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Nov 21, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Envision Charlotte

Envision Charlotte

is a unique public
private collaboration that is
leading Charlotte to become a global model of sustainability for
economic growth.

Envision Charlotte is partnering with some of the premier companies in
the world and has engaged with some of the leading academic

Leading companies have committed almost $7MM in goods and service in support
of our energy and water programs.

Academic institutions have partnered for research and studied our model in their
business schools.

Envision Charlotte aims to drive
dramatic reductions in energy and
water consumption over the next five
years, while reducing our waste and
improving our air quality

Envision Charlotte is creating modal programs in the areas of
energy, air, water


We monitor building data, aggregate it for
our urban core and report it in real time
using interactive digital kiosks in building

We use this information to work with
building occupants and managers to

Lower operating costs, increasing

Attract tomorrow’s workforce

Improve the health and livability of
our community

98% of uptown commercial
office buildings are participating

64 digital interactive kiosks

We have made amazing progress since we started 18 months ago.

Envision Charlotte By the Numbers:


The number of volunteers working to
create and execute our programs


The number of companies they represent


The size of our paid staff


The percentage of uptown buildings
participating in our program


The number of our digital interactive
kiosks deployed


The number of volunteer champions
embedded in those office buildings

Our energy program, Smart Energy Now, is
fully deployed

Smart Water Now was announced in
Summer 2012

We are negotiating the introduction of a
PEV program for uptown businesses

Cities across the US and Europe have
contacted us to learn more about our

Forbes hailed Envision Charlotte as

an especially aggressive
model for reinventing the relationship between electric utilities,
customers and the built environment.

Our efforts are already attracting national attention.

The Environmental Defense Fund cited our efforts as
unprecedented plan to align business interests with smart
grid technology. Envision Charlotte is one of the most
thinking projects on the East Coast.

CEO John Chambers noted
“With Envision Charlotte we can
completely transform a city... suddenly we see a model for
the rest of the nation and the rest of the world”

CEO Jim Rogers observed
“By attracting more companies with
efficient technology to a business district focused on
sustainability, we can achieve the energy reduction goal with new
technologies and become a more competitive city.”