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Salesforce Integration | | 916-378-0323
Free For All EmailDirect Customers!
EmailDirect for Salesforce makes it easy to import and sync
Leads/Contacts from Salesforce to EmailDirect for inclusion
in email campaigns. The app also displays email subscriber
behaviors on Salesforce Lead/Contact records such as email
campaign opens, clicks, bounces, removes and more.
Map Salesforce Fields to EmailDirect
EmailDirect for Salesforce will allow you to
map Salesforce Lead/Contact data fields to
EmailDirect subscriber data fields. Mapping
data fields between SF and ED takes
minutes and enables you to sync and/or
import data beyond email address.
Sync Leads/Contacts

Leads/Contacts set to ‘Sync’ will be updated
within EmailDirect when changes are made
to mapped data fields of sync’d records
within Salesforce. Auto-Sync All New Leads,
All New Contacts or, only members of a
single Salesforce Campaign.
Import into EmailDirect Segments

Import lists of Leads/Contacts into
EmailDirect as a one time update and
not a continuous ‘sync’. Importing Leads/
Contacts allows users to easily add
Leads/Contacts directly into EmailDirect
Publications, Lists and Workflows from a
Lead or Contact list view.
Display Email Behavior History
EmailDirect for Salesforce displays email
subscriber behavior history on Lead/
Contact records in chronological order
so Salesforce users can see when Leads/
Contacts: are sent email campaigns,
open campaigns, click, forward, complain,
bounce, remove and more.
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