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orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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These instructions are for new users of Salesforce. Complete all the instructions below for proper functionality. If
using multiple computers to access Salesforce, it is necessary to complete these instructions on each computer,
including home computers.

Logging into Salesforce:
Logging in for the first time:
1) You will receive an email with your User Name and a Temporary Password and a link. Click the link to log in
The first time you log in you are prompted to change the temporary password that was emailed to you
2) While logging in, you are also prompted to change a security question response
3) Be sure to bookmark or create an icon https://login.salesforce.com
to open the Salesforce login page for
future use

Overcoming password issues:
1) Forgotten passwords – Click the Forgot your password? link
2) Enter your Username and click Continue – a message is sent to your email address
3) Open the Email and click the link provided – answer your security question, and click Continue
4) A temporary password is sent to your email address – click the link to log in using the temporary password
5) When prompted, enter a new password

You might have to activate your computer to successfully log in to Salesforce whenever your password is changed or
reset. Activating your computer allows Salesforce to verify your identity and prevent unauthorized access.

To activate your computer:
1) When prompted on the login page, click the Send Activation Link button - Salesforce sends an activation
email to the email address specified on your Salesforce user record
2) When you receive the activation email, copy and paste the activation link into your browser
3) The activation link included in the email is available for you to copy and paste into your browser up to 24
hours from the time you clicked the Send Activation Link button. After 24 hours, the activation link expires
and you must repeat the activation process to log in

Outlook Integration Setup:
1) If your Outlook is open, close it
2) Log into Salesforce…
3) Click the down triangle next to <your name> and select Setup

orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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4) In the left nav, under
Personal Setup, expand
Desktop Integration.

Click on Salesforce for

5) On this page, click
Download (Version

orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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6) When this dialog box appears, click Run

A progress dialog box appears…. Nothing to do
but watch…..

7) Click Run again…

8) Click OK – if English is the language selected

9) Click Next >

If you do not see this window, skip to Step #11

orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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10) Ensure both checkboxes are checked & click
Next >

a progress bar will appear….

Skip if ou do not see previous Prerequisites
Wizard window…

11) Click Next >

12) Select the “I accept…” radio button & click
Next >

orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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13) Click Next >

Do Not Browse to change the Folder location!!

14) Click Install

Admire the next progress dialog box….

15) Ensure “Start Salesforce for Outlook”
checkbox is checked – Click Finish

Installation is complete.

orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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16) Launch Outlook as usual

Note that you have an new Salesforce for Outlook icon on your desktop ->

And a new icon is now in the System Tray of your screen - >

17) Right mouse click over the “S” icon in the System Tray > select

The SF for Outlook Settings dialog box appears…
Your email should populate the User Name field

18) Enter Your Salesforce Password
Check ‘Remember User Name’ checkbox
Then click Login!

19) Click the Allow button

orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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20) Click Next

Do Not change any Folders!

21) Click Save
All checkboxes should be Unchecked!

22) Finished! Click Close

Note: Your Outlook Home ribbon now has the
Add Emails Salesforce button – very left side

orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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Note: When you open a new Email, the Message
ribbon now has the Send and Add Salesforce

If you are transititioning from SalesLogix to
Salesforce, see next set of instructions to remove
your Send SLX button

Removing the button from New Outlook Email:
Skip these instructions if you are new to Salesforce (after January 2013).

Remove the Send SLX button to prevent confusion transitioning from SalesLogix to Salesforce!

Begin by closing Outlook!!

1. Go to Start button

2. In the Search programs and files field, type in

3. Under the Programs section, double click on

orce Training – Logging into Salesforce

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4. At the cursor, type in the following:

regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files
(x86)\SalesLogix\slxab32.dll" and then press

You should get this message as shown:

Repeat step

above but with this entry

/u "C:
Program Files


And you should get another “DLLUnregisterServer…xxx… succeeded.” message.

Lastly, at the curser, type in ‘exit’ and this will close this dialog box. Reopen Outlook!

You should now have just the
Send &
Add Salesforce

button on New Email Messages!