Integration with Salesforce

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Feb 17, 2014 (7 years and 5 months ago)


Integration with Salesforce
Cvent’s integration with leading CRM tool Salesforce provides clients with an easier way
to exchange data between key on-demand applications. Data for invitees to your events, surveys
and eMarketing campaigns in Cvent can be set up to seamlessly transfer between Cvent into
Salesforce.* Customization options allow you to align the integration to your business processes.

Easily set the integration options using a simple configuration interface

Transfer data seamlessly, without the need to export or import files

Map data fields between Cvent and Salesforce to match information between applications

Define which fields uniquely identify Salesforce contacts, leads, and accounts

Activate, deactivate, or modify integration settings for each unique event, survey, or eMarketing campaign
 Transfer Cvent data into Salesforce as leads
or as contacts
 Prevent duplicates by syncing Cvent contacts
with existing Salesforce leads and contacts
 Automatically create tasks or opportunities
based on “integration points,” such as when
a person receives an invitation, after they
respond to a survey or when they register
to attend an event
 Map submitted survey custom fields, tasks,
or opportunities
 Tasks can be set as opened or closed, and
can be assigned based on Salesforce lead
assignment rules
 Automatically add or update Cvent invitees as
Salesforce campaign members; member status
is driven by invitee actions taken in Cvent
 Retrieve current Salesforce lead or contact data for pre-population in Cvent
event or survey forms
 From Cvent, do an advanced search into Salesforce (contacts, leads, or campaigns)
and seamlessly pull results into a Cvent contact group
 Choose to append or replace existing Cvent contact groups when updating
from Salesforce
Cvent to Salesforce
Event Management
Integration Points

Invitation is sent

Invitation is opened

Invitation email bounces

Invitee registers

Invitee declines

Invitee cancels

Invitee attends the event

Invitee does not attend
Web Surveys
Integration Points

Invitation is sent

Invitation is opened

Invitation email bounces

Respondent opens survey

Respondent partially
completes survey

completes survey
eMarketing Campaign
Integration Points

Contact is added to an
associated list

Contact is pending for an
associated list

Contact is approved for
an associated list

Contact is removed for
an associated list

Email is sent to the contact

Contact opens the email

Contact forwards the email

Email bounces
Salesforce to Cvent
US: 866.318.4358 | UK: 0808.234.4540 | Australia: 1800.502.529
*To leverage the Cvent-Salesforce
integration you must license either
Salesforce Enterprise version or
Salesforce Web Services.