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J U n e 2 0 0 7, I s s U e n o. 4
Cascading Style Sheets are no longer just
something interesting to tinker with, but
rather a reliable method for handling all
matters of presentation, from fonts and
colors to the layout of the entire page.
In fact, following the standards is now a
mandate of professional web design.
In this complete revision to her popular
book, author Jennifer Niederst Robbins
makes sure that readers understand
how important these standards are to
great web site design. New coverage of
CSS, rich media applications, and web
standards is included. Exercises that help
readers learn various techniques and
short quizzes to get up to speed with key
concepts will be available online.

KeY seLLInG PoInts
• a huge seller with $603,000 in cash
register sales -- a testament to the
author’s teaching ability and popularity
• Gives readers a solid foundation in Html,
Css, graphics, and design principles
• Natural lead-in title for the author’s
bestselling companion reference, “web
design in a Nutshell”
• author became one of the first web
designers in 1993 -- she now has two
bestsellers, teaching experience at
two colleges, and speaks at major web
Learning Web Design, 3e
By Jennifer Niederst robbins
ISBN: 9780596527525
$44.99 US, $58.99 CAN
June 2007
479 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Web Design
User Level: Beginner to intermediate web
Will Sell Like: 0596004842,
Learning Web
, 2E
Since the last edition of this book
appeared three years ago, there has been
a major climate change with regard to
web standards. Designers are no longer
using (X)HTML as a design tool, but
as a means of defining the meaning and
structure of content.

What’s neW
• Learning Ruby
• Learning WCF
• bash Cookbook
• Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One
• Flash CS3: The Missing Manual
What’s hot
hat’s hot
• RESTful Web Services
• Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML
• Mac OS X Tiger: The Missing Manual
•The Myths of Innovation
•Windows Vista: The Missing Manual

i N tHe SPotli GHt
For web developers worried that the new Ajax
trend will force them to re-do all of their
web projects, this refreshing guide offers an
entirely new approach to the topic. Rather than
introduce Ajax as a completely new way of
doing things, the book shows web developers
how to integrate Ajax with existing web sites,
and does so by building to Ajax rather than
building from an Ajax foundation. It will help
developers see how the practices they follow feed
right into Ajax -- and that, in most cases, they
already work with the technologies involved.

KeY seLLInG PoInts
• ajax and rich internet applications are the
hottest topic among web developers
• ajax books have grossed over $2.2 million during
the first 9 months of 2006
• this book is a new approach to ajax for web
developers who are confused and reluctant
about the technology
• teaches web developers how to create rich web
applications by adding ajax to their existing
adding ajax
By shelley Powers
June 2007
$34.99 US, $45.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596529369
399 pgs
Shelving: Web programming
Audience: Intermediate to
Advanced web developers
Will Sell Like:

Head Rush Ajax
This completely updated 2nd Edition of

- one of O’Reilly’s top-selling Hacks
books - expands its coverage to include Excel
2007 but also updates those hacks that still
work with previous versions, platforms, and
external applications. Going beyond the basics
for intermediate and advanced users, the book
is packed with clever tools, tips and techniques
for analyzing, processing, and presenting data
with the most popular spreadsheet program in
the world.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Coverage of all recent versions of excel appeals
to broadest audience of excel power users, since
many will not immediately upgrade to excel
2007 but will continue to seek out updated
hacks for their particular version of excel.
• dozens of brand-new hacks, including many
specific to excel 2007 features, offer plenty of
advanced techniques for any excel power users.
• the book takes advanced users beyond excel
with numerous cross-application hacks,
including sharePoint, office web components,
external databases, PowerPoint, and Xml
excel hacks, 2e
By david Hawley & raina Hawley
June 2007
$29.99 US $38.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596528348
410 pgs (est)
Shelving: Windows Applications /
User Level: Excel power users
Will Sell Like:

Excel Hacks

i N tHe SPotli GHt
With this book, pioneering computer graphics
author Deke McClelland updates his bestselling
hands-on tutorial for the latest version of Adobe
Photoshop. As with previous editions,

Photoshop CS3 One-on-One
guides readers step
by step through the program’s features and
functionality. A key appeal of the One-on-One
series is the DVD-video material included. Once
they read about a particular technique, they can
see how it’s done first hand in the video. The
combination is uniquely effective.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• update of a runaway bestseller -- previous
editions have net sales of over $1.94 million
• updated to cover the new features of adobe
Photoshop Cs3 -- half of all Photoshop Cs2 users
expect to upgrade to Cs3 within six months of
its release
• a unique hands-on book that comes with two
hours of video instruction on dVd
• readers build relevant, real-world projects while
mastering fundamental and advanced concepts,
theory, best practices, and techniques
• the combination of dVd examples and book
tutorials is like having private lessons with the
• deke mcClelland is an adobe Certified expert
and professional trainer with nearly 20 years of
adobe Photoshop Cs3 one-on-one
By deke mcClelland
June 2007
$49.99 US $64.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596529758
544 pgs
Shelving: Photoshop
User Level: All users
Will Sell Like:

Photoshop CS2 One-
Written by a networking veteran with 25 years
of experience, this book provides a thorough
and practical introduction for network
administrators who have the knowledge to pass
certification exams, but lack the experience to
survive in the real world. Based on his own
experience as well as those he worked for and
with, the author covers the entire network
infrastructure, from cabling to the routers. The
book takes readers step by step through the
world of hubs, switches, firewalls, and more,
including ways to troubleshoot a congested
network, and when to upgrade and why. Along
the way, readers gain an historical perspective of
various networking features.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Valuable entry-level book on network
engineering that relies on real-world experience
• Covers the entire network infrastructure, from
cabling to the routers -- ideal for network
administrators and engineers new to the
• many books tell readers how to pass certification
exams -- this one tells them how to do real work
• author is a consulting engineer with 25 years
of experience as a programmer, mainframe
administrator, network administrator, and
network designer
network Warrior
By Gary a. donahue
June 2007
$44.99 US, $58.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596510510
598 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Network/System
User Level: Beginning to
Intermediate network adminis
Will Sell Like:

Security Warrior

i N tHe SPotli GHt
In this unique work, leading computer scientists
discuss how they found unusual, carefully
designed solutions to difficult problems. This
is not simply another design patterns book, or
another software engineering treatise on the
right and wrong way to do things. This book
lets the reader look over the shoulder of major
coding and design experts to see problems
through their eyes. Authors think aloud as they
work through their project’s architecture, the
tradeoffs made in its construction, and when it
was important to break rules. The book is edited
by Greg Wilson, a contributing editor with Dr.
Dobb’s Journal. The list of authors alone will
help sell the book.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• unique case study book that allows readers to
follow the thought-processes of distinguished
computer scientists as they solve specific
• the list of participating authors (below) will help
sell the book
• edited by Greg wilson, a contributing editor with
dr. dobb’s Journal, a respected publication for
programmers and It professionals
• this is an opportunity for master coders to tell
their story. all author royalties will be donated to
amnesty International
Beautiful Code
By andy oram & Greg wilson
June 2007
$44.99 US, $58.99 CAN
Short Discount
ISBN: 9780596100046
618 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Programming
User Level: Intermediate to
advanced programmers
Will Sell Like:

Enterprise Service
Completely revised for the latest edition of
Dreamweaver, this bestseller teaches designers
how to construct and manage web sites
by examining web-page components and
Dreamweaver’s capabilities through “live
examples.” Witty and objective, this book is a
must for anyone who uses this highly popular
program, from beginners to professionals.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Key title in o’reilly’s topselling missing manual
• the first release of dreamweaver since
macromedia’s product line was integrated with
• topselling category will become even stronger,
as adobe continues to eliminate competitors.
• Provides an a-Z guide to designing, organizing,
building and deploying a web site for those with
no web design experience
• takes the reader through the basics to advanced
techniques to control the appearance of their
web pages with Css
• shows how to design dynamic database-driven
web sites, from blogs, to product catalogs, to
shopping carts, to newsletter signup forms
Dreamweaver Cs3: the Missing Manual
By david sawyer mcfarland
June 2007
$34.99 US, $45.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596510435
1020 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Web Design/Dreamweaver
User Level: Beginning to
Intermediate web designers
Will Sell Like:

Dreamweaver 8: The
Missing Manual

i N tHe SPotli GHt
essential actionscript 3.0
By Colin moock
June 2007
$54.99 US, $71.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596526948
946 pgs (est.)
Shelving: ActionScript / Web
User Level: Experienced and nov
ice developers and programmers
Will Sell Like:

ActionScript 3.0
Efficient, interactive learning experience that
goes beyond traditional tutorials developed by
leading instructors and Flash experts.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• essential information for those upgrading to
flash, in an accessible, self-paced interactive
• Highlights what’s new in flash.
• Class tested and proven content by experienced
• speed. Value. Quality.
Dynamic Learning: Flash Cs3
By fred Gerantabee & aGI training team
June 2007
$44.99 US, $58.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596510589
432 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Web Design/Flash
User Level: Enthusiasts, practical
users, creative professionals, tech
nical professionals
Will Sell Like: 0321293886,
Macromedia Flash Professional 8

Hands-On Training
, PeachPit
Written by Colin Moock -- one of the most
renowned and respected developers in the Flash
community -- this book tackles ActionScript
3.0, the programming language for Adobe Flash
Player 9 (still in beta). Moock covers everything
there is to know about ActionScript 3.0 and its
methods for producing movies, animation, and
Rich Internet Applications. Co-branded by the
Adobe Developer Library, this is one of several
titles produced in partnership between O’Reilly
and Adobe.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Proven seller -- net sales of previous editions
have exceeded $312,500
• author Colin moock, considered the #1
actionscript author/expert, is working closely
with adobe on this book
• Complete revision covers the extensive change
of as3 over as2
• works hand-in-hand with
Learning ActionScript

ActionScript 3.0: The Definitive Guide
, and
ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook
: all four books feature
cross references as appropriate, so that users
can easily find more extensive discussions of
tangential topics

i N tHe SPotli GHt
Mastering Perl
By brian d foy
June 2007
$39.99 US, $51.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596527242
368 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Perl
User Level: Experienced Perl pro
Will Sell Like:

Perl Best Practices
Aimed primarily at system administrators
responsible for Windows clients, but ideal for
power users as well, this book is for those who
install, configure, and maintain Microsoft’s
newest OS. In plain English that puts concepts
in proper context, the book gives readers a
better understanding of Vista’s innovations
and capabilities, teaches administrators how to
leverage Vista to increase worker productivity,
and demonstrates how the system can best
protect sensitive data.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Captive audience: perfect for administrators
who will need to implement windows Vista for
network clients
• Not a tutorial, but a unique problem-solving
book that helps administrators quickly access the
solutions they need
• Helps readers determine which features increase
productivity and which don’t
• Ideal guide for power users who want to get the
most from windows Vista
• author is a recognized microsoft expert who
gives talks on windows at microsoft road shows
Windows Vista administration: the Definitive
By Brian Culp
June 2007
$49.99 US, $64.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596529598
799 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Windows Vista/Network
User Level: System administrators
and home and small business
Will Sell Like: 059610202X,
Directory Cookbook,
This book demonstrates how advanced Perl
concepts make coding easier, maintenance
simpler, and execution faster.
Mastering Perl

is the fourth in O’Reilly’s series of landmark
Perl tutorials, which includes
Learning Perl
, the
bestselling introduction,
Intermediate Perl
, and
Advanced Perl Programming
. While assuming
readers are familiar with concepts from the first
two books -- such as basic syntax, nested data
structures, and the use of modules --

provides the third stage of Perl expertise by
conveying its models and programming idioms.
It revisits many concepts covered in the first
two books, but in much more depth. More
importantly, it teaches readers how to think in
Perl -- and master it -- on their own.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• the fourth in o’reilly’s series of landmark Perl
• Highly anticipated follow-on to
Learning Perl
Intermediate Perl

• the only advanced Perl book with a congenial
learning style and simple exposition
• o’reilly owns the category with the top five
• the Perl book market remains robust with $1.6
million gross sales Ytd in 2006
• author contributed to top-selling books,
Learning Perl
Intermediate Perl

i N tHe SPotli GHt
The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) makes
building rich web interfaces with Ajax easier!
It is an entirely new language for Java web
developers like Swing was for Java desktop
application developers. GWT in Action
introduces this exciting new technology and
allows developers to build the next generation of
rich web-based applications in Java.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• first book about Google web toolkit
• timely because of current huge interest in the
rich web experience (web 2.0)
• a language for uI development that does
not require Java programmers to “descent”
into Javascript (Gwt compiles Java code to
Javascript code)
• developed at Google, the cool company that
cannot go wrong
GWt in action
By robert Hanson and adam tacy
June 2007
$49.99 US, $64.99 CAN
ISBN: 9781933988238
600 pgs
Shelving: Web
User Level: Intermediate
Will Sell Like:

Ruby for Rails
This book takes on the most important
challenges of web programming in PHP 5 using
state-of-the-art programming and software
design techniques including unit testing,
refactoring and design patterns. It provides
essential skills for developing or maintaining
complex to moderately complex PHP web

KeY seLLInG PoInts
• explains to PHP programmers software
engineering principles of design and architecture
of web programming
• How to refactor/redesign/restructure legacy
• Improve existing code incrementally and under
time constraints
• How to use automated testing
• How to keep web applications secure
• rich in interesting and useful examples
PhP in action: objects, Design, agility
By dagfinn reiersol, marcus Baker & Chris shiflett
June 2007
$39.99 US, $51.99 CAN
ISBN: 9781932394757
600 pgs (est.)
Shelving: PHP/Programming
Will Sell Like:

PHP Cookbook,
O’Reilly Media, Inc.

i N tHe SPotli GHt
Perfect for programmers at all levels,

explores Ruby’s functional power
through the use of numerous practical and
illustrative examples. The book includes
short scripts, ranging from the simple to the
complex, that do something interesting while
also illustrating key concepts in Ruby. These
scripts manipulate text, manipulate numbers
(in ways that extend Ruby’s numeric classes),
and much more, all while showing readers
how to use the language to extend itself. The
author offers full explanations of how the
provided examples work, as well as ideas for
expanding and improving them. Readers learn
about Ruby’s abilities by experimenting with
IRB (the interactive Ruby shell); RubyGems;
and relatively high-level topics such as open
classes, mixins, inheritance, and functional
programming (both straightforward recursion
and built-in methods like map, inject, and
so on). An introduction to building Web
applications with Ruby on Rails is included as
well as how to get Ruby working within a Web
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• targets readers who want to solve problems
• ruby is currently the fastest growing
programming language
• ruby serves as a gateway for web designers and
non-coders to enter the world of programming
Ruby by example: Concepts and Code
By Kevin C. Baird
June 2007
$29.95 US, $37.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781593271480
294 pgs
Shelving: Programming
User Level: Beginning to
Intermediate Programmers and
Ruby enthusiasts
Will Sell Like:

Programming Ruby,
Pragmatic Bookshelf
This newbie’s guide to Ubuntu - now updated
for Feisty Fawn, the latest Ubuntu release, which
puts the spotlight on multimedia enablement
and desktop effects - lets readers learn by doing.
Using immersion-learning techniques favored
by language courses, step-by-step projects build
upon earlier tutorial concepts, stimulating the
brain and increasing the reader’s understanding.
It also covers all the topics likely to be of interest
to an average desktop user, such as installing
new software via Synaptic; Internet connectivity;
working with removable storage devices,
printers, and scanners; and handling DVDs,
audio files, and even iPods. It also eases readers
into the world of commands, thus allowing
them to work with Java, Python or other script-
based applications; converting RPMs to DEB
files; and compiling software from source.

KeY seLLInG PoInts
• author has an established reputation as
someone who can explain tech concepts to
novices in an inviting but still effective style
• edition based on edgy eft release received
strongly favorable reviews as a true beginning
linux book and sold approx. 4,000 copies in six
• ubuntu is seen as breaking away from the pack
to become tHe linux desktop distribution of
choice for beginners
Ubuntu for non-Geeks, 2e
By rickford Grant
June 2007
$34.95 US, $43.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781593271527
345 pgs
Shelving: Linux
Audience: Beginner to Intermediate
Will Sell Like:

Linux for Non-Geeks

i N tHe SPotli GHt
This book is a reality-based guide for modern
projects. You’ll learn how to recognize your
project’s potholes and ruts, and determine the
best way to fix problems - without causing more
Your project can’t fail. That’s a lot of pressure on
you, and yet you don’t want to buy into any one
specific process, methodology, or lifecycle.
Your project is different. It doesn’t fit into those
neat descriptions.
Manage It!
will show you how to beg, borrow,
and steal from the best methodologies to fit
your particular project. It will help you find
what works best for you and not for some
mythological project that doesn’t even exist.
Before you know it, your project will be on
track and headed to a successful conclusion.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• uses low-tech techniques; no big investment in
software or tools
• directly addresses scheduling games and
Manage It!
By Johanna rothman
June 2007
$34.95 US, $45.95 CAN
ISBN: 9780978739249
365 pgs
Shelving: Programming Projects
User Level: Beginning to Expert
Will Sell Like: 0932633439,
Peopleware: Productive Projects
and Teams
There is a hidden revolution going on:
geography is moving from niche to the
mainstream. News reports routinely include
maps and satellite images. Global Positioning
Systems (GPS) are showing up more and more
frequently as standard features in automobiles
and cell phones. Many of the major database
vendors have made geographic data types
standard in their flagship products.
GIS for Web Developers
introduces Geography
Information Systems (GIS) in simple terms
and demonstrates hands-on uses. With this
book, you’ll explore popular websites like www., see the technologies they use,
and learn how to create your own. Written with
the usual Pragmatic Bookshelf humor and real-
world experience,
GIS for Web Developers
geographic programming concepts accessible to
the common developer.

KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Very few books in the market on this topic yet
• existing books on the topic are locked into
discussing vendor-specific applications
• this book offers more than just open source-
open standards and open data combine to
lower the cost of entry for anyone interested in
this technology
GIs for Web Developers
By scott davis
June 2007
$34.95 US, $45.95 CAN
ISBN: 9780974514093
250 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Java
Audience: Beginner to Intermediate
1 0
i N tHe SPotli GHt
The serious amateur photographer often faces
the problem that even after all the dollars
spent on camera, lenses, computer gear, and
software, the spending never seems to end.
More gear is needed for studio photography,
tabletop photography, flash photography, and
for accessories here and there. And in many
cases, the right accessories are not even available.
That is where this book comes in.
Low Budget

is the one-stop source where you will
find instructions and a shopping list on how
to build an array of useful and inexpensive
photographic tools.
Filled with full-color images and easy-to-follow
text, this book shows how to build essential
lighting and studio equipment; how to make
the perfect light-table for shooting small objects;
and how to build reflectors, soft-boxes, and
light-tents that really work. It also tells where
to get some of the little helpers that make a
photographer’s life so much easier. This clever
little book is a creative and valuable resource for
most any photographer.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• No other book like this on the market
• In the tradition of the “make” approach
• loaded with full-color images
• easy to follow instructions on where to buy and
how to build essential photographic accessories
• a clever and fun book
Low Budget shooting
By Cyrill Harnischmacher
June 2007
$19.95 US, $25.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781933952109
72 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Photography
User Level: Medium to Advanced
Photographers & Students
Rocky Nook Dbooks are the ideal companion
for anyone who wants to get the most from
their Nikon D200. With more than 580 digital
pages in Acrobat format, you will discover the
fundamentals on all aspects of the digital image
creation process: digital photography basics,
taking pictures, image optimization, lenses,
accessories, and much more.
Rocky Nook Dbooks go well beyond the
Nikon camera manuals and are well-organized,
beautifully illustrated introductions to digital
photography with the Nikon system.
The Dbooks offer clickable examples and digital
images that explain before-and-after situations
and clearly illustrate the individual stages of the
processes involved. Navigation is easy with the
built-in hyperlinks or the detailed index and
Acrobat search functions. Rocky Nook Dbooks
make reading just as exciting and interactive
as digital photography itself. High-resolution
RGB images help to illustrate subtle differences
and effects which would hardly be visible on a
printed book page.
Rocky Nook Dbooks also include a handy
booklet for use on the road, which is filled with
practical overviews of your camera and menu
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• dbooks: Probably the most important accessory
for your Nikon d200
• Interactive Pdf
• a complete photography textbook (500 pages)
tailored to the Nikon d200
the nikon D200 Dbook
By Jeremy Cloot, rainer dorau, rudolf Krahm & Helmut Kraus
June 2007
$44.95 US, $58.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781933952147
500 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Photography
Audience: Beginners
1 1
i N tHe SPotli GHt
Aimed at novice web developers who have a
good grasp of HTML & CSS, but lack any
JavaScript knowledge or programming skills.
The book uses a specially developed core library
that the readers can download that keeps the
programming simple.
Using fun and practical examples, readers will
learn about:
•Programming principles
•Using JavaScript to interact with (X)HTML
•The Document Object Model
•JavaScript libraries like Prototype and jQuery
•JavaScript Timers, Flipbook & Path-Based
•Cascading forms and form field validation
•Errors & Debugging
•AJAX basics
Unlike other JavaScript books, modern best
practices such as progressive enhancement,
accessibility and unobtrusive scripting are used
from the very beginning.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• an absolute beginner’s book on Javascript
• uses visual concepts to teach programming
• Practical, best-practice examples
simply Javascript
By Kevin Yank & Cameron adams
June 2007
$39.95 US, $51.95 CAN
ISBN: 9780980285802
405 pgs (est.)
Shelving: JavaScript
User Level: Beginner
Will Sell Like: 1590595335,
Scripting: Web Design with
A friendly and approachable visual guide to the
long awaited update to the Microsoft operating
system. Accelerated books from YoungJin offer
the reader a visual step-by-step tutorial approach
to learning all the new features of the Vista
OS. Includes coverage of the new Media Player,
Internet Explorer and MovieMaker. This book
covers the Vista Ultimate version of the OS.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Covers windows Vista ultimate making this book
valuable to the widest range of users
• Includes sidebars with tips & tricks for the more
advanced user
• easy-to-follow, visual step-by-step tutorial
• other books in this series have been best sellers
in the uK market
Windows Vista accelerated
By Guy Hart-davis
June 2007
$24.99 US, $32.99 CAN
ISBN: 9788931434385
336 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Operating Systems
Audience: Beginner to Intermediate
Will Sell Like: 0470045736,

Yourself Visually
, Visual
i N tHe SPotli GHt
Ableton Live continues its rapid expanion
through the music world--no longer a simple
loop-based sampler/squencer, Live is being used
in situations that its creators probably didn’t
imagine at the beginning.
This book identifies tasks that the typical
Ableton Live user might run into, and looks
at working methods and solutions in detail,
combining practical advice with inspiration.
Music Projects with Ableton Live
will be useful
and stimulating for Live users at all levels. No
matter how you’re using Live, all of these tasks
will have something to offer you. The book
is based firmly on real-world use; a theme
enhanced by the inclusion of quotes and tips
from experienced live users.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• for mac and windows
• Building live sets for dJing, performance and
• using live as a digital multitrack recorder
• manipulating vocals
• remixing and mashups
• In-depth drum workshop
Music Projects with ableton Live
By martin delaney
June 2007
$17.95 US, $23.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781870775267
160 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Music/Recording &
BooK cHaNGeS aND oUt- oF-Pri Nt i NFormati oN
tItLe ChanGes
no staRCh tItLe ChanGe:
Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, e: a Pain-
Free, Project-Based, Get-things-
Done Guidebook
Was: Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks,
2E: A Pain-Free, Project-Based, Get-
Things-Done Guidebook

o’ReILLY tItLe ChanGes:
Dynamic learning: Dreamweaver
Was: Learning Dreamweaver CS3
Dynamic learning: Flash cS
Was: Learning Flash CS3
Dynamic learning: illustrator cS
Was: Learning Illustrator CS3
Dynamic learning: inDesign cS
Was: Learning InDesign CS3
Dynamic learning: Photoshop cS
Was: Learning Photoshop CS3
Programming .Net .
Was: Programming .NET 3.0
PRICe ChanGes
o’ReILLY PRICe ChanGe:
learning Web Design, e

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essential electronics for Software
Folk: thinking inside the Box

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no staRCh oUt oF PRInt:
the following title has an out-of-print
announcement date of

July 1, 00
& an out-of-print effec
tive date of
November 1, 00
Ubuntu linux for Non-Geeks

o’ReILLY oUt oF PRInt:
the following title has an out-of-print
announcement date of

June 1, 00
& an out-of-print effec
tive date of
october 1, 00
Digital Photography: expert

PRaGMatIC oUt oF PRInt:
the following title has an out-of-print
announcement date of

June 1, 00
& an out-of-print effec
tive date of
october 1, 00
Pragmatic Unit testing in c# with


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