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Up 3/12/12

What is the purpose of gel electrophoresis?

To which end of a gel box (+ or
) will DNA
travel? Why?

Answers: The purpose is to separate molecules by
size and charge in an

gel. DNA travels
to the positive end of a gel box because it is
negatively charged.

Turn in your purple GE Virtual Lab and yellow GE
Lab to be stamped/returned at my leisure.

Goals for this week

Review stem cells, gene therapy, and gel
electrophoresis basic content

Learn about cloning

Learn the Dye Lab procedure and practice

skills for next week’s gel
electrophoresis labs

Put a new entry in your lab book table of contents:
Biotechnology Practice Questions

Also, take out your Gene Therapy and Stem Cells
Guided Notes

Gel Electrophoresis Practice Question

Copy the drawing of the

gel from the board.

For each sample (A
D), predict which direction and
relatively how far each sample will travel through
the gel. Draw your prediction on the gel.

A = positively charged, small

B = positively charged, large

C = negatively charged, small

D = negatively charged, large

Stem Cells Practice Question

What is the difference between a
, and

stem cell? Which is
used most by researchers in attempting to re
grow dead cells?

Stem Cells Answer


stem cells are fertilized eggs (0
1 days
old). They can become any cell type.


stem cells are 4 day old embryos that
can become over 200 cell types.


stem cells are ‘adult’ stem cells that
regenerate skin, blood cells, etc.

Most research is done using


they are easiest to ‘catch’ and have the
most possibility

Gene Therapy Practice Question

Explain how gene therapy could be used to:

a: cure a genetic disorder in an adult

b: change the genes present in human embryos to
create a ‘designer baby’

Gene Therapy Answer

In gene therapy, beneficial human genes are cloned
inside bacteria and then loaded into empty virus
shells. The virus is injected into people with genetic
disorders. The beneficial genes should join the DNA
of the patient when the virus injects its DNA into
host cells, replacing the defective gene causing the

Gene therapy could be used to deliver genes for
beneficial and/or desired traits directly to embryos.
The virus would infect the embryo cells with the
desired genes just like described above.

Designer Babies Practice Question

A couple decides they want to produce a disease
free male heir. Explain how In
Vitro fertilization
can be used to select for this child


Designer Babies Answer

First, sperm from
the father and
eggs from the
mother would be united in a Petri dish, making
multiple embryos to select from. Then, each
embryos DNA would be run through a computer
program comparing it to normal DNA to find
which embryos have which genetic disorders.
Also, each embryo would be screened for a Y
chromosome. Disease
free embryos with the
chromosome combination XY would be selected
and implanted back into the mother’s uterus.

How We Clone Animals

Cells from desired animal are stored in


An egg from another animal is used to grow the
desired clone

Egg’s nucleus is removed

Nucleus from desired cell is inserted

Egg grows into


is implanted into surrogate mother

This is called Somatic Cell
Nuclear Transfer

Cloning Clips


Biotechnology Practice Question

Of the three biotechnology advances you have
learned about (designer babies, gene therapy,
stem cells), which do you find the most
promising for improving human existence?