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Feb 17, 2014 (7 years and 5 months ago)


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Enterprise Hive Announces Community Integration with Salesforce.com
Now companies can integrate Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud with the industry leading SaaS
social business software that manages the complex requirements of customer communities to
deliver exceptional customer service while driving down support costs.
October 31,2013 - - Enterprise Hive,an innovative provider of enterprise social business software
for online communities with a built- in gamification platform,today announced the availability of HiveSocial
for Customer Service integration with Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud.This integration enables Salesforce.com
clients to serve customers better by providing access to the most meaningful and relevant information available
to answer customer questions and solve support issues.Salesforce.com Service Cloud customers can expand
customer service options,provide better peer- to- peer support and improve customer satisfaction with
HiveSocial for Customer Service.
“The highest performing organizations provide excellent customer service.Customer expectations continue to
increase with requirements for mobile and access to extensive online help,"said Vicki Tambellini,President
and CEO of Enterprise Hive.“By adding HiveSocial for Customer Service to Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud,
organizations can deepen customer relationships and provide an exceptional social support experience to their
With HiveSocial for Customer Service,customer support agents have access to highly organized and easy to
find information.By simplifying the search for information and organizing content,HiveSocial for Customer
Service can significantly decrease case response time which will increase customer satisfaction.
The Salesforce.com integration to HiveSocial for Customer Service enables HiveSocial community
conversations such as requests for help,reports of issues,answers to questions,and product recommendations
to be escalated into Salesforce Service Cloud.Support agents can track,resolve,and respond while logged into
Salesforce.Responses are visible in HiveSocial and customers are able find the information they need all in one
place.This integration delivers an exceptional social customer service experience that efficiently utilizes
support agent resources and decreases support costs.
About Enterprise Hive
A 2013 CRM Idol semi- finalist,Enterprise Hive helps people find the information they need to do their jobs
through innovative SaaS social business solutions that includes an award and recognition gamification engine.
Solutions from Enterprise Hive include HiveSocial for Customer Service,HiveSocial for Sales and Marketing
and HiveSocial for Product Lifecycle Management.
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