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... an overview and analysis of the business phenomenon
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Go o2o is an online business platform that provides you a business with proven
marketing plan and extensive support system. It’s powerful, easy and affordable.
Let us show you how!

We deal only in the very best products and services for your marketing convenience. Our commitment
to quality is ably complimented by an easy to navigate, automated online shopping store of appealing
designs for your choice. And since the maintenance is absolute hassle- free, there’s no reason not to
explore further...
What is Go o2o?
Now your online shopping outlet at your finger
tips. Get a fully functional online shopping por
tal at the most reasonable cost of ownership.
Focus on store promotion. Outsource every
thing else. Associate with us to avail the most
comprehensive and sophisticated support net
work which will spiral your productivity.
Manage your Store with control panel. Choose
aesthetically designed templates for your store.
Get that proud feeling of proprietorship.
Use the multi-dimensional Go o2o facilities
& tools kits and execute the branding of your
online shopping mall with style.
Promote your Go o2o Store through various
advertising sources like newsletters, email
marketing, blogging, online campaigns etc.
Boost your revenue beyond your imagination.
Earn on everything……on buying, on selling,
on referrals. Earning was never so simple and
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If you need a fully functional online shopping website enhanced with all standard tools and quality fea
tures, for easy selling of well-known branded products or you have strongly set your mind on creating
your own online store and building up yourself as a brand, Go o2o provides a supportive platform to
help organize your set up.
Create your Store now. It is effortless and requires no technical knowledge.

Hurray! Your store is created with variety of products from various categories.
Create your Go o2o Account from the ‘get started now’ tab.
Fill the basic information in the appeared form and proceed.
Confirm your information.
Fill payment details form and continue.
Create your store identity and register your URL (e.g. http://
Choose a template of your choice and proceed. You will see
a notification on your screen.
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Shortly after you’ve set up your store, you can access your control panel to manage products, orders,
finances etc. Your site will automatically be referenced by the Go o2o search engine and within days in
other major search engines. This will help attract visitors.
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time? Don’t worry. Here, Out
sourcing your problems is a possibility. Check this out!
Big brand tie-ups

We have tie-ups with global brands in the retail sector. We will get you all of the
leading market driven products for no extra cost and appealing margins.
Logistic Support

A well-managed logistic mechanism is in service to ensure datelines and safe and
secure delivery of store products to your customers at their doorstep.
Customer Suppor

Your customers have a question about the product or service they purchased. No
problem! Our industry- specific customer executive team will help them in all the
trouble shooting and exchange policies.
Designing & Maintenance of your Website

A creative and appealing design of a website invariably generates more attention
and has a telling impact on your targeted audience. Our web experts work round
the clock in providing you with design/development of your taste, instant technical
support and maintenance of your store. So, you do not require to spend exorbitantly
on professional designs.
Payment Gateway

Safe & secure transaction of money is of prime concerns in online shopping. Forget
all the worries as our payment gateway is all SSL secured and certified.
Human Resource

Any time you need a help or suggestion with marketing tips and techniques or want
to start your own product selling campaign, our experts are here to guide you.
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Inventory Handling

Inventory Handling is another problematic issue in online trading. Now, you need
not to worry. We take utmost care by our own inventory management techniques
guided by industry experts.
Our Service Partners:
We beleive that using top service providers to provide the end user with the best
possible Internet solution is the key to sound growth and foundation. Some of the
industry leading companies, whose service has become an integral part of our solu
tion are:
Founded in 2005, SoftLayer provides global, on-demand data center and hosting
services and technology to innovate industry-leading, fully automated solutions
Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the
world with information every day. Google today is a top Web property in all major
global markets.
Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping
cart software.
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Managing your Store is very easy. It requires only basic logical skills without too
much technical know-how. Use our executive reporting and control panel dash
board to manage all aspects of your store business.
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
The biggest challenge in getting customers to visit your store and return in the
future is a reflection of the competitive nature of the online environment.
You must consider the increased buying and decision-making power of consumers, who have a variety
of options at their fingertips. If you want to stand out from the endless stream of online businesses and
gain the attention of customers, you need to promote your site, and you need to do it well.
For this the only place you’ll ever need is Go o2o. Take the full advantage of highly customized & tailor-
made Go o2o tools for the strategic promotion of your online Store and fly high.

What we offer:

• Free email campaigning • SMS campaigning
• Free online business cards • Brochures/Fliers
• Blogging • Widgets
• Surveys • Bookmarking
• Contests • Feedback Forms
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
The methods of promotion and advertising have immense importance in terms
of success of an online store. We have tested and proven professional promotion
strategy for your store to speed up your success.
Business Cards
Businesss cards can be a very effective tool in reaching your targeted market segment and selling your

Create your own Business cards for your store now. Log in and go to the menu of ‘Manage Your Store’.
Under ‘Marketing Tool Box’ section, there is an option to create your own business cards.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a great way of people finding your store for relevant product info or purchase. We have devel
oped a complete framework to help you optimize your store without you getting into technicalities.
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Are you willing to make a commitment to yourself and the Go o2o business sys
tem by taking action? If you work for the system, no doubt, the system will work
for you…
Save on your purchasing (remember, a penny saved is a penny earned!) and Earn on selling and refer

How can you earn with us?
• You will be entitled to the online franchisee of hundreds of brands.
• Get fixed discount from 2% to 70% on every purchase
• Over 5,000 showcased products at your Store at any time.
• Sell products and earn
• Increase your selling from free Email Campaign, free online Visiting Cards and
fully customized business proposals offered by us
• Free SEO optimization of your store in various Search Engines
• Get Rs. 2,000 assured returns on each of your Referrals
• 20% fixed commission on the net earning of your Referral’s Go o2o Store, lifelong
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
© O2O Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
If you want to know more on this subject,
Do not hesitate to contact us...
Web : www.goo2o.com
Email : support@goo2o.com
Go o2o is a fast evolving e-marketing company with a potential global impact. Its
business coverage has already achieved the primary target of setting its footprint
all over the country. This work is IP protected and licensed under the Commercial
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