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Feb 17, 2014 (7 years and 6 months ago)


Webcasts and Webinars Integrated with Salesforce
If you are responsible for producing marketing webinars or
overseeing online training sessions you know how important
timely follow-up is after the event to ensure lead conversion
and better program ROI.
With MediaPlatform for Salesforce you can:
• Automatically capture registration data for live and
archived MediaPlatform events in Salesforce
• Provide vis
ibility into webinar and training activities from
the Lead or Contact record
• Enable immediate follow-up with prospects based on behav-
ioral data, such as how they responded to a specific poll,
how long they attended an event, or the amount of time
they viewed an archived webinar
• Create new Leads for registrants and attendees not in Sales-
• Map MediaPlatform registration data into existing cont
and lead fields
MediaPlatform for Salesforce
8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 750, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 t: (310) 909-8410 • f: (310) 295-1110 •
Key Benefits
• MediaPlatform Event Analytics Enrich
Salesforce Lead Data for Lead Nurtur-
ing and Sales Follow Up
• Data Passed from MediaPlatform to
Salesforce Includes Attendance, Viewer
Duration, Q&A, Polls, and
• Support for Audio and Video Webcasting
• Total Template Customization and
• 100% Cloud Based Solution
• Full Social Media Integration for Twit-
ter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yammer
• The Industry's Most Powerful Analytics
and Reporting
• MediaPlatform Archiving Drives
Continued Lead Generation and Cam-
paign ROI
Quick and easy webinar archiving allows you to make recordings available within minutes of completing
your project. Archive views will automatically be added to the correct Salesforce campaign.
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MediaPlatform, Inc. is the best-in-class enterprise YouTube that delivers live webcasting, on-demand video
streaming and media management technology to global enterprises and media producers. MediaPlatform's
software enables high-impact presentations for lead generation, corporate communications and training.
About MediaPlatform
8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 750, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 t: (310) 909-8410 • f: (310) 295-1110 •
An archived MediaPlatform WebCaster project ready to be synced to a Salesforce campaign
This view shows a MediaPlatform WebCaster project that has been synced to a Salesforce campaign
Contact the MediaPlatform Sales Team at sales_inquries@mediaplatform.comor (310) 909-8410 Ext. 1
to learn how MediaPlatform for Salesforce can help you improve your audio and video webinar programs.
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