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Sep 29, 2013 (4 years and 9 months ago)


Advancing Big Data Science in Genomics Research: Call for Proposals

Genome Canada, along with its partners, is pleased to announce the Discovery Frontiers: Advancing Big
Data Science in Genomics Research funding opportunity. Discovery Frontiers (DF) grants—a Natural
Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) program—support a limited number of large
international activities, opportunities or projects that are of high priority in the context of advanced
research in Canada.

Massive amounts of data are being generated by genomics research across all life science sectors. The
lack of efficient tools and methodologies available to effectively mine, rapidly access and efficiently
analyse vast quantities of genomic information and integrate it with other data sets is a major challenge
for the research community.

To help position Canada as a leader in this global research challenge, Genome Canada, NSERC, the
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) have
established an unprecedented partnership that will see a variety of disciplines come together to tackle
high volumes of data. The insight gleaned from these partnerships will help address some of Canada’s
most pressing challenges.

This call for proposals builds on past and ongoing investments in the areas of bioinformatics and
computational biology by some of the funding partners, the most recent being the
Bioinformatics and
Computational Biology Request for Applications
launched in June 2012 by Genome Canada and CIHR.

Funds Available

Genome Canada, NSERC, CIHR and CFI plan to award one Discovery Frontier grant through this call, for a
total funding level of $1.5 million per year for four years for the direct research costs, plus an additional
$1 million for costs related to infrastructure
with an added 30% towards eligible operating and
maintenance costs of the infrastructure
, if required.

It is anticipated that the new knowledge gained and disseminated through this initiative will facilitate
breakthrough discoveries and innovation in genomics, engineering, medicine, and other disciplines,
pushing Canada to the forefront of big data science in genomics research.

Important Dates

• Letter of Intent: May 1, 2013
• Invitation to Apply: June 14, 2013
• Application Deadline (if invited to apply): November 15, 2013
• Anticipated Start Date: February 2014

For full details and instructions on how to apply, please see the
program description

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact their regional Genome Centre(s) to discuss opportunities
for guidance in development of their applications to this program. Contact information for Genome
Canada and each of the regional Genome Centres is below.

Naveed Aziz Genome Canada
(613) 751-4460
ext 225

Shelley King Genome Atlantic (902) 421-5646

Catalina Lopez-
Genome Québec
(514) 398-0668
ext 203

Klaus Fiebig
Ontario Genomics
(416) 673-6583

Reno Pontarollo Genome Prairie
(306) 668-3576
(204) 975-7740
Gijs Van Rooijen Genome Alberta (403) 210-5253

Gabe Kalmar
Genome British
(604) 637-4374