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OSMF Release Samples
OSMF: Setting Up Your Development Environment
This document is a brief primer for setting up either FlashBuilder or Flash Profressional
CS5 for use with the OSMF framework. Either environment has some basics that need to
be addressed. The first is getting the OSMF framework. This can be in a pre-compiled
SWC library form, or direct source access via SVN.
To download the OSMF source, samples, and documentation go
The SWC can be found in the root of the Source ZIP link and is called OSMF.swc
To access the SVN repository the link is
Information on using SVN to get direct read only access to the source repository can be
found here:
The OSMF_ReleaseSamples project was developed using the OSMF source
checked out from SVN and loaded into a project within the same FlashBuilder workspace.
It was linked via the Properties > ActionScript Build Path > Library Path > Add Project,
and expects a project in the same workspace called OSMF by default. This was done so
Ctrl+[CLICK CLASS NAME] code insight quick linking could be used. The target Flash
player is 10.1, with the Flex 4.0 release SDK (though the old OSMF SWC was removed
from the properties), and the following compiler arguments were used: -define
CONFIG::LOGGING true -define CONFIG::FLASH_10_1 true
A zip Archive file has been provided (OSMF_ReleaseSamples.zip) that has both the
OSMF_ReleaseSamples project and the OSMF release framework source. If these
projects are imported into a workspace in FlashBuilder they should work together with
no additional configuration. To import properly Right Click in the Package Explorer >
Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace > Select archive file > Browse >
[Select the OSMF_ReleaseSamples.zip] > [Make sure both projects are checked] >
Flash Professional Setup
- If using the SVN source directly in Flash, the source can be added to the IDE, or
directly to the FLA. To add to the FLA go to Publish Settings > Flash > (ActionScript 3.0)
Settings > Source Path.
- If using the source directly you will also need to add compiler variables. In the same
ActionScript 3.0 Settings panel click on the 'Config constants' tab and the following 2
entries: CONFIG::LOGGING with a value of true or false, and CONFIG::FLASH_10_1 with
a value of true if using HTTP Streaming or FlashAccess, otherwise false
FlashBuilder Professional Setup
- Be sure to check if using the Flex 4.0 SDK that in the Project Properties dialog window
> ActionScript Build Path > Library Path > Flex 4.0, that if you see OSMF in the internal
SWC's underneath Flex 4.0 that you remove it as it is an old build.
- Still in the Properties dialog go to the ActionScript Compiler view and make sure the
Flash Player targets 10.1.0 and the in the 'Additional compiler arguments' field add the
-define CONFIG::LOGGING true -define CONFIG::FLASH_10_1 true if using
HTTP Streaming or FlashAccess, otherwise false for the 10_1 var