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Salesforce.com CRM – Addemar Synchronisation
Addemar SalesforceConnect
Combine the power of Addemar and Salesforce.com CRM
One single interface to manage multichannel CRM-contacts
in your Addemar Marketing Cloud

Multiple Marketing Lists:
several marketing lists in
Salesforce.com CRM and send out
targeted and segmented messages
based on data processed
by Addemar.

Campaign Response Reporting:
Get up-to-date info on campaign
results in a practical overview.

Best Campaign Practices:

Manage the full process of data
processing from within
Salesforce.com CRM.

360° Marketing View:
Get a
complete 360° marketing view in
Salesforce.com CRM.

Send out e-mail,
SMS & direct mail campaigns with
Salesforce.com CRM.
Get started with Addemar
• Install the Addemar Salesforce-
Connect plugin in your Salesforce.
com organisation.
• Open an account in the
do-it-yourself Addemar Marketing
Cloud (currently used on a daily
basis by over 500 organisations)
to create, segment, launch and
evaluate marketing campaigns
online. Easy to use and customised
to your needs.
You want to send out targeted
marketing messages to your CRM
contacts in a shake. Of course. You
need to generate successful spam-free
e-mail campaigns and detailed
reporting statistics. Obviously.
But there’s something that keeps
bothering you in the process: the
constant juggle between two different
interfaces. You know what we’re talking
about. Updating your CRM-contacts
and your (e-)marketing campaign
database is pretty time consuming.
It starts with exporting data from your
CRM-platform. Process the data.
Import the data into the marketing
campaign environment. Updating your
CRM-platform with undelivered, invalid
and bounced mails, unsubscribers,
fields of interests and so on. Over and
over again. Unless… you combine
your CRM-platform with the Addemar
Marketing Cloud.
So: time to maximise your Addemar
marketing campaigns with Addemar
Boosted efficiency for your
campaign database management

One interface:
Manage your target
group data exclusively from within

Synchronise your
visitors profiles automatically with
With Addemar SalesforceConnect you can
create and launch your Addemar campaign
in Salesforce.com, synchronise all your
contact persons and/or leads in Addemar,
consult all the campaign results in one over-
view in Salesforce.com
Salesforce.com CRM – Addemar Synchronisation
Take advantage of our
• Full focus on our clients’ needs
• Reliable, user friendly and tailored
• State-of-the-art technology
• Proven methods and best practices
• Dynamic R&D
… and our experience
Addemar is a Marketing Technology
Company since 2003, and the Belgian
market leader in the SaaS segment.
Over 2.500 Business & Retail users
in Benelux: Fujitsu Siemens, Telenet,
McCain Europe, Luminus, Whiskas,
Argenta, Miele, Vanden Borre,
Euphony International, Securex …
and many others.
Over 70 Belgian MarCom Agencies:
Emakina, Saatchi & Saatchi, Famous,
Agency.com - TBWA/Tequila, These
Days, Duval-Guillaume, Connexion,
Boondoggle, Lodestar…
and many others.
Maximise your campaigns with
Addemar SalesforceConnect
• Assured efficiency
• Better knowledge of your consumer/prospect
• One user friendly and time saving interface
• Quick ROI and quick wins
• Full marketing automation
Refresh your strategy with the help of
an innovative partner
Addemar is your partner and specialist in automating your
marketing. We are professional, pro-active, pragmatic and
passionate. And we help you to
• Communicate and segment in a goal-oriented way
• Optimise the impact of your marketing and
• Communication strategy
• Use your communication tools faster and more efficiently
• Better reach your target groups with the highest potential
About Addemar
Cloud Based Marketing Intelligence &
Campaign Management Software
The epitome of marketing?
Communication at the right time, with the
right target group, through the proper
channel and with the right content. It seems
simple, and it is: with the help of Addemar.
Addemar centralises data from multiple IT
platforms and enables marketeers to set up
personalised one-to-one communications
based on past purchase behaviour and
marketing activities.
More info ? Visit www.addemar.com or
email sales@addemar.com
About Salesforce.com CRM
Salesforce.com is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
system for managing your customers, partners, data, and sales
process. It’s different from just about any other software solu-
tion you’ve ever used. Maybe that’s because unlike traditional
software, Salesforce is an Internet-based service that requires no
software installation on your part.
Research Campus Hasselt
Kempische Steenweg 293/6, 3500 Hasselt België
www.addemar.com I sales@addemar.com I tel. +32 11 850 670
Addemar SalesforceConnect provides a visual overview of all
the Addemar campaigns.
About Adapti
Adapti is the only player in the Benelux whose business is exclu-
sively dedicated to the Cloud. Streamlining your CRM, integrating
your existing ERP and financial solutions, stepping into social
CRM, boosting your email collaboration, … We are a select Sales-
force.com partner and a preferred Google Apps partner.
Adapti, the cloud computing company