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The Dell KACE

Ready Software Lifecycle
Management Solution
Providing optimized systems management
solutions for organizations with SCCM
Organizations with an investment in Microsoft
System Center
Configuration Manager (SCCM) can leverage Dell KACE™ Appliances to
easily add complementary systems management capabilities.
KACE Enterprise Ready Solutions
are delivered via plug-and-play
appliances, which are available in both
physical and virtual form factors. This
provides customers with a variety
of deployment options and allows
them to leverage their investment in
VMware infrastructure.
The challenge

Effective software lifecycle management for large enterprises can be time-
consuming for systems administrators and reduce end-user productivity.
This is especially critical given the frequency of updates across multiple
operating systems and applications and the need to deliver support for
decentralized locations. Additionally, for those managing IT budgets,
software licenses can be a significant expense; nevertheless, many
organizations struggle to maintain a clear view of license usage and
compliance, in order to maximize license utilization and avoid penalties.
The solution

The Dell KACE Enterprise Ready Software Lifecycle Management Solution
delivers critical capabilities that aid the enterprise through streamlined
administration, minimized user downtime and improved visibility. It is a
robust solution that can enhance existing system management investments.
Capabilities include:

Comprehensive software inventory management

Distribution of a large repository of software programs across multiple
operating systems including Mac and Linux

Support for multiple remote sites from any Web-enabled device

Software metering to provide employee usage information

Software self-service portal for approved applications

Auto uninstall of unauthorized software to provide network protection

Reporting and management tools to enable license compliance
Dell KACE Enterprise Ready Solutions benefits:

Easy to deploy and use:
low bandwidth on the network,

non-intrusive and do not require teams of specialists

Enhance existing systems management investments:
companies to add new and necessary functionality in days

no software or hardware pre-requisites and no
specialists required to manage once the solution is deployed

Appliance advantage:
for true plug-and-play set up and on-
going ease of operation
“[We have been able] to
maintain an aggressive
deployment schedule
without adding IT staff.”

Michael Henderson

Director of Operations,


Software inventory management
for all
applications—including those running under
Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as those in
remote locations.

• Automated tracking for software compliance

• Manage license agreements and effectively
negotiate ongoing volume purchases
Software distribution

of virtually any application,
service pack, update, hotfix, or any digital asset
to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and servers,
Software metering
to monitor usage, allowing
costly programs to be reallocated or harvested
Auto uninstall
ensures that unapproved software
does not become a threat to the network—an
important security consideration.
Self-service portal
provides a resource which
enables users a
DIY approach to the installation of
approved software while still enabling enterprises
to define and enforce protective security settings.
Remote site management and replication
provides both centralized deployment and features
for optimized caching or replicating software
installers to remote offices.

• Centralized controls which still allow remote
systems to pull software from a local share
• Replication and caching that does not require
dedicated server hardware or personnel at the
remote location, keeping support costs and
complexity to a minimum
Centralized reporting and management tools
from a Web-based console enables comprehensive
• Simplified license compliance reports enable
savings calculations based on reconciliation of
agreements and software harvesting
• Easy administrative control over update
policies for different machine populations
Additional capabilities
delivered via the Dell KACE
K1000 Management Appliance include
management, patching and security, service desk
and power management.
Dell KACE Headquarters
2001 Landings Drive

Mountain View, CA 94043

877-MGMT-DONE Main

650-649-1806 Fax
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Dell KACE Enterprise Ready Software Lifecycle Management Solution Capabilities
European Sales:

Asia Pacific Sales:
Australia New Zealand Sales:
Greater China Sales:
“We were looking for a new
systems management solution that
worked equally well across Mac
and Windows platforms. After an
evaluation of all available options,
we realized KACE was the clear
choice for us.”

Chris Head

IT Manager,

Grey Worldwide
The Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance provides
a comprehensive inventory report.