Thanks to sales process design, integration with and ...

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Feb 17, 2014 (4 years and 3 months ago)


Thanks to sales process design, integration and
Solution Selling®training, SPI client grew their revenue by 100% in one year.
“The goal was radical revenue growth.
For us, Consulting
Partner SPI Canada provided the
foundational philosophy and
methodology for our “Playbook”and
supported our initial efforts at
embedding it into the hearts and minds
of our corporate revenue athletes.” Director, Business Development
The company needed to increase their revenue by 50% per year and
sustain that rate of growth for over five years.Solution
SPI Canada designed a sales
process “Playbook”that
company’s teams could
precisely execute across
geographies and accounts.
The “Playbook”integrated with
milestones, actions,
verifiable outcomes and
SPI Canada provided skills
training and the company’s
management provided
reinforcement to help make
the “plays”instinctual in
every rep and every
Quarterly revenue run rate
grew by more than 100% -
double their target of 50%
Average deal size grew by
Reduced their average sales
cycle by 25-30%
Their ability to act as a team
across accounts improved
enormously and their ability
to cross-sell solutions
continues to improve.
Program that directly
resulted in their largest deal
to date