for people with disabilities; c
oordinating WAI's development of accessibility
guidelines for Web content, browsers, media players, authoring tools, improved resources for
evaluating web sites, education and outreach resources; and coordination with research and
development which may imp
act future Web accessibility. She is W3C's primary liaison on
international accessibility policy and standardization, working with organizations around the
world to promote awareness and implementation of Web accessibility and bring them into a
ased dialog among industry, disability communities, accessibility researchers, and
government on the development of accessibility solutions. Judy holds a research appointment at
MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science. Prior to joining W3C, she worked on sev
eral initiatives
to increase access to assistive technology and mainstream technology for people with disabilities.
She has a background in management, technical writing, education, applied linguistics, disability
advocacy, an interest in biotechnology, an
d is the recipient of numerous awards for her work on
accessibility of information and communications technologies.




Esq., Kelby N.,
National Association of the Deaf

Kelby Brick is a deaf attorney based in Maryland. As Vice President of Purple C
Inc., Brick leads the company’s regulatory and strategic policy working to take down
communication barriers for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Within the relay industry, Brick led efforts to establish nationwide requirements that con
relay equipment be interoperable and accessible with real local phone numbers and emergency

Prior to joining Purple, Brick was the National Association of the Deaf’s Director for Law and
Advocacy. As Director, Brick successfully mobilized th
e NAD in establishing precedents and
landmark decisions in litigation, legislative and regulatory areas. He has also been active in
numerous civic and rights advocacy organizations such as a current Board member of the
American Association of People with D

Brick has co
authored the renowned book,
Legal Rights: the Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
, in addition to writing numerous articles that have appeared in various publications.

Brick graduated from Gallaudet University with a bac
helor’s degree in government and went on
to Temple University Law School, where he became the first deaf person ever to graduate form
their law school. Before being appointed as the NAD’s Director for Law and Advocacy, Brick
ran a solo private general law

practice with an emphasis on criminal law, civil rights, estate
planning, and lobbying.

Groups across the country have called upon him to speak and conduct workshops on a variety of
issues including public policy, community empowerment, and activism.


igner, Paul
, Motion Picture Association of America

Paul Brigner is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Policy Officer for the Motion Picture
Association of America (MPAA). As the principal technologist and technology policy strategist
for the MPAA,

Brigner helps drive the Association’s strategy on key technology issues impacting
the protection of intellectual property. He is also engaged in the continued development of
wide content standards that will enable consumers to easily access conte
nt in the digital

Brigner most recently served as Executive Director, Internet and Technology Policy for Verizon
where he held several senior management positions for almost ten years. Prior to his service at
Verizon, Brigner held senior positions as

chief software architect and senior consultant for
technology companies Digital Focus and Cambridge Technology Partners. He also developed
online systems for several notable companies in the energy sector.

Brigner holds a J.D. from the Georgetown Universi
ty Law Center and is finishing an MBA at
Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He is a graduate summa cum laude of
Stephen F.
Austin State University

where he received the Outstanding Computer Science
Graduate Award and The Wall Street Jour
nal Student Achievement Award
Brigner also served in
the United States Army where he attended the U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School and
was appointed to the U.S. Military Academy.


Brunson, Melanie
, American Council of the Blind

Melanie Brunson has

been employed by the American Council of the Blind (ACB) since August
of 1998. Her initial position was Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs. In March,
2004, she was named Executive Director of the organization.


Prior to coming to ACB, Mrs. Br
unson lived and worked in California. She practiced law in that
state for fourteen years. Much of that time was spent in private practice. Her practice specialized
in estate planning for people with disabilities and their families. From April of 1996 t
o December
of 1997, she was employed as a Client Assistance Program Advocate, assisting individuals with
disabilities with legal issues related to their matriculation of the state’s vocational rehabilitation

From January to July of 1998, she was e
mployed by the Western Law Center for Disability
Rights in Los Angeles.

Mrs. Brunson obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Whittier College,
and her Juris Doctorate from Whittier College School of Law. She was admitted to the Cal
Bar in 1984 and maintains her license to practice law in California.


Burstein, Diane
, National Cable and Telecommunications Association

Diane B. Burstein is Vice President & Deputy General Counsel of the National Cable &
Telecommunications Assoc

Prior to joining NCTA in 1991, Ms. Burstein was associated with the Washington, D.C. office of
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo, where she specialized in communications law.
Ms. Burstein received her B.A. from Wesleyan University (1978
) and her J.D. from Georgetown
University Law Center (1983).


Cantrall, Jeff
, Bright House Networks

Jeff Cantrall is currently employed by Bright House Networks, responsibilities include the
deployment of new technologies into Bright House customer homes
. Specific technologies
include the remote DVR, and multi
room DVR, Tru2way guide, interactive advertising, and other
applications. Prior to working at Bright House Networks he was Chief Software Architecture for
Tribune Media Services working on developi
ng a new guide based on TMS meta data.

He currently resides in New York with his wife and two children.


Card, John,
EchoStar Technologies

John Card II has participated in the evolution of digital and

interactive TV and related
technologies since the ear
ly 1990s. John joined EchoStar in 2000 as the iTV systems architect and
home networking technology manager for EchoStar Technologies Corporation. He is now the
Director of Standards and Technology for EchoStar Technologies, LLC. He

has extensive

in production engineering, user interface design, and remote sensing. John currently
chairs several SDO and consortia technical working groups, including CEA's R7 Home Network
Committee. John

strives to identify common problems, develop elegant solutions,

and implement
world systems.


Crosgrove, Chris
, Caption Colorado

Chris Crosgrove is presently the Manager of Recruiting and Training at Caption Colorado. He
holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education from Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska, a
Master of Music from the University of Nebraska
Lincoln, and an Associate of Applied Science
from the Denver Academy of Court Reporting. He has been the head of the court reporting
programs at Lincoln School of Commerce, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Bakersfield

Bakersfield, California. He has been an on
air captioner since 1994; he has helped teach realtime


writing and captioning seminars in St. Louis, Las Vegas, Seattle, Oklahoma City, Honolulu, Des
Moines, Calgary, Toronto, Omaha, and Little Rock. H
e has written several online captioning
courses which are delivered through the Stenograph University Online and Realtime Journey
sites. He presently resides in Parker, Colorado, with his wife and three children.


Davis, Townsend
, Disney ABC Cable Network

Townsend Davis is a Vice President in the Law and Regulation Department of ABC, Inc. in New
York. Since 2000, he has advised ABC News programs and ABC
owned television and radio
stations on newsgathering, defamation, and compliance with FCC regulations
. From 1996 to
2000 he was a litigation associate at Debevoise & Plimpton. He clerked for the U.S. Court of
Appeals in the 11

Circuit from 1990
91 and holds a J.D. from Columbia Law School (1990) and
a B.A. from Duke University (1986). He is also a me
mber of the New York State Bar
Association Committee on Media Law.


Dawson, Mark
, Comcast Cable

Mark Dawson currently leads Product Management for Comcast Converged Products developing
new services and products.


perspective combines studio experience

with a strong new media background. He brings to
the industry a track record of success in launching products into nascent marketplaces

DVD, Online, Interactive Gaming, Interactive Television and Digital Media distribution and

as we
ll as a strong understanding of brands and the consumer experience as necessary
to create interactive experiences that are compelling and engaging.

Prior to Comcast, Dawson was involved in the launch of new products and services for
ActiveVideo Networks


Interactive Television projects include: social networking
and personalized video guidance; and Video
Demand interfaces that featured Web
navigation including rich media, trailers, metadata and search capabilities for major Cable
ors, Distributors and CE manufacturers.

He also has worked for companies such as Gemstar

TV GUIDE, FOX Sports Interactive Media,
Microsoft, News Corporation and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s FOX Interactive
gaming division.


Evans, Maryfran
Iowa Radio Reading Service

Maryfrances Evans began her career in broadcasting in 1982 at KCCI in Des Moines, Iowa. Over
her 26
year tenure at KCCI, she advanced from floor assistant to Senior Producer/Director,
serving the last 6 years in management
as Production Coordinator. From 1982 to 2000,
Maryfrances developed strong ties to the disability community through her work as the Executive
Producer of the MDA Telethon in Des Moines. She left KCCI in 2006 to focus on her small
daughters, but remained ac
tive in freelance videography, web design and marketing.

In early 2010, Maryfrances accepted the appointment as Executive Director of IRIS

The Iowa
Radio Reading Information Service for the Blind and Print Handicapped, Inc. Working closely
with the Iow
a Department for the Blind, she is focused on developing solid models for
information delivery and expanding the IRIS audience to Iowans with physical impairments and
learning differences. In early 2011, IRIS will announce statewide delivery of our service

using the
digital television signal from Iowa Public Television

and an audio receiver developed
specifically for blind and print
impaired listeners.



Eyer, Mark

Sony Electronics, Inc.

Mark K. Eyer is currently Director of Systems for the Technology S
tandards Office of Sony

Since 1994, Mark has been involved in the standards development process and made
contributions to various digital television standards published by the Consumer Electronics
Association (CEA), Society for Cable Telecomm
unications Engineers (SCTE), Alliance for
Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), and the Advanced Television Systems
Committee (ATSC). Mark has contributed to various emergency alert
related standards including
042A Emergency Alert Messag
ing for Cable and ANSI
070 Emergency
Alert Signaling for the Home Network. Mr. Eyer represents Sony in various standards
committees in the US and contributes systems engineering expertise to development of Sony’s
digital television products.


, Shane
, National Association of the Deaf

Shane H. Feldman is the Chief Operating Officer of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
where he directs all aspects of its operations. Shane was previously employed at the NAD for
over five years where he se
rved as Coordinator of Marketing and Communications. He received
his Master’s degree in Management from the University of Maryland University College and
Bachelor’s degree in Professional and Technical Communications from the Ro
chester Institute of


Fields, Greg,
Research In Motion

Greg Fields is the Senior Accessibility Product Manager at Research In Motion (RIM), where he
manages customer
focused product development efforts that improve the usability and
accessibility of BlackBerry smartphones
for customers with disabilities. Greg's responsibilities
include conducting usability research, understanding the needs of customers with disabilities,
collaborating with the community of persons with disabilities, supporting customers, reviewing
and contr
ibuting to applicable legislation around the world, and driving the development and
commercialisation of accessibility solutions for BlackBerry smartphones from RIM and Assistive
Technology partners.

Since joining RIM in 2004, Greg has led the commercial
isation of features and solutions that
include Close Captioned multimedia support, the BlackBerry Accessibility API, Reverse
Contrast, Text
Speech on BlackBerry smartphones, and the BlackBerry Accessibility
Development Guide to name a few. Prior to join
ing RIM, Greg worked in Embedded Systems
and Telecommunications with QNX Software Systems and Nortel Networks, studied Psychology
at the University of Ottawa and is a Certified Usability Analyst.


Freed, Geoff
, WGBH National Center for Accessible Media

ff Freed is a Project Director of NCAM's multimedia and Web
access projects. He is a
leading expert on accessible Web
based multimedia and caption formats, and has developed
authoring tools, methods and techniques for including captions in downloadable and

media. Mr. Freed has extensive experience with standards groups, and helped create the W3C's
proprietary TTML/DFXP format for caption/subtitle display.

He participated in the SMPTE
working group that created SMPTE
TT, and in the ATSC’s Mobi
le/Handheld working group to
ensure that captions are supported in mobile
television transmissions.

He is also a member of the
W3C’s HTML 5 accessibility task force.



Gabrielli, Robert,

Bob Gabrielli is senior vice president of Programming Op
erations and Distribution for
DIRECTV, Inc., the world’s most popular video service. Gabrielli is responsible for the planning
and launching of all new programming including national and local SD and HD channels.

Gabrielli manages the scheduling of live s
ports, including blackouts, and schedules all promotion
and ad sales inserts. Additionally, he is responsible for viewer channel number allocation and
distribution of satellite capacity to meet the diverse business needs of the company.

Gabrielli joined

DIRECTV in 1992 as one of the company’s first 50 employees

fter working for
parent company, Hughes Electronics, beginning in
1986. Since then, Gabrielli has
consistently been involved with the delivery of programming to customers.

Gabrielli was t
he original employee responsible for the design, implementation and operations of
the customer care, authorization and billing systems. He took these systems from concept to
launch and operation and the growth of more than four million customers. He late
r co
lead the
team that launched DIRECTV Japan successfully and on time.

Gabrielli holds a master’s degree in Forestry from Oregon State University and a bachelor’s
degree in Natural Resources from Humboldt State University. He is based at DIRECTV’s El
Segundo, CA headquarters.


Galvez, Giovanni
, Computer Prompting and Captioning

In his fourth year at CPC as the technical developer Giovanni Galvez has helped networks such as
NBC Universal, Fox, Turner, and Rainbow Media migrate to a file based workflow fo
r HD closed
captioning. He has given seminars and presentations at Apple headquarters in Reston, VA,
Rochester Institute of Technology, and recently during the Avid Media Composer 5 world tour in
Washington, D.C.

During these talks he discussed new and es
sential file based alternatives for
HD closed captioning that work for non
linear editing systems and broadcast servers.

In addition
to closed captioning for TV, he has also helped many government agencies such as the FDA and
Social Security administratio
n add closed captioning to web videos.

In the first quarter of 2011,
he has developed the first software to convert TV closed captioning CEA
file format for the we


Goldberg, Adam
, Rovi Corporation

Adam Goldberg has nearly two decades of experience in various facets of digital television.

has been involved in various digital television and digital telecommunications activities,
including the over
air digital transition, cable television and home entertainment in general
for two decades.

Mr. Goldberg has been intimately involved with many aspects of digital
television, including receivers, receiver silicon and broadcast equipment.

He is a Seni
or Member
of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) and a member of the Society of
Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and the Society of Motion Picture and Television
Engineers (SMPTE).

He is also a member of the Academy of D
igital Television Pioneers, and
participates at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


Goldberg, Larry
WGBH National Center for Accessible Media

Larry Goldberg is the founder and director of the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center
for Accessible Media (NCAM) at Boston's public broadcaster WGBH (NCAM). He has directed
WGBH's Media Access Group and its Caption Center and now focuses entirely on the unit's R&D


activities. He is a leader in the international effort to assure that the de
sign and implementation of
new technologies meet the needs of people with disabilities. He led development of the
specifications for digital television closed captioning in the U.S. and was awarded a patent in
1996 for "Rear Window™," the first closed
ioning system for movie theaters and theme
parks. Among the dozens of innovative R&D projects he has developed is the “Access to In
Entertainment and Communication Systems” project which created a prototype to incorporate
captioning and description
and accessible screen navigation into in
flight entertainment systems.
regularly briefs Congressional and regulatory committees on access barriers and
opportunities within new media. He communicates and educates about the needs of people with
lities on many national advisory boards and served on the Federal Communications
Commission's (FCC) Technological Advisory Council, its Consumer Advisory Committee and
served on the FCC’s Digital Television Closed Captioning and Video Description Working

He was a member of the U.S. Access Board's Electronic and Information Technology Access
Advisory Committee (EITAAC) that established rules for federal compliance with Section 508
and was a key member of its "Refresh Committee" which recently submi
tted recommendations
for updating those rules. Larry works with technology companies such as Apple, Disney,
Microsoft, Verizon, Panasonic, AT&T, Yahoo!, HP, Adobe, and others on solutions to meet the
needs of consumers with disabilities. His undergraduate
work focused on Cinema Studies and
Broadcast Journalism (BA, University of Southern California cum laude).


Goldstein, Glenn
, Viacom

In his role as Vice President of Video Technology Strategy at MTV Networks, Glenn is
responsible for the broadband video de
livery architecture

focusing on CDN integration, video
encoding and streaming quality, content security, and closed captioning/subtitling issues. Glenn's
10 years experience leading the technical architecture and developing software for MTV
Networks majo
r consumer
facing websites (including,,
provides him with a good perspective on the wide range of technical and production issues related
to providing closed captioning on digital platforms.

Over the past 3 years, MTV Ne
tworks has pioneered the use of W3C DFXP TimedText for both
closed captioning and multiple
language subtitling, addressing a variety of file format conversion
and video player presentation issues. Glenn has participated working groups and standards bodies
addressing digital closed captioning issues, including the NCTA, SMPTE 23B working group on
Internet Closed Captioning, and the W3C HTML5 video working group.

Glenn has over 25 years of experience in software development and management, with a focus on
adband video applications, imaging, and digital asset management. In positions with Kodak,
Leaf Systems, and the Associated Press, he was a leader in development and deployment of the
first generation of newsroom digital wire photo systems, a key step in t
he newspaper industry's
transition from film to digital photography.


Gordon, Joseph
Center For Hearing and Communication

Member, New York State Relay Advisory Board.

Member, Manhattan Borough President's Disability Task Force.

Advocacy consultant to H
earing Loss Association of America

Manhattan Chapter.

Chair Caption Committee , Hearing Loss Association of America

New York State.

Member of the FCC 1995 Hearing Aid Compatible Committee.

Past member of the AOL

Accessibility Advisory Committee.

ast New York State Chapter Coordinator

Hearing Loss Association of America.

Past Member FCC Consumer Advisory Committee.


Business Career: Wall Street International Equity Arbitrage.


BBA, City College of New York.


Hamlin, Lise
, Hearing Loss A
ssociation of America

Lise Hamlin joined the Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) national staff as director
of public policy in April 2008. Her former employers include the League for the Hard of Hearing
in New York City and the Northern Virginia

Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Ms. Hamlin has been HLAA’s representative on the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee and
represents HLAA on the FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability
Council and participated i
n the FCC’s Innovation Form inaugurated at the White
House/FCC/Commerce Department’s celebration of the Americans with Disability Act’s 20

Anniversary. She also represents HLAA on the Justice for All Action Network, a cross disability
advocacy and netwo
rking organization and on several coalitions working on issues impacting
people with hearing loss, including the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance and Deaf and Hard of
Hearing Consumer Action Network and the Coalition of Organizations for Accessible
logy (COAT). Ms. Hamlin testified before Congress for COAT and HLAA in support of
HR 3101. In the past, she has served on the Access Board’s Passenger Vessel Emergency Alarms
Advisory Committee, Montgomery County (MD) Senior Citizen Fire Safety Task Force
, the E9
1 Stakeholders Council and the Maryland State Task Force to Study Visual Smoke and
Evacuation Alarms.

Ms. Hamlin has been an instructor for TDI’s Community Emergency Preparedness Information
Network (CEPIN) and was a member of CEPIN’s team th
at drafted and delivered the course,
“Emergency Responders and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community: Taking the First Steps to
Disaster Preparedness.” She has presented that course and emergency preparedness talks around
the country alerting consumers an
d professionals alike to the needs of people with hearing loss in
an emergency.

Ms. Hamlin has served on the Montgomery County Commission on People with Disabilities as
Vice Chair and has represented NVRC at Northern Virginia Voluntary Agencies Active in
Disaster (NVA VOAD) and on Fairfax County’s Citizen Corps Council. Ms. Hamlin has been
recognized with a national Oticon Focus on People award, a Spirit of SHHH award and the F.
Michael Taff award from the Human Rights Commission of Rockville, MD.


tein, Ken


Ken Harrenstien is a Senior Software Engineer at Google whose business card says "Caption

He is the lead developer responsible for the captioning technology in all of Google's video
services including YouTube, which serves billio
ns of views daily with captions for millions of

Ken was heavily involved with Arpanet/Internet development in the early 1970s after graduating
from MIT.

He was a member of the Internet Engineering Task Force and has worked in various

at Transmeta, Oracle, and SRI International; in the latter incarnation he was
instrumental in several projects related to telecommunications for the deaf, notably DEAFNET.

Ken has been totally deaf since age 5 and for too many years had no idea what peop
le were
saying on TV.

The shows he now has the most trouble resisting are "Futurama" and



Hearty, Paul
, Sony Electronic, Inc.

Dr. Paul Hearty received his Ph.D. in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience) from Queen’s
University, Kingston, Cana
da in 1981. He has worked nearly 30 years in fields relating to
television and cinema, holding senior positions in government and industry in Canada and the
United States. Currently, he works for Sony Electronics Inc. as Vice President, Technology
ds, and is based in San Diego. Previously, he was Associate Dean of the Faculty of
Communication and Design at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada and Director of the Rogers
Communications Centre, a major center for instruction and research in advanced me
dia at
Ryerson. From 1987 to 1995, he was a leader in the development and standardization of the
digital HDTV system currently deployed in North America and elsewhere. For this work, he was
awarded one Emmy and was recognized for his contributions to fou
r other Emmy awards.

Paul has actively contributed to national and international standards for production and program
exchange, as well as for broadcast, satellite, and cable transmission. He has served as Chair of
the Society of Cable Telecommunications

Engineers (SCTE) Digital Video Subcommittee, which
is responsible for digital cable standards in North America, since its inception in 1996. He is the
author of numerous publications and presentations. He serves on the Board of CineGrid, a
consortium of
laboratories worldwide, which he helped found, that is focused on the research,
development, and demonstration of
networked collaborative tools to enable the production, use,
preservation, and exchange of very
quality digital media over photonic netwo
He has
served on the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Board of Editors
since 1995 and is a SMPTE Fellow. He has served as SMPTE Editorial Vice President, a
Member of the SMPTE Executive Committee, and a Member of the SMPTE B
oard since 2009.


Heaton, Chris
, Viacom

Chris Heaton began his career at MTV Networks (MTVN) fourteen years ago as a coordinator
processing closed captioning work, at a time when only grant eligible programming was being
captioned. Upon publication

of the FCC’s 1997 Report and Order on Closed Captioning, Chris
was positioned to design and implement a new department with an ambitious objective. In late
1999, Chris was the Supervisor of a small operations team that identified programming across
networks, and processed it for captioning in order to reach the first mandated benchmark. He
enthusiastically became the “accessibility conscience” of MTVN, advocating the positive,
inclusive, and multi
use nature of closed captioning and video descriptio
n, as well as elucidating
the necessity of the FCC captioning regulations.

Over the next eight years, Chris led the company towards subsequent benchmarks, routinely
arriving at them a year ahead of schedule. MTVN has long been a leader in the broadcast
and Chris was determined to make sure they were also at the forefront of closed captioning.
Chris’s management role expanded in concert with the requirements, calling for him to
continually develop more thorough and effective means of processing la
rge volumes of
programming, bring new networks on board, research and explain exemptions, and liaison with
legal staff to calculate and produce compliance reports. He also continued to be at the head of
video description for MTVN, advocating it to the net
works, writing many letters of support for
vendor’s grant applications, and devising efficient workflows.

Since 2004, in his role as Director of Assistive Technologies, Chris has continued to lead the
company in its accessibility strategy and broadcast o
perations. His department now oversees the
closed captioning and video description for twenty networks. In addition Chris has lowered the
cost of captioning to MTVN by applying creative ideas to the process, and overseeing two
successful national request
s for proposal on pricing. Chris has been deeply involved in MTVN’s
most recent initiative to produce and process content in a completely digital environment. He
planned and executed an initiative whereby digital Quicktime files would be used as referenc


materials instead of DVD or VHS. Chris has also been actively consulted and involved in recent
developments surrounding the insertion of caption data into a digital file before being delivered
for broadcast. Finally, Chris has been working with company
’s online group, providing them
with the information and assets needed to assist them in fully realizing captioned content on
MTVN’s websites.


Heppner, Cheryl,
Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Cheryl Heppner is in he
r 21

year as the Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Resource
Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons, which has a mission of empowering deaf and hard
of hearing individuals and their families through education, advocacy, and community
ement. Its office is in Fairfax, Virginia.

Cheryl has served two terms on the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee, on its DTV technical
working group to address issues with closed captioning and video description, and on its Media
Security & Reliability Cou

She has served for several years as Vice Chair of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumer
Advocacy Network (DHHCAN), a national coalition of organizations of, by, and for individuals
who are deaf, hard of hearing, late
deafened and deaf
blind, and has

been the “voice in
Washington” of the international Association of Late
Deafened Adults since DHHCAN’s

She has served since 2006 on the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees. She is a member of the
Board’s executive committee and chair of its

audit committee.

Cheryl is the primary author of the national report,
Emergency Preparedness and Emergency
Communication Access: Lessons Learned Since 9/11 and Recommendations

During the past 10 years Cheryl was honored by the Association of Late
ened Adults (I.
King Jordan Award and Brainstorm Award), by the National Association of the Deaf
(Meritorious Service Award), by the Virginia Association of the Deaf (Distinguished Service
Award), and with several awards from TDI.

She travels everywhere w
ith her hearing dog, Galaxy.


Herrera, Louis
, American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness

Louis Herrera,B.S in Science Business Management

Chairman, AiPB Science Advisory Board 2008 to present


Tel: 323

Cell: 818

Personal Statement:

I am a blind retired aerospace engineer currently working as a consultant and educator in the area
of Assistive Technology.

My clients include Private Sector Industry corporations (e.g. SEMPRA
and TARGET) as well as

government clients like the Veterans Administration. I am currently a
student in Masters Program

at Cal State Northridge University. My goal and passion is to help
and empower others who are blind/disabled by providing my skills and leadership in dev
innovative assistive technology solutions. My skills and interest led me to serve on
commissions and non
profit organizations like the AiPB. Since joining the AiPB in 2008 we
have added to the credo of the organization the motto, “AiPB where t
he blind lead the blind”.



Ho, Jimmy, Verizon Technology Operation

I have been working with digital video since 1990 and have been involved with Verizon video
projects since 1994. EAS has always been a priority in Verizon and I have been involved in
ting our EAS equipment vendor and have also been in contact with several state EAS
agencies. In the Closed Captioning arena, my latest involvement was with the FCC’s
working group to study digital closed captioning
. I have also been involved in s
tudying issues
related to receiving and relaying Video Program Description within the Verizon video network.


Hodges, Bradley,
American Foundation for the Blind

Brad Hodges joined the staff of AFB TECH in October, 2005. Immediately prior to locating to
ntington WV he held the position of Accessibility Technology Manager with the National
Federation of the Blind in Baltimore. While at the NFB Brad focused on evaluating the
accessibility of specialized technology for the blind as well as consumer products
such as
household appliances, which were becoming increasingly inaccessible at the time.

He was a member of the team which designed and introduced the first hand
held reading machine
for the blind. The user interface design and “Field of View Report” were

Among his major
achievements. His technology development activities continued as he joined the team which
designed the digital Talking Book player for the National Library Service for the Blind.

At AFB TECH Brad calls on his considerable background in th
e characteristics of technology as
well as his deep knowledge of user needs to author many reviews published in AccessWorld.

Brad represents AFB on several committees which included an active leadership role in the
advisory committee to the US Access Boar
d which created the framework for the recently
proposed Section 508 regulations.

Brad’s research interests continue to include appliance and consumer electronics design. He is
proud of AFB TECH’s impact on manufacturers which includes the increased access
ibility of
Whirlpool and Maytag appliances. On
going research and advocacy to make television and home
electronics accessibility a reality is also a current focus.




M.S. Computer Systems, M.A. Audiology, Co
Founder of Computer
Prompting and C

Sid has over 25 years of experience in the closed captioning field working with CPC, the closed
captioning s
oftware development and service

Sid has a B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology, and earned a Master’s degree in Audiology,
d a second Master’s in Computer Information Systems. He is also a licensed teacher of the
speech and hearing handicapped.

As a teacher of the speech and hearing handicapped he realized the vast need for closed
captioning for both the profoundly deaf and t
hose with moderate and mild hearing losses. As a
practical visionary, he has
been instrumental in directing,
developing and marketing CPC’s closed
caption products, suitably combining his academic knowledge in Audiology and Information
Technology to serve
the hearing impaired community.

Sid’s Master’s thesis (which was published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America)
focused on the hearing problems of the elderly.


Sid has also received a U.S. patent for his development of a new method of tea
ching speech
reading to the hearing impaired


Jacobs, Steve
, IDEAL Group, Inc.

Steve Jacobs has been in the computer industry for 35 years. Jacobs is President
Group, Inc. IDEAL Group is a 2002 spin
off from IDEAL at NCR Corporation
where Steve served as President
. IDEAL Group has five subsidiary companies:


Apps4Android, Inc.

Apps4Android is the world’s largest Android software development company in the world
to developing high
quality, open source, mobile applications that enhance the
life, independence, educational success and employability of individuals with
and everyone else!

Apps4Android has 1.2 million users in 45 countries.


nftyReader Group, Inc.

InftyReader Group provides applications that scan, recognize, and translate printed math and
other scientific symbols into LaTeX and MathML in support of providin
g alternate access for
individuals with print disabilities... including blindness.


EasyCC, Inc.

EasyCC, is a real
time text communication service provider for individuals with hearing


ine Conferencing Systems Group, Inc.

Online Conferencing Systems Group provides
fully accessible, 508 compliant, online
conferencing, distance
learning and Webinar s
ervices to tens
thousands of users


Onymous Heroes, Inc.

Onymous Heroes is a recently acquired (7/9/10) Android development company, based in
Atlanta Georgia that develops app
lication installers, advanced browsers, image viewers, and
many other creative and popular applications.

Jacobs served as President of IDEAL at NCR until his retirement from NCR, at the end of 2002,
after 25 years of service.

Previous to NCR’s spin
from AT&T (NYSE: T) at the end of 1996, Jacobs served as
Chairman AT&T Global Information Solution's Project Freedom. In 1992 Project Freedom
pioneered the use of interactive video technology in support of sign
language communication
over the Internet. Tod
ay this service is well
known as video relay services (VRS). See the video
of this historic work:


intments and Testimonies:

U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s Video Programming and Emergency Access
Advisory Committee (VPEAAC) [2010]

Expert Witness: House Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil
Rights, and Civil Liberties hearing on Achieving the Promise of the Americans with
Disabilities Act in the Digital Age

Current I
ssues, Challenges, and Opportunities [2010]



U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee [2005

Ohio Governor's Council on People with Disabilities [200

U.S. Federal Communications Commission's Consumer/Disability Telecommunications
Advisory Committee which has since been re
named the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee

U.S. Access Board's Electronic and Information Technology Access A
dvisory Committee

U.S. Access Board's Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee [1997

Expert Witness: House Committee on Science Subcommittee on Technology hearing on
Meeting the Needs of People with Disabilities through Federal Technology Transfer [1997]


Enhancing the Accessibility of Technology
Based Work Environments with the Support of
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) [2010

The Corporate Social Innovation Model: Enabling Positive Societal Change through the
Distribution and Use of Accessi
ble ICT Products and Services [2010]

The Global Business Benefits of Accessible Information and Communica
tion Technology
(ICT) Design [2010]

author: Department of Commerce's STAT
USA/Internet Companion to International
Business: Highlig
hting Accessibly
Designed Information and Communications Technology

author: "Over the Horizon: Pote
ntial Impact of Emerging Trends in Information and
Communication Technology on Disability Policy and Practice [2006]

author: National Council on Disability report entitled, "Design for Inclusion: Creating a
New Marketplace" [2004]

Author: "Design for Inclusion: Industry White Paper" [2004]

uthor: National Task Force on Technology and Disability report entitled, "Within Our
Reach" [2004]

author: the U.S. Access Board's Electronic and Information Technology Access Adviso
Committee Report that was used to develop the Access Board’s Electronic and Information
Technology Accessibility Standards [2000]


author: the Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee Final Report that was used,
by the Access Board, to develop their Telecommunications Act Accessibility Guidelines

Jacobs is a 1973 graduate of Ohio State University. He and wife, Pauline, have been married for
36 years. Pauline and Steve have two daughters and a grand daughter... who is Steve’s boss!



Jurek, Bill
, The Chicago Lighthouse

Bill Jurek has been a consultant with The Chicago Lighthouse since March, 2005 and has been
working with the Chicagoland Radio Information Service (CRIS) in various capacities, including
show host.

Most recently, Bil
l has begun hosting a weekly radio program, The Beacon, which
covers topics related to individuals with disabilities as well as issues related to veterans and

Prior to joining The Lighthouse, Bill spent the last four decades being heard on Chi
cago radio and
television stations.

Since 1975, he has been a staff announcer with NBC and has been heard on
Channel 5 as well as WMAQ radio during its country music heyday.

Bill’s other radio credits include WGN, WLS, and WIND. In the late 1980's, he he
ld the fifth
highest rating in Chicago for "morning drive" on FM 100. On WLIT radio, he served as
community affairs director as well as show host.

In addition to his broadcast work, Bill was also the voice for such clients as Dads Root Beer,
Darvin Furni
ture, Lazyboy Showcase Shops, Fedders Air Conditioners, Serta Bedding, and The
Baird and Warner Sunday Morning Home Show, which aired on Channel 7 for several years.

Since losing his vision in 1995, Bill has been a spokesman, advocate, and mentor for b
lind and
visually impaired individuals, particularly those interested in the broadcast field. In addition

working with various organizations serving the blind and visually impaired community, Bill

a graduate field representative for Guiding Eyes For
The Blind in Yorktown Heights, NY, one of
the premier guide dog schools in the United States from which he has obtained his guide dog.

Currently, he is a

member and past executive board member of the Central Lions Club of

Since 1997, Bill has b
een a guest lecturer for the Taxi and Limosine training program at Harold
Washington College in Chicago,

as well as Harper College in Palatine, IL and Columbia College
Chicago. He has also worked with The Chicago Police Department to produce a training vid
eo for
cadets and officers concerning the use of guide dogs.

At the present time, Bill resides On Chicago’s Northwest side with his guide dog Abner. He loves
music, live and recorded, the theater as well as reading audio books.

Social times may find h
at dinner or “just hanging out” with a group of wonderful friends.

He has three adult sons from
his more than 30

year marriage to his late



Kennamer, Charlie
, Comcast Cable Communications

VP, Engineering Policy and Industry Affairs

Office of t
he CTO

Comcast Cable Communications

Mr. Kennamer is involved in a wide range of engineering policy and regulatory activities within
Comcast and across the cable industry. He served on the FCC Closed Captioning Working Group
from May 2009 through October

2010 and he is actively involved in technology and other
initiatives at Comcast to improve access to Comcast services by persons with disabilities.

Mr. Kennamer played a major role in cable industry support for the recent broadcast industry
DTV transiti
on, the Plug
Play negotiations between the cable and consumer electronics


industries, the rollout of CableCARD™ capable devices, and <tru2way> negotiations and

He also provides technical expertise to Comcast on wide
ranging topics, inclu
ding digital
compression, security, content protection, legal and regulatory compliance and CableCARD™
related matters. He is involved in many Comcast strategic initiatives and is responsible for video
technology standards at Comcast.

Mr. Kennamer joined

Comcast with the acquisition of AT&T Broadband in late 2002. At

AT&T Broadband he was involved in all aspects of the company's digital video deployments
ranging from MPEG technology to the integration and deployment of digital set
top hardware,

and applications. He was closely involved in the development and launch of the TCI
Headend in the Sky service in 1995

Mr. Kennamer has over 30 years experience in the cable industry and he participates in numerous
industry committees and activities.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics.


Kirkpatrick, Andrew

Adobe, Inc.

Andrew Kirkpatrick is Group Product Manager for Accessibility at Adobe Systems.

team works with Adobe product teams to define accessibility requirements and att
end to
accessibility issues, participates in standards and policy efforts, and defines Adobe’s overall
strategy for accessibility.

Andrew is a frequent speaker and writer on accessibility, including
contributing to Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Reg
ulatory Compliance, a book by
Friends of ED.

Andrew blogs about accessibility at


Knife, Lee
, Digital Media Ass

Lee Knife is the acting Executive Director for the Digital Media Association (“DiMA”). DiMA is
a Washington, D.C. trade organization representing digital media services such Apple’s iTunes,
YouTube, Microsoft, RealNetworks/Rhapsody, Live 365 and

DiMA advocates for
business and regulatory environments that promote innovation and fair competition, fair royalties
and a positive consumer experience.


Laud, Tim
, LG/ Zenith Electronics

Tim Laud

is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff for Zen
ith Electronics LLC.

He received
both BSEE and MSEE from Purdue University.

He holds over 18 patents primarily in the digital
television area.

Tim is a long standing member of the IEEE and represents Zenith in SCTE, CEA
and ATSC standards organizations.

For most of his career, he has been involved in interesting
projects related to cable television and digital TV.

Tim was part of the team involved in the
creation of VSB, now used in the ATSC standard.

Tim is currently on the CEA committee to add
ons to 3D content for television.


Lieberg, Marlaina,
American Council of the Blind

Marlaina Lieberg was born and educated in Boston, and now lives in Seattle. Since 1970, she has
been actively involved in accessibility and disability rights issues. She

serves as an access
consultant to entities such as Wells Fargo Bank, The National Park Service, Royal Caribbean
Cruise Lines, the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind and many others. Currently, she serves as a
member and officer of the Board of Directors of

the American Council of the Blind.

Her professional background includes

working as a special investigator for the Manager of
Arlington County, VA, tracking citizen concerns and making recommendations to the Manager


and County Board regarding legislativ
e and programmatic responses. She served as the primary
training consultant to a major financial institution, helping them roll out one of the nation's first
talking ATM units. Additionally, Marlaina has worked with various regional transit authorities,
the most recent of which is Sound Transit in Seattle for whom she served as a design consultant
to ensure accessibility for blind and deaf
blind passengers. She is committed to the concept of
flexible universal design, and believes the only challenges she

cannot overcome are those which
have not yet come her way.


Luckett, Jill
, National Cable and Tel
communications Association

Jill Luckett is Senior Vice President of Program Network Policy at the National Cable &
Telecommunications Association (NCTA). N
CTA is the principal trade association for the U.S.
cable industry, representing cable operators serving more than 90 percent of the nation’s cable
television households and more than 200 cable program networks. Luckett focuses on the
legislative and regu
latory issues that affect NCTA’s program network members. She serves as an
advocate for the programmers’ public policy interests within NCTA and also before Congress and
federal regulatory agencies including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and

Federal Trade Commission (FTC). She is NCTA’s principal liaison with program network
members, and is responsible for managing NCTA’s Programmer Committee, comprised of
program network Presidents and CEOs. Before joining NCTA, Luckett served as Special
dvisor to FCC Commissioner Rachelle Chong, where she was responsible for advising the
Commissioner on cable and wireless issues. In this capacity, she helped craft the FCC’s first
spectrum auction rules, and worked on implementation issues stemming from t
he 1992 Cable
Act. Prior to the FCC, Luckett worked in the office of Senator Bob Packwood in a variety of
legislative jobs, including Legislative Director. As LD, she oversaw and managed Senator
Packwood’s legislative agenda, and was also directly respon
sible for issues within the jurisdiction
of the Senate Commerce Committee, including communications and transportation


Luplow, Wayne
, LG/ Zenith Electronics

Vice President, Digital Television, for LG Electronics’ U.S. research lab, Zenith Electronics

0 Millbrook Drive

Lincolnshire, IL 60069


Wayne Luplow holds a BSEE from the University of Wisconsin, and an MSEE from

the University of Pennsylvania. Wayne has had 47 years
experience in the

television industry. He led the team that developed the ATSC Digital TV system. His current
Zenith responsibilities include the establishment and deployment of the ATSC In
Band mobile
TV system. Prior to his 46 years at Zenith, he was
employed by RCA/Sarnoff.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Advanced Television Systems Committee
(ATSC) since 1988 and currently is completing his term as chair of the ATSC. He is also chair of
the Video Systems Committee (R4.0) and

chair of the Technology Standards Council (TSC)
of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

He has published and contributed numerous technical papers for the
IEEE Transactions on
Consumer Electronics
IEEE Spectrum

CEA/EIA. He has
been an elected member of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society’s Administrative Committee
since 1970 and Editor
Chief of the

IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics

since 1975.
He is a co
recipient of the prestigious 2006 IEEE Masa
ru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award. He
is also an elected member of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society’s Administrative


Mr. Luplow is a Life
Fellow of the IEEE.


Markwalter, Brian
, Consumer Electronics Association

Brian Markwalter is Vic
e President of Research and Standards for the Consumer Electronics
Association (CEA), a trade association with approximately 2000 members representing the $180
billion U.S. consumer technology industry. Mr. Markwalter is responsible for overseeing CEA’s
accredited standards development operation and extensive market research capability.
Under Mr. Markwalter’s direction, CEA hosts more than 70 committees, subcommittees and
working groups that produce standards used in millions of consumer devices. CE
A standards are
referenced by EPA, FCC and other government agencies. CEA’s market research has a rich 75
year history producing objective research, tracking sales data and forecasting trends. These
programs have resulted in three Technology Emmy awards
for CEA standards and give CEA
members free access to nearly $1 million in annual market research.

Mr. Markwalter represents CEA’s technical interests in industry and international venues related
to digital television, broadband access, spectrum managemen
t, standards and intellectual
property, smart grid and energy efficiency. Mr. Markwalter has participated in joint U.S.
development programs on standards and presented at FCC workshops on a variety of subjects.
His leadership in the industry is refl
ected through positions on the Advanced Television Systems
Committee Board of Directors, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Administrative Committee,
NTIA’s Online Safety and Technology Working Group, FCC’s Technological Advisory Council,
FCC’s Video Progra
mming Accessibility Advisory Committee and NIST’s Smart Grid
Interoperability Panel Governing Board.

Prior to joining CEA, Mr. Markwalter worked as Director at Intellon Corporation, a
semiconductor company specializing in power line communications. In th
is role, he helped
develop and launch the technology adopted by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance for data
networking over residential power lines and holds several patents in this area. Mr. Markwalter
holds BS and MS EE degrees from the Georgia Institute o
f Technology and is a licensed
professional engineer.


Newdeck, Jeff
, Motorola Mobility

Jeff Newdeck joined Motorola (then General Instrument) in 1999 as an engineer testing
Motorola’s end
end QAM Video Delivery System. He later joined the Set
top Sys
Engineering team where he was responsible for the design of various products in Motorola’s
QAM set
top product line. In this role he served as the subject matter expert in closed captioning
for Motorola’s Set
top Systems Engineering team.

He enter
ed his current role as a Product Line Manager in 2007, and is now responsible for the
management of Motorola’s Native Set
top Software product portfolio, including product strategy,
roadmap and lifecycle planning, business plan development, and coordinatio
n of the related
marketing communications for customers and Motorola business partners.

Newdeck holds a Masters in business degree from Temple University and a Bachelor of Science
degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.


e, Beth
, National Captioning Institute

Beth Nubbe joined the National Captioning Institute (NCI) as a staff captioner in 1984. She was
promoted to

Section Supervisor in 1986, and in 2002, to Director of Off
line Production for the
Eastern Region.

In 2006
, Ms. Nubbe was promoted to her current position as Director of



and Described Media Production for all of NCI's operations in

Virginia, Texas, and

Beth is responsible for captioning and description operations at all three of

uction facilities, including budget, staffing, production, and scheduling work with
clients and vendors.

She serves as Project Director for

a U.S. Department of Education grant for
educational children's programming and is responsible for the quality and

timely completion of

video description work performed with funding from the grant.


Olu Akiwimi
Assani, Samuel
, Verizon Technology Operations

Olu Akiwumi
Assani has been working with Verizon since 2003 where he is responsible for the
specification, d
esign and architecture of hybrid QAM/IP set top boxes used for the reception of
video programs delivered on the FiOS network.

Prior to Verizon, he worked 22 years with
Philips Electronics in several divisions

as a Principal Member of the Research staff
Corporate Research, and as a Systems Architect in both Philips Consumer Electronics and Philips
Semiconductor divisions with focus on Digital TV standardization (ATSC) and product

Olu has an MS from Lehigh University in Electrical Engineer
ing and a BS from
the University of Science & Technology (Ghana) in Physics.


Parkins, Jerry,
Comcast Cable

Jerry is the Director of Technology and Standards for Comcast Cable, and has been a member of
SCTE since 2000.

He represents Comcast in SCTE, SMPT
E, CEA, and ATSC standards
organizations, as well as being involved in engineering policy and advanced technology programs
within Comcast.

Previously, he was Director of Systems Integration for Comcast, and managed
Comcast’s video lab focused on digital v
ideo and IP networking.


Patel, Pratik
, American Council of the Blind

Mr. Pratik Patel serves as the President and CEO of Patel EZFire Enterprises LLC, a firm
dedicated to bringing new enterprise, mobile and individualized solutions to a rapidly
technological landscape. Since the company’s founding in 2006, Mr. Patel has worked with such
clients as Columbia University, Boston University, and The Major League Baseball to develop
innovative technology solutions as well as develop policies and proced
ures to provide accessible
technology solutions for millions of consumers with disabilities. Focusing on consulting work
such as accessible, usable website and equipment interface design for the commercial sector,
integration of accessibility into informa
tion technology in the higher education sector, as well as
nonprofit management and development, Mr. Patel has led his company to a success. In 2011,
Mr. Patel stands ready to introduce several new projects that will allow him to use his experience
and ex
pertise on interface design as his passion for knowledge and learning.

Over the last few years, Mr. Patel has served as the Executive Director of
Society for Disability
, a nonp
rofit that promotes increased use of disability studies in academic and in general
life. Since 2006, MR. Patel has also focused on variety of projects to ensure access to vital
technologies for students with disabilities at the City University of New York
. Through this
work, Mr. Patel’s primary focus has been policies and procedures to improve university
responses to information technology access.

Until 2006, Mr. Patel served as the Director of the Assistive Technology Services Project for the
y University of New York. His seven years of work with the Project enabled Mr. Patel to
successfully develop and deploy assistive technology solutions for faculty, students and staff at
CUNY. Through his work, the CUNY Assistive Technology Services Proje
ct was named as one
of the top 100 best practices in the nation. Mr. Patel’s collaborative work with the City
University’s centers that promote excellence led to a four
PeopleTech Project

by the U.S
Department of Education to bring access technologies into CUNY’s classrooms and allow the


university to conduct vital research on providing access to science and mathematics material for
students with sensory disabilities.

Mr. Patel has served as the Ea
st Coast Vice President for the
Access Technologists in Higher
Education Network

(ATHEN), a professional group dedicated to ensuring IT access throughout
America’s colleges and universities. He has also worked with

the World Wide Web
Consortium’s Access Research and Development group as well as companies such as Microsoft
and IBM to promote the use of accessibility standards on the World Wide Web. Mr. Patel also
serves on the New York state Governor’s advisory Coun
cil to the Department of Education to
implement the requirements of the higher education e
text legislation. In that capacity, Mr. Patel
has worked closely with institutions of higher learning and top publishers of classroom material
to ensure access to c
urricular material for students with disabilities. Serving on the New York
State Independent Living Council as well as on the board of Directors of the Queens Independent
Living Center, Mr. Patel has focused on the use of technology among people with disab
Serving as the chair person for the Information Access Committee as well as the Advocacy
Services Committee for the
American Council of the Blind
, Mr. Patel has focused on information
access and advocacy needs
for blind Americans. As the President of
American Council of the
blind of New York
, Mr. Patel works on variety of nonprofit development and advocacy issues
facing blind New York residents.

Making technology and indep
endence as his focus, Mr. Patel has enthusiastically embraced the
use of social media such as


to converse with his colleagues and friends to
ure quick knowledge dissemination. The latest information about Mr. Patel’s ongoing projects
may be found by visiting his
Google profile


Powers, Adam
, Rovi Corporation

Adam Powers is
senior di
rector of technology at Rovi Corporation, where he is responsible
for standards and technology initiatives across Rovi’s product lines, including on
screen guides,
metadata, Internet content and content sharing. Adam joined Rovi in January 2007 after the
company had acquired Mediabolic, where he had served as principal engineer and architect for
the Connected Platform. Prior to this, Adam was co
founder and CTO of the IPTV home
networking company, Coaxsys. He has served as Chair of the Ecosystem Committe
e of the
DLNA, where he led the efforts of the members of the digital living ecosystem in support of the
DLNA’s charter of enabling content sharing between any variety of consumer devices and
customer premises equipment. He is also a member of the Society

of Cable Telecommunications
Engineers, and participates in standards activities at CableLabs and the Consumer Electronics
Association (CEA). Adam attended California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo for
Computer Engineering.


Roberts, Vince
, Disne
y ABC Cable Networks

Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer, Disney/ABC
Television Group

Vince Roberts is executive vice president, Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer,
Disney/ABC Television Group, a position
he was promoted to in October 2010. In this role, Mr.
Roberts develops and implements operational and technological strategies and solutions to
support groups across the Disney/ABC Television Group. Additionally, he is responsible for
assessing new and eme
rging business technologies for divisions within the Group.

Reporting to Mr. Roberts are the broadcast operating and technical functions of the ABC
Television Network, Disney Channel Worldwide, Disney XD, Playhouse Disney, SOAPnet and
ABC Family; and Dis
ney ABC International Television, including, Disney
branded networks in


Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Japan and Canada. Mr. Roberts
also closely collaborates with the teams from ABC’s Owned TV Stations in regards to their
erational and technological systems.

Mr. Roberts is the primary technology leader for the Disney/ABC Television Group and is
charged with developing a comprehensive technology roadmap to support the strategic objectives.

His other major responsibilities
include: acting as the

senior advisor to business unit
management on technology implementation and initiatives; providing leadership in ensuring
appropriate technology usage; assessing new and emerging technologies to determine
applications to business un
it initiatives; identifying and overseeing business process driven
technology improvements; evaluating technology support and infrastructure operations.

A founding employee of Disney Channel, Mr. Roberts joined the network in 1983 as a staff
engineer, and

then went on to serve as director of Operations and Engineering. In 1989, after a
year stint as senior vice president of Color Systems, Inc., he rejoined Disney Channel as vice
president, Engineering and Operations. During his tenure with Disney, he l
ed the team that
developed one of the country’s first video file server
based broadcast operations. Mr. Roberts
also established Disney’s first international broadcast operation

Walt Disney Television
Singapore. Since then, he has been responsible for th
e launches of more than 90 entertainment
channels and/or channel feeds available in more than 160 countries and 30 languages.

addition, Mr. Roberts and his team have become industry leaders in developing and implementing
file based workflows supporting

both linear broadcast operations and digital media non

Prior to joining Disney, Mr. Roberts spent four years in videodisc R&D and manufacturing with

While at MCA he was awarded a patent for developing a specialized

quality control process device. During his time at Color Systems Technology as senior vice
president of Production, the company was awarded an Emmy for technical achievement for the
video coloring process. He was also a field engineer/cameraperson for CBS


Mr. Roberts currently serves on several internal and industry organizations focusing on
innovation, technology development and business efficiency.

He continues to play a key role in
helping develop Disney’s future technology strategy initiatives.

Mr. Roberts is a Member of The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE),
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Society of Cable Television Engineers
(SCTE) and a Member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

He is also on the
Executive Board of the Entertainment Technology Center at University of Southern California
(ETC @ USC).


Rohaly, Ann Marie
, Microsoft

Ann Marie Rohaly is the Accessibility Policy & Standards Lead in Microsoft’s Interoperability

specializing in entertainment products and services. Before joining Microsoft in 2003, she
spent five years at Tektronix, Inc., in several senior positions, including strategic technology
manager for the Video Product Line.

Over the past 12 years, Rohaly

has actively participated and
held leadership positions in numerous standards
setting organizations and industry consortia.

is recognized internationally as a technical expert for her work leading the standardization of
Tektronix’s Emmy award

PQA300 picture quality measurement technology and
Microsoft’s VC
1 codec.

Rohaly earned a B.E.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D.
and M.S.E. in Bioengineering from University of Pennsylvania.

She is a Fellow and Gover
nor of
the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and currently chairs the 23B Broadband


Technical Committee which recently completed work on the SMPTE Timed Text standard for
captioning/subtitling internet
delivered video.


Rosen, Jeff
, Nation
al Association of the Deaf


Rosen is a third generation deaf person active in the disability movement. He currently serves
as the General Counsel and VP of Governmental Affairs and is responsible for managing the
legal affairs and overall government re
lations. Previously, Jeff was the General Counsel and
Director of Policy for the National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency
providing advice and recommendations to the President and Congress on policies and programs
impacting people with

disabilities. Prior to this position, Mr. Rosen spent thirteen years as a
senior attorney at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


Ruby, Laura
, Microsoft

Laura Ruby is Microsoft's Director of Accessibility Policy and Standards

ting at Microsoft, responsible for coordinating the company's global policy and standards
efforts that concern making products and services accessible to consumers with disabilities and
those who are aging. Along with helping the company develop and implem
ent companywide
policies to ensure compliance with standards and legislation, Laura and her team work with
government regulatory agencies, national consumer advocacy groups, standards bodies and
industry associations around the world. In January of 2008, L
aura was awarded Microsoft’s
Business Achievement Award for her work on Accessibility Policy and Standards.

Laura is a proven leader in and contributor to policy and standards work around accessible E&IT.
Most recently she served on the Access Board’s TEI
TAC. She has chaired ITIC’s Accessibility
Committee for since it was founded. She helped lead the effort to create the VPAT, define
industry best practices and has worked with the Committee to assist state governments as they
develop their state procuremen
t policy and standards. Laura has interacted with the Section 508
Steering Committee, the Section 508 Working Group, Agency Section 508 Coordinators and
Agency CIOs. She works with federal, state, local and international governments as they work to

and implement accessibility procurement policies and standards. Along with ITIC, Laura
currently contributes to development of accessibility policy standards in Europe via her
participation in EABC and EICTA. Laura participates in international standards
activities such as
A and the European Government’s eAccessibility
dialogue. She advises Microsoft employees in our subsidiaries as they contribute to accessibility
policy and standards all over the world.

Prior to working
for Microsoft, Laura was a Manager of Law & Government Affairs for AT&T
Wireless Services’ corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington where she oversaw all
Federal disability related regulatory proceedings: i.e. Section 255, TRS
711, Hearing Aid
bility and E911 TTY/Digital Wireless. Laura served on the federal telecommunications
advisory committee on Section 255 as a representative of AT&T, representing the wireless
services division. She was responsible for creating and implementing an internal S
ection 255
compliance process, driving the technical requirements throughout AT&T Wireless Services and
documenting the company’s results. Laura created and delivered training programs regarding
Section 255 policy and technical guidelines to Customer Care,

Sales, Marketing, IT, Engineering,
Product Development, Legal, Partnership Markets and Public Relations. During her 10 years of
working on accessibility issues for AT&T Wireless she worked closely with engineers, product
managers, manufacturers and standa
rds bodies. She also participated in HAC and TTY/Digital
Wireless Forums and served on the FCC’s Consumer and Disability Advisory Committee.

Prior to her work in the technology sector, Ms. Ruby worked as a mental health consultant and
program manager at t
he Hearing, Speech and DeafnessCenter in Seattle, Washington. Laura Ruby


has served two three
year terms as a member of the Washington State Governor’s Committee on
Disability Issues and Employment where she chaired the Committee’s Employment and Training
Subcommittee. She served as an initial member of the Northwest Disability Advisory Council and
the Washington Assistive Technology Foundation. Ms. Ruby has given numerous presentations at
industry forums and academic conferences. Ms. Ruby received her Bach
elor of Arts in Social
Work from PacificLutheranUniversity, magna cum laude.


Rulh, Gary
, Caption Colorado

Gary joined Caption Colorado in 2009 and brings over 27 years of experience managing
corporate technology operations in both private and government s
ectors. He began his technical
career in 1982 with AutoTrol Technology, Inc., a Denver
based software development firm
before joining INVESCO Funds Group, one of Denver’s leading mutual fund companies where
he was the Chief Technology Officer for 12 years.

During Gary’s time with Policy Studies Inc.
(PSI), as Chief Information Officer (CIO), he worked with PSI’s Product Development group and
State and local government agencies to define and develop products to manage federally funded
projects, such as, Medi
caid Enrollment Brokering and State Children’s Health Insurance Program
(SCHIP). He led a staff of over 250 employees across 10 offices both national and international.
Gary is a member of the CIO Executive Board, Financial Services CIO Forum, and the Nati
Investment Company Services Association (NICSA). Gary is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana
and has two children and five grandchildren.


Scott, Andy
, National Cable and Telecommunications Association

Andy Scott is Vice President of Engineering for th
e National Cable and Telecommunications
Association ("NCTA"). NCTA is the principal trade association for the U.S. cable industry. Its
members provide video programming, broadband Internet access, wireline and wireless phone,
and other services throughout

the United States.

Mr. Scott is responsible for analyzing and evaluating technical and engineering issues on behalf
of the industry that arise in federal regulatory and legislative proceedings. Mr. Scott also
represents the industry in standards and s
pecifications development organizations in furtherance
of its technical and business objectives, particularly in the areas of cable system architecture and
design, field engineering and operations.

Mr. Scott joined the cable industry in 1978, where he h
as held a number of positions in
engineering and deployment of advanced communications services to residential, business, and
governmental cable customers.

Mr. Scott has served as the NCTA representative to the Federal Communications Commission's
al Reliability and Interoperability Council ("NRIC") and the Media Security and
Reliability Council ("MSRC"). He presently serves on the Communications Sector Coordinating
Council and the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee's Industry
xecutive Subcommittee ("NSTAC IES").

Mr. Scott also serves on the Board of Directors of the Advanced Television Systems Committee
("ATSC") and the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers ("SCTE") Engineering
Committee. Mr. Scott holds an MS degree

in Computer Science.


Small, Eric
, Modulation Sciences, Inc.

Eric Small is founder and CEO of Modulation Sciences, Inc. and currently serves as its Chief
Technical Officer.

The company manufactures digital and analog television and radio
equipment for both the domestic and international broadcasting market.


In 1975 Small authored the technical chapter in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Handbook for setting up FM broadcast subcarrier based Radio Reading Services for the blind.

has remained active in radio reading services for the print handicapped and served on the board of
the Association of Radio Reading Services.

He was a voting member of the Broadcast Television Systems Committee (BTSC) that wrote the
standard for multi
channel TV sound broadcasting.

He has been a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
(NARAS) since 1978.

Small has received a number of patents for inventions in the broadcast field.

He has written and presented exten
sively on broadcast technology and authored several chapters
for the editions of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Engineering Handbook.

Eric Small participated in international standards committees and spoken on behalf of the United

as a member of several United States Delegations to ITU
R Study Groups.


Smith, Clyde
, Turner Broadcasting System

Clyde D. Smith is Senior Vice President of Global Broadcast Technology and Standards for
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. In this role, he o
versees strategic technology planning,
processes and standards for broadcast and production technology operations for Turner
Broadcasting System, Inc.’s Domestic and International News and Entertainment Groups.

In this capacity, Smith is responsible for t
he strategic development and planning of new
technology, standards and technical practices development, adoption and implementation, to
support the operational transition of media from production to broadcast to air. Smith’s broad
knowledge of operational
and technical systems and hands
on experience developing processes
for integrating operational facilities from the ground up, is vital to the Turner Broadcasting s
continuing expansion. Smith’s responsibilities are paramount to the technical and operationa
design of, and migration into, a new 198,000 square foot, Network Operations facility,.

Smith oversaw the technical transition of on
air operations for 19 broadcast cable networks from
the 1920’s historic mansion to the new state
art facility on
the Atlanta Techwood Campus
of Turner Entertainment Networks which was completed Fall 2003. He also supported the design
and implementation of new entertainment playout facilities in Buenos Aires and London, which
were completed in 2005 and 2006.

held key executive positions at Speer Worldwide Digital, Lockheed Space Operations,
and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Smith has been at the forefront of significant technical and
operational initiatives. As Supervisor of Communications Design and Devel
opment Engineering
for Lockheed Space Operations Company at The Kennedy Space Center, Smith participated in
the design team that implemented NASA’s improvements of space shuttle transportation systems,
following the

accident. While at Speer Worl
dWide Digital, Smith served as Senior
Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, managing operations of an all digital facility and
leading a powerful engineering team in the trial that led to the launch of ABC’s Soap Net,
production of hundreds of live e
vents and the revitalization of Staples Arena in Los Angeles.
Smith initially joined Turner as Director of Advanced Technology for Network Operations where
he successfully launched the first all
digital video server based, all
automated network, Cartoon
azil; this design became the prototype for international feeds for automation conversion
throughout the entertainment industry.


Smith held a key role in creating the technology that resulted in Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
being awarded a 2003 Emmy fo
r Outstanding Achievement in Technology and Engineering in the
category of “Pioneering Efforts in the Development of Automated, Server
Based Closed
Captioning Systems”. Smith also participated in a Team which developed the innovative
Broadcast Inventory M
anager Solution for Turner Broadcasting which was recognized by a 2003
Laureate and the 2005 21

Century Achievement Award in Media, Arts and Entertainment, by
The Computer World Honors program for it’s innovative use of I.T. Technology. In 2006 he
ed Broadcasting and Cable’s Technology Leadership Award. In 2001 was awarded the
SMPTE outstanding service award and in 2007, he received the SMPTE Progress Medal
recognizing his outstanding technical contributions to the progress of engineering phases of
television industry
. At the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, he received the Storage Visions
Conference “Storage Industry Service Award”.

A fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Smith is a frequent speaker
and honored guest

at meetings for SMPTE, NAB and SBE. He was a four time Governor, a
former Standards Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer of the SMPTE. He has been program chair
for four SMPTE advance
imaging conferences. He has often presented and published research
and tec
hnology papers that he has authored or co
authored in industry magazines and at industry
conferences including Storage Networking World, VidTrans, NAB, IBC, SMPTE, SPIE, UFVA
and SBE.


Snyder, Joel
, Audio Description Associates

President, Audio Description Associates

Director, Audio Description Project, American Council of the Blind, USA

One of the first audio describers, Joel Snyder began describing theater events and media in 1981.
Each year he develops audio described tours for major museums throughout the United States
including the Smithsonian Institution
, the Getty, the Albright
Knox, the National Aquarium, and
several State museums and myriad National Park and Forest Service exhibit centers.

In media, Snyder has produced description for nationally broadcast films and network series
including “Sesame S
treet” broadcasts and DVDs. In addition, his descriptions and voice are part
of the soundtrack accessed by visually impaired audiences at cinema screenings of dozens of
feature films.

Internationally, he introduced description techniques in over 25 co
untries: recently, he presented
workshops in Sydney, Istanbul, Shanghai and for the World Blind Union in Geneva and trained
describers in Brazil, Italy and in Spain at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona where he is a
PhD candidate in audiovisual transl


Spellman, Jeanne
, World Wide Web Consortium

Jeanne Spellman joined the W3C in 2008 and is the team contact for the User Agent Working
Group and the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group. Jeanne also contributes
to the Web Content A
ccessibility Guidelines.

Prior to joining W3C, Jeanne has worked as an independent web developer and accessibility
consultant. Jeanne has developed accessible web sites and has evaluated web pages for
accessibility in a variety of technologies including H
TML, CSS, Flash, Flex, PDF and AJAX.


Jeanne has worked with major corporations to develop and train designers, developers, quality
assurance engineers and project managers in accessibility techniques.


Stout, Claude L.
, Telecommunicati
ons for the Deaf and
Hard of Hearing, Inc.

Claude L. Stout is Executive Director of Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing,
Inc. (TDI). He has served in this capacity since January 13, 1997. TDI is a national non
consumer advocacy organization that provid
es leadership in achieving equal access to
telecommunications, media, and information technologies

for the nation’s

37 million citizens that
are deaf, late
deafened, hard
hearing, and deaf
blind. He also serves as Chair of Deaf & Hard
of Hearing Consum
er Advocacy Network, a national coalition of

20 organizations representing
deaf and hard of hearing citizens in public policy and legislative issues relating to rights, quality
of life, equal access and self
representation. He is a member of the Federal C
Commission Consumer Advisory Committee.

Prior to his current employment with TDI, Mr.
Stout served for five years as Assistant Director for Community Affairs with N.C. Division of
Services for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing, a year and fou
r months as Executive Director with
Missouri Commission for the Deaf, ten years as Assistant Executive Director for Business
Services with National Association of the Deaf, and a year as Instructor with the Department of
Business Administration at Gallaude
t University.

He graduated in 1980 with a Master of
Business Administration degree in Management from Gallaudet University, and in 1978 with a
Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Gallaudet.

He is married to the
former Judy Cummings
, and they have two children, Abby and Ty.


Taylor, Timothy

Timothy Taylor, VITAC's


President of

Engineering and


Operations, has been in the
industry for almost 30 years and has managed our technical operations since 1998. Before he
ned us, Tim was the co
owner of two technology
based companies in the captioning and
electronics industries. He holds of a patent for his work in captioning/VBI technology,
and helped develop the world’s first realtime captioning system. He spent
eight years at PBS,
where he led the development of vertical blanking interval (VBI), data transmission, and
reception systems. Tim is a graduate of Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI) and the recipient of
the PTI Distinguished Alumni Award.


Temple, Paul

Broadcast Interactive Media

Paul Temple is the acting General Counsel for Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM). He manages
the majority of legal transactions for BIM, including contract negotiation and drafting, and
intellectual property licensing.

Paul be
gan his career at BIM as an Account Director and assisted in the company's human
resource management. Paul later took a three year hiatus to attend the DePaul University College
of Law, where he earned a J.D., cum laude. At DePaul, he won several awards fo
r outstanding
public service and academic achievement, including the Distinguished Senior Service Award.
Paul returned to BIM, where he now focuses his efforts on leading BIM in its corporate
transactional work, specifically by providing legal consultation

on local sales, publisher
development, advertising operations, and new business ventures.

Paul is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, the Illinois State Bar Association and the
Association of Corporate Counsel. He is also admitted to practice in Wisc
onsin and Illinois, and
is a registered in
house attorney in Iowa. Beyond his legal work for BIM, Paul still returns to
DePaul, where he is an honored guest lecturer on transactional law.



Turits, Mark

CBS, Director, Captioning and Video Description
, 1996


ABC, Manager, Captioning, 1988

Worldwide Television News (WTN), Production Manager, 1987

Showtime, Post
Production Quality Assurance Supervisor, 1981

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, BFA, 1980


uez, Leo
, AT&T

Leo Velazquez was nominated to the VPAAC Committee on 12/17/2010. He

will be
representing AT&T with the Emergency Information working group.

Leo Velazquez is a Lead Product Marketing Manager for AT&T U
verse. Leo Velazquez started
ng for AT&T in August, 1998. His initial work included analysis, software development
and project management for the internet team. In 2001, he joined in the IT
division of ATT and started managing initiatives. His work incl
uded team and project
management of multiple projects to support account management, billing, repair and customer
troubleshooting. Leo moved to the U
verse team in 2005, where he was responsible for creating
and analyzing requirements, and helped test and

operate the features of the VoIP and IPTV
products. Leo has been product managing the lifecycle of the Emergency Alert System for
AT&T's U
verse TV product since 2007.

Leo is fluent in Spanish and has been a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers
since 2009.

Leo studied math and computer science at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), and
Computer Systems Engineering at the University of the Americas

Puebla. Additionally, he
attended Valparaiso University in Indiana where he obtain
ed his degree in computer science. Leo
studied Project Management and Software Engineering classes at DePaul University in Chicago.

Leo resides in Plano, IL with his wife and three children.


Watkins, Steve,
Cox Communications

Steve Watkins is the Seni
or Director, Advanced Video Technology for Cox Communications'
Technology Architecture team where he is focused on next
generation planning and design of
network architectures for the delivery of new and advanced video products and services for both
ntial and commercial/hospitality customers.

Key responsibilities also include the delivery
of IP
video services as well as ensuring legal, contractual and regulatory compliance in the
delivery of Closed Captioning, Descriptive Video Services and Emergency


Steve serves
as the vice
chair of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers Digital Video
Subcommittee (SCTE
DVS) and actively participates in the Consumer Electronics Association
(CEA) technical working groups developing video
related st

Prior to his current role in Architecture, Steve and his team provided technical digital video
expertise in the evaluation and deployment of video processing, transport and consumer premise
equipment throughout the launch and growth of digital
video services in Cox markets.

He also
provided technical oversight of the U.S. Digital TV Transition for Cox Communications.

Before joining Cox in 1998, Steve spent 18 years in a variety of software development roles
including a position as Vice Presi
dent of Product Development for SemWare Corporation.

graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1987 with a Bachelor's degree in


Electrical Engineering, Steve spent 3 years at Scientific
Atlanta where he designed and developed
embedded c
ontrollers for scrambling analog video and audio services.


Williams, Kelly T.
, National Association of Broadcasters

Senior Director, Engineering and Technology Policy

National Association of Broadcasters

Science and Technology Department

Kelly Willia
ms is the Senior Director, Engineer and Technology Policy in NAB’s Science and
Technology department. Kelly joined NAB in 1989 and during his tenure has managed a diverse
portfolio of technical and regulatory issues such as RF exposure, EAS, Closed Caption
ing, the V
Chip, 2 GHz BAS relocation, STELA and DTV.

He has represented broadcasters’ interests on various industry technology standards committees
and in cross
industry forums including: The President’s Council on Y2K Conversion, FCC’s
Commercial Mobil
e Service Alert Advisory Committee and Media Security and Reliability
Council, The North American Broadcasters Association Technical Committee as well as IEEE
802. He currently serves on the FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability
ouncil (CSRIC) and the Video Programming Accessibility Advisory Committee (VPAAC).

Kelly is also actively involved in NAB's technical conference planning and technical publication
activities. He has authored and contributed to numerous technical publicat
ions, including the 9th
and 10th editions of the NAB Engineering Handbook and is a member of the IEEE Broadcast
Technology Society, SMPTE, and the SBE.

Prior to Joining NAB, Kelly worked at WHMM
TV (now WHUT), a PBS station in Washington
D.C. He has also

worked for the Hewlett Packard Co., the U.S. Navy, and the Federal Aviation
Administration in various communications engineering capacities.

Kelly has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Howard University. He has three grown
daughters and resides in W
ashington, DC.


Yarnell, Timur
, Broadcast Interactive Media

Timur Yarnall is Co
Founder and CEO of Broadcast Interactive Media (
), a
leading technology and advertising company that works with over 5
00 TV stations and local
media properties, including groups such as NBC Local and Belo Television. Prior to starting
BIM, he was Co
Founder and Vice President of Business Development of Clickability, Inc., a
leading provider of Web Content Management and
technology solutions. He has previously held
positions at Hughes Space and Electronics. Timur holds a B.S. and M.S. in Mechnaical
Engineering from Stanford University. On a personal note, Timur was a member of the school’s
Baseball team and was also a p
roud member of Stanford Rugby.


York, Heather

Heather York has worked in captioning and advocacy

since 1992. She began her

career as

realtime production coordinator and soon was supervising realtime production and scheduling at
VITAC. After a pro
motion to account executive in 2001, she relocated from Pittsburgh to
Arlington, VA, office in 2002.


uses her previous operational experience

to manage customer
relations for local news stations, cable channels, and post facilities interested in captio
ning, video
description, and foreign
language subtitles,

specializing in new media

captioning solutions.

is also

VITAC's Director of Marketing.

She serves as VITAC's advocacy expert


organizations, working with caption viewers and


the FCC's Consumer Advisory Committee


and the
Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology

Heather graduated from the
University of Pittsburgh with a
B.A. in Journalism and a minor in American Sign Language.