Review: Elite SEO Backlinks Can They Really Help?

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Review: Elite SEO Backlinks

Can They Really Help?

Let’s be honest here: Most SEO products don’t work. Search engine optimization is a gigantic industry
with hundreds of millions of dollars being made and lost every year. Unfortunately, most marketers who

try to figure out what really works end up getting lost. Often times they’ll spend hundreds, even
thousands of dollars only to see their rankings stay the same.

So how does Paul Johnson’s Elite SEO Backlinks fit into the picture? Can it really help you bo
ost your
rankings? Is it as powerful a tool as Paul makes it out to be? Let’s take a look.

The Death of Outdated Information

The world of SEO is constantly changing.
One day a guru advocates a tactic, then the next day Panda,
Panda 2.0, Penguin or another
update rolls out and their advice is dead in the water. The reality is, static
advice and static linkbuilding tactics are a terrible approach to SEO.

Instead, if you’re going to pay for an SEO product, you want it to be updated
. You want SEO
ics and backlink sources that work
this month
, not tactics that worked 6 months ago.

That’s what I love about Paul Johnson’s Elite SEO Backlinks program. Instead of giving you a static set of
tactics or backlink sources, you get
brand new

link sources ever
y single month.

The Importance Pre
Filtered Link Sources

There are a lot of different factors that go into a great link source. First, you want them to be
Next, you want them to have a good PageRank. Of course you want to make sure that it’s easy

for you to
get your links in there. If you had to find these backlink sources by hand, you’d end up spending

of hours a month on backlink searches.

Paul’s Elite SEO Backlink essentially does all this work for
Even if you only value your time a
t $10 an
hour, Paul’s Elite SEO Backlink package more than pays for itself. Coming in at just $27 a month, it’s hard
to compete with.

You can more than 100

backlinks. These links are
, they’re high authority, they’re
high PageRank and
they’re all backlinks that you can
create yourself.

Can These Backlinks Build Rankings?

Naysayers can give all kinds of excuses for why these backlinks “won’t work.” But the reality is, if you
look at the
real results

of Paul’s clients, there’s simply no a
rgument. These backlinks work.

The only caveat to Paul’s backlinks is that you have to put in the time to actually
implement them
. This
isn’t a backlink service that does all the work for you. Instead, you simply get access to the


ting the backlinks is as simple as signing up for the site and putting a link back to your page. That
said, the most common reason people don’t see results is that they just didn’t
consistently implement

the backlinks.

If you do, you

see results. If y
ou’re willing to put in the work, Paul’s Elite SEO Backlinks can
absolutely make you money