Electronic Commerce and Applications

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Electronic Commerce and Applications

Assignment 1

Due date: 3/15

(8% of final grade)

Frieda Bannister is the IT manager for the state of Iowa’s Department of Transportation ( DOT).
She is interested in finding ways to reduce the costs of operating the DOT’s vehicle repair
facilities. These facilities purchase replacement parts and repair s
upplies for all of the state’s
cars, trucks, construction machinery, and road maintenance equipment. Frieda has read about
XML and thinks that it might help the DOT send orders to its many suppliers throughout the
country more efficiently. Use the Online C
ompanion links, the Web, and your library to conduct
research on the use of XML in state, local, and federal government operations.
You should cite
articles from
each of
these sources using the APA style. Include all references in the references

Provide Frieda with a report of about
three single
spaced pages (using 11
point font)

includes sections that dis
cuss what XML is and explain why XML shows promise for the ordering
application Frieda envisions. Your report should also identify other DO
T business processes or
activities that might benefit from using XML. The report should also incl
ude a summary of the
main disad
vantages of using XML today for integrating business transactions. End the report
with a brief statement regarding how the W3C S
emantic Web project results might help the
DOT operate more efficiently in the future.

Your assignment should be composed in a MS Word
with all sections below.


Cover page


Background of the problem


XML (Don’t just describe what you think. Cite credible sou
rces and give examples.)


What is XML?


Why XML shows promise for the ordering application?


Other DOT business processes or activities that might benefit from using XML


Summary of main disadvantages of using XML


What is semantic Web and how it might help t
he DOT operate more efficiently.



Your grade greatly depends on the thoroughness of your work.