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Concerned with building and constructing structures including carpentry work, bricklaying, concrete pouring, framing and a va
riety of
other jobs involved in building.


Performed Performed Observed

alone with help


Construction Labour

Learn about materials and tools

Load and unload construction material

Using the proper way to lift, move building materials between work areas

Mix, pour and spread materials

Shovel and grade earth

Set braces to support sides of excavations


and dismantle scaffolding

Erect barricades and place lights

in isolated work areas

Assist in wrecking building by hammering and prying apart sections of structures

Sort, clean and pile salvaged materials

Remove rubble and accumulated debris to provide clear work areas

Clean and store tools and

Operate machinery associated with construction

Assist with framing a house

Apply vinyl siding and front porch enclosures

Perform concrete and cement work

Install windows and doors

Install caulking and sealing

shingling and roofing job



Apply coats of plaster to interior walls and ceilings

Mix plaster to desired to consistency

Erect trestles and scaffolds

Apply first coats of plaster to surface

Level and smooth plaster with

and float

Roughen undercoats with wire or metal scrapers

Shape plaster border along sides to serve as a guide for thickness

Spread and level second coat between borders

Plumb and straighten corners, angles and wall surfaces using a plumb line,

or level

Scratch surface with float to provide greater adhesion

Apply finishing coat by spreading thin, white finishing plaster

Smooth surfaces with trowels

Create decorative

in finish coat



Mix mortar for appropriate jobs

Lay out building dimensions

Construct batter boards

Make a story pole

Pour concrete footings



Performed Performed Observed

alone with help

Waterproof foundations and lay drain tile along the foundation

Lay block and build corners, lay blocks to line and strike joints

Build 4” and 12” corners

Lay brick

to line using common, stretcher, and Flemish bond

Perform joint brick using regular, weathered, flush and v joint methods

Build veneer and interior walls using brick, block and tiles

Lay obtuse

Angle and acute

Angle corners and cavity

Construct forms for brick steps, concrete bases and steps

Pour concrete steps and lay brick steps

Estimate brick required for fireplace

Build fireplace footing,
ash put

and floor

Build trimmer arch

Lay up fireplace jambs, end,

side, and back walls

Pour chimney foundations

Install flue

Liners, clean

Out doors and thimbles

Lay out and construct segmental, jack, semi, circle, gothic and elliptical arches

Clean bricks, blocks and tiles using acid washdown,
sandblasting and brushing

Waterproof exterior walls above grade, joints and inside face of walls

Damp proof foundation walls

Remove stains

Prepare opening for glass block panels

Lay glass block wall

Lay up glazed tile wall
and sill

Install damp check and flashing behind and under sills

Install roof flashing

Estimate numbers of brick and blocks required for certain areas

Sketch a block wall and determine the type of material needed


Carpentry Work

Understand types of wall framing; balloon, platform and post & beam

Layout and install sills and girders

Frame around stairwells and openings in ceilings and doors

Lay and level joists

Lay subflooring

Construct corner posts and cut out

Frame wall openings and trussed partitions

Prepare framing for plumbing, wiring, heating, wallboard and insulation

Apply horizontal and diagonal sheathing

Understand various types of scaffolding

Understand roof styles and apply
principles of right triangle to roof framing

Plan roof layout and lay out plates, ridges, and common rafters

Frame roof openings

Lay out and cut jack, hip and valley rafters and collar beams

Frame gable and shed roof

Install asphalt and

wood shingles and rolled composition roof

Flash dormers and chimneys



Performed Performed Observed

alone with help

Apply outside trim, open and boxed cornice, gable trim an

Apply siding to outside wall

Set and install window and door frames

Flash drip caps over doors and windows

Install screen and storm windows

Cut and nail wallboard

Cut and install paneling

Fit window sash

Set and
install interior door frames

Install baseboard, interior cornice and ceiling beams

Install finish floor and fit and hang door

Install Threshold and door hardware

Install window and cabinet hardware

Install mantle, bookcases, cabinets or

other mill work

Lay out and construct stairs

Mark outlines or dimensions of parts on paper or lumber stock

Match materials for colour and grain

Set up and operate woodworking machines

Measure diameters and scribe circles

Trim parts

or joints for a snug fit

Use plains and scrapers to plane surfaces, edge grain and end grain

Bore holes for insertion of screws or dowels

Glue, fit and clamp parts for subassemblies

Sand and scrape surfaces and joints to prepare them for

Drive in nails to reinforce joints

Repair and refashion furniture

Dip, brush or spray assembled articles with finishing materials

Shape, drill, press, lathe and jig saw wood

Sand wood for finishing

Flatten blisters and
repair breaks in veneer

Prepare and install arborite


General Tasks

Convey tools and equipment to worksites

Select and saw lumber to size

Remove and clean shoring and bracing forms

Dig Shallow holes to support posts and other

Clean work areas, tool and equipment

Study CAD drawings and sketches for building plan information

Read blueprints

Verify trueness of structure using levels and plumb lines

Select the proper type of material for each job

Cost out materials and supplies

Order supplies and materials

Understand local building codes


Additional Tasks


Equipment Used:

Related positions:

Hand Tools, Trowels, Darby and Float, Router, Electric Drill

Carpenter, Plasterer, Pipe Fitter, Plumber, Roofer

Sander, Plumb
line, Straightedge, Spirit level, Crosscut Saw

Heavy Equipment Operator, Gas Fitter, Back Hoe Operator

Trammel, Calipers, Marking Gauge, Back Saw, Circular Saw

Waller, Construction Blas
ter, Cabinetmaker, Foreman

Glue gun
, Caulking Gun, Cement Mixer, Lathe, Planer,

Cement Pourer, Ditch
Digger, Road Repair, Painter

Drill Press, Shaper, Hammer, Jigsaw, Band Saw

12 October 2010