Topics: more AI

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Oct 23, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Topics: more AI

Expert systems. Genetic
algorithms. Neural Networks.
Review for midterm


Anyone try duolingo?

Anything else?

Reactions to presentations?

Artificial Intelligence

is an old
fashioned term.

Complaint was that anything that worked
ceased to be termed AI and so AI never
had successes.

Expert systems

[also old
fashioned term]

Collect large number of items

if A, B, … true, then do X, and/or declare
V, W, … to be true.

The ES engine keeps track of what is
known and determines a next step.

One of the first applications was for
medical diagnosis: Mycin

Posting / talk possibility


called check lists for medical
procedures are considered a best practice.

Abominable abdominal report

My experience in about 1970: study large
set of symptoms and initial and confirmed

Critical reaction/finding for me what that
the PI very much did not want a natural
language interface. Material was too

Genetic algorithms

Based on notion of DNA combining and
successful strands lasting…

Needs a way to encode proposed
solutions to [your] problem.

Combine, perhaps with some random
effects, perhaps based on goodness of
solution. Repeat.

Inspired by chromosomes and evolution.

Reactions to reading

What do you think?

Neural networks

Inspired by general idea that new
connections are established in the brain.

Again, need to encode candidate

Try connections. If connections work or
work better, than the connection is given
more strength; otherwise less strength.

Iterate: making new connections.


general versus specific approaches to problems

Another general solution is to bring in people or
evidence of some kind.
Cloud sourcing.

Part of Google search is to establish page
rank based
on links from sites to sites. Note: new idea is to
feature links from 'your friends'….


Note: captcha using 2 clues assumes that if you got
'theirs' correct, then it assumes you probably were
correct on the other one. Does 'take a vote'.

Midterm review