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Jan 7, 2020 (12 days and 8 hours ago)


Legacy Tattoo Studio in Bangkok facilitates the creation of top-rated and good quality tattoos with the use of modern as well as conventional techniques and equipment.

Getting your first Tattoo that you'll never regret for the rest of your life is a
tremendous decision. It lasts with you as long as your body lasts. Don’t rush
into making the final decision to get inked from any random tattoo shop just
because you were of
fered the lowest price. Think about it! Would you hire the
cheapest doctor for heart surgery or something? Would you? Just like that.
Tattoo is not something that you can buy from any grocery store, that you’re
gonna buy in bulk to get the best deal.

One of the biggest mistakes is that people usually make a final decision just
because they were offered the lowest price without doing research on the
artists, without any idea of how sanitary really matter? They don’t even know

what styles really appeal to them. Most reputable Tattoo Artists have their
portfolios, of course, their long history that you can refer to

Tribal tattoo is very popular among those who are from
different races and culture. The meaning
and designs are
various depending on what they believe. They are typically
symbols of membership of a certain group of people. Most of
them tend to feature spiritual symbolism like mythical,
respective patterns and designs elements, bold line motif and
ally use strong black ink.

Dotwork tattoo is one of the most difficult tattoo techniques. Not so may tattoo
artists can do this. You must be very talented and experienced to do dotwork
technique, because every single dot must be inked patien
tly in the right shade
at the right place. The shading must be as smooth as the 3D image.

Black and Grey Tattoo is probably one of oldest tattoo
styles that uses only Black Ink in various shades. The
Black and Grey Tattoo is believed to be

originated from
prisons in South California dated back in 1970’. And it
was proved to be timeless and extremely popular that the
black and grey tattoo styles have shifted from the street
tattoo to some of the top tattoo galleries. These styles of
Tattoo h
ave attached many Superstars in Hollywood and
those in entertainment industries around the globe.

Legacy Tattoo Studio, We are located in Bangkok, Thailand, at YELO house,
which is a former warehouse transformed
for creative
minded people keen in
tattooing. With over 20 years of experienced tattoo artists, our creative and
English as well as French
speaking team will take care of creating the best
tattoo for you.

Getting Inked is a special thing and always a p
ersonal experience. In that way,
we offer you a free consultation to share your ideas and suggestions. Our
artists are passionate and devoted to the craft of tattooing. They work with the
clients in sheer accordance in the parlour and create outstanding in
k designs
as per their requirements that last the test of time.