Website for Keywords: Trust, high value, sharing, warmth, precise design. Website Purpose and Plans

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Website for

Keywords: Trust, high value, sharing, warmth, precise design.

Website Purpose

and Plans

The website is Its main purpose is to provide
exposure for Angela and the specialty products that she offers. It will serve to
provide exposure for Angela’s “brand” of healing products, and give that brand an
intentionally defined id

Initially the products focus will be on Angela’s Vedic/or/Jyotish Astrology
readings and her articles on the subject. The site will eventually expand to include
even e

The site should convey a strong sense of trust. It will commun
icate high
value, sharing, warmth, and be precisely designed.

Communication Strategy

The trust element will be reinforced by using
and making note of on the

only secure and trustworthy 3

party components. Trust will also be
communicated by A
ngela’s bio and by testimonials provided by her clients.

Highlighting her educational certifications, longevity, and excellent
reputation in the field of Vedic Astrology will be key to conveying the element of

High value, classiness, and war
mth will be conveyed in the design; which will
employ colors and specific design elements, including feng shui, to give the site a
highest quality feeling. The design will be uncluttered and intuitive to navigate.
Color palette (at present time) will inc
orporate red and red
brown hues.

There will be call to action elements (an element that allows a visitor to
convert her/his visit into an action, such as contacting Angela or booking a reading).

Market Positioning

The site

will be a notch (or two or t
en) up from the competition. It will
differentiate itself from other sites in the market with a nicer, cleaner design.
Making content easy to reach will allow it to shine.

Tracking Effectiveness

Google Analytics (a free service) could be used, if the
owner desires, to track
visitor traffic. Feedback from site visitors will also help track effectiveness.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization will be built into the site, using keywords that
will draw visitors who show an interest in
its topics. See attachment A for SEO

Targeted Message for

The site welcomes and invites the visitor; offers high
value unique products;
gives them a reason to return; leaves them thrilled and excited to share their
find wit
h others.

Attachment A


Keywords for Search Engine Optimization/SEO Keywords:

**words in parenthesis are to help Carol remember Vedic meanings

Vedic Astrology, Vedic Astrologer, Indian Astrology, Jyotish, Certified Astrologer,
Horoscope, Predicti
on, Hindu Astrology, Astrology Reading, Consultation, Hora,
Predictive Astrology, Lunar Mansions, Rasi (signs), Gocharas (transits), Grahas
(planets), Vargas, Ketu (So Lunar Node), Rahu (No Lunar Node),


Visitor Profile


Zoe is a 38 year old fema
le Seattleite. She works at a local non
profit that works on
providing clean drinking water for people in developing countries which have
limited access to such. She has liberal political views, although she doesn’t classify
herself as a Democrat or Repu
blican. Her job is fulfilling, challenging, and pays well
enough that Zoe can afford to regularly treat herself to what she feels are the nicer
things in life.

In her free time she enjoys reading about, and going to workshops on metaphysical
topics. A
mong her favorite is Vedic Astrology. This is a wonderfully complex realm,
and while she educates herself about it, she likes to consult with professionals for
readings. She particularly appreciates the healing aspects that astrological (and
other realms)

insights can offer. Zoe believes she is one soul; yet hers is a part of an
connected journey of many souls. By healing herself, she heals others both
near and far.

For physical activity she likes to garden at home in her small backyard. In fact,

having a backyard where she could plant flowers and vegetables was a major
requirement when she purchased her first small house 5 years ago. She also loves
to get out into the mountains and hike, where the energy and atmosphere feed her

She us
es the Internet regularly for work, which has made her fluent in Web. For
personal use, she likes to connect with people all over the world, check out
metaphysical sites, travel sites, and shop online. She clicks away immediately from
sites that are too m
essy or busy…which too many astrology sites are. She prefers
sites that are clean, nicely organized, and have an alive energy to them. Just because
a website is stored on a machine doesn’t mean that it doesn’t communicate
something meaningful about its o

Some of Zoe’s favorite websites are: / / College of Vedic Astrology) (Washington Trails Assoc) /