Cisco WebEx Event Center & SalesForce CRM Integration

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Cisco WebEx Event Center &
SalesForce CRM Integration
How Persistent’s solution facilitates effective Campaign Collaboration

Enterprises are grappling with challenges of globally distributed workforce. Dispersed teams
and interaction between different time zones, systems and organizational boundaries make it
difficult to achieve real-time communication, effective knowledge exchange and consequently,
timely decision making which may delay sales cycles.
Collaboration acts as an adhesive to keep loosely-joined workforce together and helps
connect people with the right information in real time. This is creating a paradigm shift from
the standard workplace to an extended & integrated working environment which is
especially true for a Sales Organization. SalesForce CRM, a commonly used application by
Sales Teams coupled with conferencing capabilities of Cisco WebEx Event Center provide
an integrated solution to facilitate effective collaboration for campaign management.
SalesForce CRM
SalesForce CRM possesses marketing and management functions that helps automate sales
tasks and enhances business capabilities of an organization. With its recent acquisation of an
Event Management product, SalesForce in the process of developing its event management
capabilities to compete with other established systems.
Cisco WebEx Event Center
Cisco WebEx Event Center facilitates high-impact online events - either live or on-demand,
accelerates marketing & sales efforts and enhances internal as well as external
communication. The WebEx event center manages events end-to-end, creates engaging
webinars, captures attendee information from the database, qualifies, tracks and cultivates
leads for the sales pipeline and supports API capabilities to integrate with other systems.
Cisco WebEx Event Center provides the following advantages:
 Accelerates the sales pipeline
 Increases awareness of products and services
 Enables sales owner to connect with customers, prospects, partners and their teams
 Saves time and money
Persistent’s Integration App for Cisco WebEx Event Center &
SalesForce CRM
Persistent has developed a SalesForce application to bridge the gap between SalesForce
CRM and Cisco WebEx Event. This application enables campaign owners to schedule
WebEx Events for a campaign from within SalesForce facilitating integrated experience.

Key Benefits

• Significantly reduces
users time and efforts
• Seamless integration in
SalesForce CRM
through WebEx Event
Center APIs
• Auto-population of leads
in SalesForce when new
attendee joins the
Campaign Event

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Key features:
 Ability to configure the tool as an application in SalesForce
 Create or schedule/edit/delete WebEx Events as Campaigns in SalesForce
 Ability for campaign owner to add/edit/remove Leads or Contacts or both as
Campaign Members
 Get user status information related to the Campaign before and after the campaign
 Enables creating a new event and assigning campaign participants as Event
 Fetches attendee status from WebEx and displays in SalesForce CRM post event
 New attendees are added to SalesForce user contacts as Leads

High-level Architecture:

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