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Paul Li t tl ebury

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I have worked in QA (Quality Assurance) 13+ years, in many capacities. I have
accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge, and utilise many tools from the open source
world. I have successfully bui
lt software test teams from the ground up, and can adapt
testing process according to business and technical demands. Good experience dealing
with offshore development teams. Testing expertise for 13+ years, with technical
expertise in current web technolo
gies and standards. Test Automation expertise in Visual
Studio, Selenium, Fitnesse, Cucumber and Specflow. I am always available in advisory
capacity, and have a wealth of technical and process knowledge, that has helped many
companies. I am not industry
pecific, but have been most productive in the
Publishing/Creative/Digital Media industries.


Quality Assurance, Test Management, Testing, Test Automation, Wordpress





Test Manager

Test Management and testing on mu
ltiple web
based tax, finance and public sector

using Scrum and BDD approaches. For each project, I maintained a common
based test strategy, and individuals test plans. I also contributed to Agile
devleopment process improvements, devised t
est automation strategy for load and
regression testing, and promoted the use of TFS test tools to the teams (VS2010 tools for
CodedUI, Web Performance and Load testing). I devised Security Testing strategy to be
used across projects, using open source too
ls, promoted open source as means to achieve
testing goals. As newer HMTL5, CSS3 and jQuery were being used extensively, so front
end diagnostics was regular testing priority, using Firebug to diagnose potential JavaScript
or jQuery issues. As background t
ask, I coordinated monthly regression tests of all
departmental websites produced, after regular Microsoft server patching

Major Project: NHS Flexible Benefits

a web application used by NHS employees to select
employment benefits to be included in remune
ration packages. There is also a related
administration application that allows administrators to manage their employee data and
produce reports.

Other Projects: Complex survey CMS with extensive use of question types and rules.
Worldwide company data aggr
egation and syndication systems with extensive reporting
factoring of a Claims & Elections system, migrating to SQLServer from Oracle Fund
analysis management system

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, TDD, BDD

Technologies: Team Foundation Server(TFS), Visual
Studio2010/2012, MVC, JQuery,
HTML5, CSS3, VS Test Tools (WebPerformanceTest, CodedUI, LoadTest), SQLServer2008,
C#, .NET4.0, Specflow, Cucumber, Selenium WebDriver, Fitnesse, NUnit, OWSAP (Zed
Attack Proxy), Fiddler, Tamper, WCAG tools, Virtual Machines (

Digital Jigsaw



Test Manager

Maintaining existing test plans, and testing releases of mobile application for Vodafone
customer account maintenance, utilising web hotspots and googlemaps to easily get


Vodafone VIP

site maintenance MyVodafone customer account app (with
dynamic hotspot locator/connector) for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.




QA Manager (Interim)

Performing test management and testing on multiple projects including Drupal CMS,

based sites, microsites, newsletter campaigns, and localisation.

Background task of streamlining of existing JIRA installation, with improved workflow to
represent project test lifecycle, and general configurations. Stop
gap contract, while a
ent resource was found.

Fortune Cookie



Test Consultant

Providing test expertise for creative agency, for multi
language sites managed through
Drupal CMS. Improved test process and plans, in parallel with testing new features and

on various Drupal CMS projects. Also performed web accessibility verification,
and browser/plugin compatibility testing.




Test Manager

Defined test processes for Flex/Air web software, designed for studio and job project
t. Researched and recommended JIRA with Greenhopper Scrum plugin. I
administered and managed JIRA to maintain Scrum momentum and to bring order to the
testing/reporting progress.

Deliverables: Redefine SCRUM process to streamline issue management Implement

manage defect management system (JIRA) Daily testing/verification and cycled regression
tests Performing regular usability evaluations. Acceptance test scripting. Contribution to
user stories Scrum process guidance

Technologies: Adobe Flex, Air, JAVA,

Linux, MAC, JIRA, Greenhopper, Flex Monkey, Charles

Store it local



Project Manager

up project for development of WordPress driven classifieds site, aimed at providing
platform for home
owners and commercial property owners to leas
e out spare space in a
more affordable and felxible way than traditional storage. I developed/re
plugins to extend WordPress to incorporate the startup’s requirements. Inlcuding a fully
automated booking system.




QA Mana

My initial remit was to define Agile/SCRUM QA processes for testing the core and bespoke
versions of ticketing management website. Managing a small inexperienced test team, I
created test scripts for guidance, and gave the testers free reign to do expl
oratory testing.
Primary action was the implementation of JIRA with the Scrum
oriented Greenhopper
plugin. All people in the company used and updated the system, which enabled a clear
vision of project progress at all business levels. With the Product Owne
r, assisted in
coordinating and defining client UAT process on releases. I introduced accessibility
standards as part of development ethos, given the website would be taking purchase
payments and holding nominal sensitive data. As in any start
up, changes
to plan are
quick, and I ensured that test resources were secured, based on current planning needs.
As background tasks, I assisted project management with new user stories, and general
Agile/SCRUM process guidance, using JIRA.

Technologies: JAVA, JSP, Jav
ascript, JQuery, Linux, MAC, Firebug, Selenium, JIRA,

Spotless Interactive



Usability Consultant

Provided usability testing and consultancy for LMS educational website soft
launch. As part
of Usability review, I performed full

browser/OS testing, HTML/CSS Review, Browser
Security testing.

Technologies: PHP, Linux, MAC, Firebug, Norton Ghost, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy




QA Manager

Test management and consultancy on Air/Flex/PHP developed eLearning pla
tform project,
delivering product in variety of media formats. Participated in Scrum improvement
reviews, and implementing test strategy and planning for web application projects. There
were very few management tools, so I initiated move to evaluate test a
nd project
management tools. I used Fitnesse is provide the Acceptance Test Framework where User
Stories and scenarios could be created and run as automated tests. I acted in advisory
capacity, to other on and offline projects such as Education CBT CDRoms,

and Flash
learning tools.

Technologies: Oracle 11i, SQL, UNIX, Linux, Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, PHP, Apache Ant,
Linux, Fitnesse, Selenium, WebLoad, Mantis bugtracker




Test Consultant

Identifying usability, performance and stand
ards issues on revamped Virgins Trains
booking system, a week prior to go
live. Given time constraints, I started with Usability
evaluation, and made recommendations on changes to design functionality for long term
roadmap. I provided Elvis with standard f
or the PHP and Flash developers to observe, as
well as some open source tools to assist them in performing their own lightweight testing.
The major challenge was to perform the most extensive effective test coverage in short
timescale. I achieved that effe
ctively by running choice testing tasks in parallel, rather
than simply omitting tasks.

Technologies: ASP.NET, Postgres, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, MPEG, Bugzilla.

Skills For Work Ltd



Usability Consultant

Identifying major usability and us
er experience issues on survey administration and end
user activity. Using Balsamiq, re
designed templates and user experience, based on
findings. I set up an issue tracker to record and report bugs as/when discovered in course
of design review. This also
provided the developers with clear picture of work to do, and
results. The main challenge was re
engineering the UI of complex survey design system.
Where possible, usability issue were resolved by design changes, rather than core code.

Technologies: SQL S
erver, SQL, ASP, Javascript, Balsamiq.

Incisive Media



QA Manager

Test management for multi
site CMS (Ruby on Rails) for multiple online magazine sites
(20 for first rollout). Though no formal methodology observed, I followed general Agil
principles in the test management, strategy and planning. This enabled more control of
development process to observe formality when it came to introducing or changing
requirements, or adding new features. I customised the open source issue tracker
ne, which was used by the offshore company for bugs tracking. I created new
templates to enable requirements to be recorded and tracked. I coordinated created of in
house test environment, and defining the release
QA process. Front
end code quality is
ften forgotten when focus is on core web applications, so I promoted introduced web
accessibility and coding standards as part of the release
QA criteria. Implementing
process for web accessibility and coding standards. I assisted with coordinating the
sessions, which were performed by mainly nominated magazine stakeholders. I
implemented automation using Selenium IDE, and LoadRunner for finding the connection
and page load points of failure. On this project, I managed to extend QA process into

project areas, and authored a proposal for overall corporate test management
process and testing policy, in conjunction with the US office.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Mark Logic, HMTL, CSS, RedMine, LoadRunner, SeleniumIDE




Test Ma
nagement Consultancy

Test management, strategy and planning for a set of web services, with SOA (Service
Oriented Architecture). The 3 projects I was working on were all related to subscriptions
and delivery of published content under secure conditions. Pr
oject Management was
following a strict Scrum, though development approaches differed, due to the different
outsourced development companies. In capacity as QA, I was asked to contribute to
reviewing and approval of new User Stories, or requested changes.
Load and Regression
Testing was mostly automated, using the Visual Studio Team Test set of tools. Participated
in regular meetings which aimed to define Agile and Scrum in relation to BSi business and

Technologies: Visual Studio, TFS, Python, Trac
, Team Test, C#, .NET, SOA




Test Manager

Test management for large centralised CMS project, managing 20+ online magazine
websites. I evaluated existing general test strategy and revised to match project
requirements. I designed and i
mplemented created Functional, UAT and Load Test Plans,
geared to the Continuous Integration appraoch in development.. Recommended JIRA,
which became a core application on the project, as there was little to effectively manage
issues progress.. After go
ve, I devised a support structure which integrated
Helpdesk/Support process into the project defect management process. This was acheived
with JIRA, and some customisation work. Support issues could be resolved by support
team, or if valid code issues, or
approved new features, could be easily introduced into the
project lifecycle. I recruited as needs arose, and prior to go
live had team of 5 testers, 2
of which were students under my mentoring. There were several challenges on this
project: implementing n
ew test processes on project with aggressive deadlines; managing
expectations of stakeholders (in absence of complete requirements), and testing the
problematic legacy data migration. The creation of 1st and 2nd line support process, was
to negate the pred
icted risk with product stability, due to the aggressive deadlines. This
was effectively managed by close monitoring of the magazines, and providing them with
easy channel to get issues resolved.

Technologies: Java, Tridion, Oracle, JIRA, Madgex, Firebug,
InDesign, WebTrends

BOC Gases



Test Coordinator

Test Coordination of the Teamsite 6.5 CMS Upgrade, which involved all the worldwide BOC
offices. Primary activities was the coordination of training effort for business and end
users, and man
aging business communication development between the BOC zones.
Provided route for end
users to report issues with template of plugin conflicts that were
not predicted.

Technologies: Interwoven, Teamsite, ASP.NET




Test Lead

testing for Nike RunLondon website, which included registration and payments
system. The website was a month to go
live, and although functionally sound, required
extensive usability testing covering: browser compatibility, web accessibility (WCAG Level
) and user experience. The website used API for Googlemaps and RoutePlanner, which
required additional performance and security testing. As sole QA resource at that time, I
also coordinated Bugfix
release testing, utilising other staff members. I recommend
(and set
up) Bugzilla to use for issue tracking, as the system they used was too
lightweight for effective issue management.

Walt Disney Internet Group



QA Manager (International)

Quality Assurance Management for International deployme
nts of MMORPG game
(, and other online games. Defined a test strategy and end to
end test plans for Agile
driven Toontown localization projects. As part of that effort, I
introduced standards in terms of coding, and delivery to QA.
These documents are still
used today. Test resource was constrictive, so I utilised game hoster partners to assist
testing efforts with localization work. As there was no formal process in place, I refined
and implementing new test processes for Toontown r
eleases/upgrades. The creation and
maintenance of test plans was using Test Director, which I also used to maintain Defect
Management process (previously done by emails). Integration testing was need in early
phases for subscriptions and registration, whic
h used external API’s. As side project, I
introduced quality control processes on the flash game projects being submitted from
several third
party parties (previously there was very little testing), ensuring that Disney
policies and requirements were adher
ed. I used this as a basis for designing standard test
plan templates for other Disney games projects, which were required for external partners
to follow and comply with (including external companies producing games for Disney). I
initiated plans to exten
d Disney’s business relationship with their translation company, to
design a user
friendly CVS system to manage the Localized data, and make it easy for
external companies to review. Core day
day work was the test coordination of
Toontown website regres
sion, including web accessibility (WCAG/WAI), w3c coding
standards, and localization review.

Technologies: C, HTML, ActiveX, Test Director, Quality Centre, MMROPG server,




Test Manager (Smartner)

Remit: Test management

and load testing for Smartner Always
On Mail®, middleware
that mobilised an ISP or work hosted email account.

Delivarables : Defining Test Strategy to accommodate pure SCRUM environment Defining
Functional, Security, Load test plans Identifying resources
needed and hiring accordingly
Mobile OS Compatibility testing (Palm, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Symbian) Building
and maintaining a test environment (Tomcat/Postgres) Introducing release acceptance
criteria for deployments to test environment Load testing

Sun cluster with load balancer,
using STAF, Junit and XML Profiling leading test team efforts

Virtual Music Stores



Test Manager

Defining Test Strategies and Release Procedures of VMS system for final phase before
launch. VMS (Virtual Mu
sic Stores) was propriety technology providing On
Demand In
Store CD Manufacture from a central digital content database I had responsibility for
product releases, ensuring software went through full test process before being
demonstrated to potential buye
rs. Performed Network/Database(SQLServer) performance
testing. Ongoing regression testing of music distributor upload/download system, and on
demand streaming.

Technologies: SQLServer, ASP, Visual Basic, Encoding, Media Streaming

Provide Online Ltd



Project Manager

Position: Project Manager

Research, Planning and Implementation of open source eCommerce system for S2
Solutions (t/a as Provide)( The remit was to analyse business
requirements, and apply a relevant o
pen source model based on scalability and minimal
project support. Open source was chosen for cost, and maintenance reasons.

OSCommerce was the open source used (PHP/Postgres), which was customised their
catalog administration requirements, and implem
ented on Fedora Core 3 (RedHat?) server,
to provide a truly open source environment. The system current support up to 10k
products, and uses Postgres as database. Due to size of the company, I was responsible
for full end
end project management from ini
tial analysis, through to server
configuration and code customisation.

BBC Technology



Test Coordinator

Test management and team leading on Colledia Digital Asset Management (DAM) project

a system for ingesting, encoding, decoding, edit
ing and publishing digital video. Defining
Test Strategies and processes for UAT, Regression and Integration testing. Coordinated
and assisted in ongoing release testing including encoding quality, IPTV live streaming and
video on demand functionality. Ass
isted in resourcing for the creation of a formal testing
department, to work cross
projects. Implemented an open source system for bug
(Mantis), and performed the implementation and user training.

Technologies: C, Java, ASP, Oracle, DAM, MAM, Enco
ding, MPEG, WMV, ASF, QuickTime,

Oyster Partners



Test Manager

Project: Sun
partnered eUniversities system

Remit : Defining Test Plans and Test cases Executing tests as part of release process




Test Coordinator

st planning and coordination for implementation of MMSC and Mobile Video Platform
across o2 network. Coordination of Nokia MMSC integration into o2 network. Tested
extensively across top 20 devices, including user experience tests. Video streaming tests
ross GPRS/3g network using a new video transcoding services. Oversaw MMSC/NAP
Resilience testing, performed by Nokia. Regular mobile OS Compatibility testing (Palm,
Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Symbian). Load testing on SMS push Marketing system.

es: JMEE, Java, MMS, MMSC, SMS, Mobile Video, MPEG
4, Silk Test, Silk

GVA Grimley



Test Analyst

Testing on VB
developed property surveyance and reporting system

Multex Investor



Test Manager

Primary tasks were
automated test planning and execution for, a
Reuters investor portal. Defined test plans for online portal release schedule, as well as
running regular automated tests using Empirix.

Technologies: ASP, SQLServer, VSS, Empirix




Test Manager

Test management and testing on the Sony Playstation II website (European portal), for
multiple regions. This was Sony’s first attempt to sell their own games, and an extensive
localization challenge given all European languages

were to be covered. Firstly, reviewed
previous test documentation, left by Accenture, then defined new test strategy and
associated functional and usability test plans. Coordinated the localization testing with the
Language teams. My first experience of S
crum, I had to rethink my test managing
approach to accommodate the more rapid and fluid changes. I defined Test Strategy
outlining test release process, and defect management cycles. Performed Localization test
coordination, utilizing the Language team fo
r release UAT.

Technologies: Java, Unix, HTML, CSS, Subversion, Junit

Rufus Leonard



Web Applications Developer

Website development and maintenance

Technologies: ASP, Homesite, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS




Test An

Test Analyst for Insurance/Trading portal website




Test Analyst

Coordinated unit testing effort on trading middleware

Gouden Gids



Test Analyst

Test Analyst on database conversion project




UAT Manager

UAT Test Manager on CRM system




Test Analyst

Test analysis and automation for a secure Bonds Interest Payment management system.




Test Analyst

Test Scripting and functional testing on
a Home Office Immigration administration system

an attempt to digitise the entire backlog of visa applications and speed up the




Test Analyst

Test Analyst CRM, Billings and Sales systems for Belgacom (Belgium)

nisys (Netherlands)



Test Analyst

Test Analyst on BT GIS Project.




Server Support

Server and Network support for BP (Hemel Hempstead, working through inhouse
consultancy firm, Sema)


Quality Assurance(8 years
experience),Test Strategy(5 years experience),Test Planning(8 years
experience),Test Automation(5 years experience),Google Maps(3 years experience),jQuery(2 years
experience),JIRA(3 years experience),Mantis(2 years experience),Bugzilla(2 years
Oracle SQL(5 years experience),JavaScript Libraries(3 years experience),PHP
development(4 years experience),HTML + CSS(8 years experience),MySQL(5 years
experience),Flex Builder(1 year experience),Firebug(2 years experience),Agile Methodologies(8
years exp
erience),Load Testing(5 years experience),Security Testing(3 years experience),Scrum(6
years experience),Kanban(< 1 year experience),Business Analysis(3 years experience),Eclipse(2
years experience),Google API(< 1 year experience),Publishing(3 years experi
ence),Digital Media(5
years experience),Android(1 year experience),Selenium(3 years experience),Fitnesse(2 years
experience),Watir(< 1 year experience),Linux(6 years experience),Virtual Machines(3 years
experience),Open Source(12 years experience),Wordpres
s(5 years experience),Python(1 year
experience),Testing(13 years experience),LAMP(4 years experience),Behat(< 1 year
experience),Mink(< 1 year experience),Flex(1 year experience),Usability(6 years experience),Web
Accessibility(6 years experience),.NET(4 ye
ars experience),TDD(1 year experience),TFS(1 year
experience),Visual Studio(3 years experience),Quality Centre(1 year experience),CMS(7 years
experience),BDD(< 1 year experience),SOA(1 year experience )


The University of Huddersfield


TEC HND Computing

The College of St. Mark and St. John


BA Hons

English Literature(Major), Film Studies, IT


opensource, wordpress, digital media, semantic web, psychology and philosophy in IT,
digital art, electronic music