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Oct 21, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Robert Triebl

IST 402

Prof. Less

10 April 2012

Task 2 Paragraph

Tim Berners
Lee was talking about the future of the internet.



have the
web become

linked. This is the vision of the semantic web. Lee’s vision is that one
day the web will all be linked together. The da
ta on one page will be connected to data on
other pages. The web will be able to understand relationships between things. Right now
rything on the web is just documents. The machine just reads everything as text with no
meaning behind it. With Lee’s view
, the

web will be able to understand relationships. If an
article on a building says it is Berlin,

the web will understand that the bu
ilding is a part of Berlin,
and Berlin is in Germany, and Germany is in Europe and so on.

This will allow searches for
advanced topics much easier because everything will be related.

I believe

this will be tough to
accomplish. There is simply so much
on the web it would be hard to link it all. However I
believe if it can be accomplished it will lead to a new web.