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Sep 6, 2018 (7 months and 20 days ago)

308 views If you need help for hair loss treatment and hair transplant for man and women in Melbourne Australia then The Knudsen Clinic is your answer.

He is one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject of hair loss and hair transplant and
has been for over 28 years! You can find out all about Dr. Knudsen's career as a Hair Transplant

Female & Male Hair Loss

Now retired, Dr Richard Shiell was the Australian pioneer of Hair Transplant Surgery. Dr Russell
Knudsen took over the clinic from his close colleague in 2005. Dr Knudsen is highly regarded
worldwide as the Australian exper
t in Hair Restoration having performed over 6000 hair
transplant surgeries and he recently won the coveted Manfred Lucas award by the ISHRS
(International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) which is their Highest honour.

Modern Hair Transplant Surgery Te

Female Hair Loss & Male Hair Loss afflicts many people around the world. It is a sensitive issue
for all concerned. You can rely on Dr Knudsen for the best advice, treatment and most
importantly, results, when you choose hair transplantation proce

Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure Options

All hair transplants, regardless of which method of harvesting is performed, FUT, FUE or ARTAS
are done to achieve the same results. Fuller hair in the front or crown area of the scalp. It isn’t
yet possibl
e to grow your own hair back in a petri dish but we can do some gardening.

Message from Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Knudsen

The following are my personal messages to anyone researching or considering their options in
relation to the treatment of hair loss.

Whether male or female, needing hair transplantation, I
can help.

Our clinics are your best choice for friendly, caring, understanding and knowledgeable
service, geared to helping you achieve your desired result.

Hair Transplant Costs

Your Hair Transplant

costs are shown below for hair transplant in Melbourne. The cost for your
hair transplant surgery depends upon the number of grafts you require during your hair
transplant surgical procedure.

Male Hair Transplant Before and After

Check out our FUE Hair T
ransplant Before and After Gallery. Here you can see
a small selection of the hair transplant surgery results that we have achieved
over time. As we have been assisting people with hair loss treatments for
years, we have literally thousands of hair transpl
ant surgery before and after
pictures available for you to review at our hair transplant clinic during your

Female Hair Transplant Before and After

These photos are of our actual patients before and after a FUT hair
transplant or FUE hair t
ransplant. The number of grafts each female patient
had to achieve these results is indicated on the photo. Female hair
transplant is available at the Knudsen hair loss clinic Melbourne.

Hair Loss Camouflage Products

We have several hair loss camouflage
products available for female hair loss patients and male
hair loss patients at our Hair Clinic in Melbourne.

The Knudsen Hair Transplant Clinic Melbourne

Our Hair Clinic was established in 1967 by Dr Richard Shiell the, now retired, grandfather of hair
ss treatment. The hair loss clinic was the first of its kind in Australia and continues to be the
elite, world renowned hair transplant clinic in Melbourne.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men & Women

For anyone experiencing and suffering from hair loss, the effe
cts can range from mild
annoyance to devastation, and all the frustration inbetween. Knowing what to do when you
first notice the thinning is the hard part.