What is Steganography?

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Nov 21, 2013 (5 years and 3 months ago)


What is Steganography?

Steganography is the art of hidin
g information and an effort to
conceal the
existence of the embedded information. It is the best way of securing message than
cryptography which only conceals the content of the message not the
existence of
the message Internet users frequently need to s
tore, send, or receive private
information. The most common way to do this is to transform the d
into a
different form. The resulting
data can be understood only by
those who know how
to return

it to it
s original form. This method of

protecting information is known as
ncryption. A major drawback to
encryption is that the existence of data is
hidden. Data that has
been encrypted, although unreadable,
still exists as data. If
enough tim
e, someone could eventually unencrypt the data. A solution to
this problem is steganogra
phy. The ancient art of hiding
messages so that they are
detectable. No substitution or

permutation was used. The hidden messa
ge is
plain, but unsuspecting t
o the r
eader. Steganography's intent i
s to hide the
existence of the
message, while cryptography scrambles a message so that it cannot
be understood.

Where Steganography used:

1. Steganography can be a solution w
hich makes it possible to send
news and

without being c
ensored and without the fear of

the messages being

2. It is also possible to simply use steganography to store information on a
location. For example, several information sources like our private banking
information, some milit
ary secrets, can be stored in a

cover source.


commerce allows for an intere
sting use of steganography. In
current e
commerce transactions, most users are protected by a username and password, with
no re
al method of verifying that the

user is the actu
al card holder.


Paired with existing communica
tion methods, steganography can

be used to
carry out hidden exchanges.

5. The transportation of sensi
tive data is another key use of

steganography. A
potential pr
oblem with cryptography is that


know they have an
encrypted message when they see one.