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Re: Problems installing Netbeans...
From: José Alburquerque <jaalburquerque@xxxxxxx>•
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 21:34:42 −0400•
Redefined Horizons wrote:
I was finally able to get Netbeans runnning on Debian, but I had to
use the 5.0 Linux installer, not the 5.5. I have pasted my message
from the Netbeans user list below for everyone's reference.
Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it.
Scott Huey
I tried to just use the archive like you suggested. I got Netbeans to
fire up, but I was warned about all types of modules that didn't load
becuase Java 1.5 wasn't available. (The Debian package for the 1.5 JDK
is installed on my system, however.)
After fooling with this some more I decided to try the Netbeans 5.0
installer for Linux and it worked! It still didn't detect my 1.5 JDK,
but I was able to browse for the proper directory and the installation
completed sucessfully.
This makes me wonder if there is a bug in the Netbeans 5.5 installer,
at least on Debian. Or perhaps the bug is common to both installers,
since niether one recognized the 1.5 JDK? (I should note that the
Blackdown package of the JDK installs in the /usr/lib/j2se directory
on Debian, but the latest Sun package of the JDK installs in the
/usr/lib/jvm directory. Perhaps this is the cause of the problem?)
At any rate, I could get the Netbeans 5.0 installer to work if I told
it where my JDK was, the Netbeans 5.5 installer is still dead in the
Where should I file a bug report for the Netbeans 5.5 Linux installer?
Should I file one for the failure of the Netbeans 5.0 to detect the
Let me know what you think.
Re: Problems installing Netbeans...
Re: Problems installing Netbeans...1
Thanks a lot for your help with this. I'm very happy to have Netbeans
installed on my Linux box. If I can get things working correctly
perhaps I can start work on a "defacto" Debian package for Netbeans.
Scott Huey
Scott (that is your name? :−) ), I hate to add a little more to this thread, but Netbeans 5.5 seems to run just fine
on my system. I assume that you installed the packages from sid? If you did (and probably even if you didn't),
I recommend that you run update your alternatives configuration by running 'sudo update−alternatives −−all'.
This will go through the configuration for all the command alternatives on your system.
Pay specific attention to all the java related alternatives and select the ones associated with sun's JDK. After
this, you should be able to install any version of NetBeans without any problems.
Jose Alburquerque
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