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Feb 17, 2014 (4 years and 2 months ago)


RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T
for Salesforce.com
The RingCentral Office@Hand

from AT&T App for Salesforce.com
enhances your CRM experience

with integrated business
With the Office@Hand App installed

on your computer, you can place

calls from within Salesforce by

simply clicking on contact or

account records. Your incoming

calls trigger a pop-up window with

the caller’s account information.

And you can attach call notes to

specific contact records.
This feature is included in

Office@Hand Premium Plan.
Please contact sales for pricing

and details.
Features & Benefits:

Seamless phone system and Salesforce CRM
integration, improving workflow and increasing

Click-to-dial directly from any contact phone number
in Salesforce, saving time and increasing efficiency

Incoming calls automatically launch a pop-up window
containing the caller’s account records

Work multiple interactions at once

New records – accounts, contacts, leads – can easily
be created while on a call

Real-time call notes are automatically saved to the
corresponding record

Call logs let users review recent activities

Easy to install and use, just like your Salesforce CRM
The Office@Hand App for Salesforce is compatible with
Windows XP/7 and currently supports Salesforce Enterprise and
unlimited editions.
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How it works:
Seamlessly integrate your Office@Hand phone system with Salesforce CRM and easily collaborate within Salesforce
using call records and Softphone call management.
The Office@Hand
App is activated
the moment you
receive a call. Your
Softphone rings
based on your
assigned routing
rules, so you

can answer the
call while using
the app.
The Office@Hand App for Salesforce allows you

to log notes during calls or after the call. A new
browser tab will open for every new call you
receive, enabling you to work on multiple
interactions at once.
Once the Office@Hand App has been installed, it
will appear inside your Salesforce account. That
means you will be able to call leads and customers
from within Salesforce, using the dial pad or simply
clicking the contact phone icon to dial out — saving
time per dial and reducing misdials.
The Office@Hand App for Salesforce has intelligent
call and record matching. When a call comes in, the
Office@Hand app automatically brings up the
matching Salesforce contact. If the record is not
available, a pop-up screen gives you the option of
adding a new record.