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Oct 30, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



practical support and engagement do member groups feel they could best offer
that would fit with the needs of students, and how would they go about offering them

1 Red Dot

More member groups, roles

Relevant things to your role

between group

CPD seen as interesting

½ people are non members

Introduction of members

Students chapters (engaged students to get more engaged to universities)


Students needs to be a member of BCS


Universities have their own computer club


Advertise on uni
versity website or direct link to BCS website


Prizes for the best projects


Awards to universities


Widens student membership and prize


CPD might be useful


Student version of CPD


CPD is it only to BCS members?


Promoting chartered status

1 Yellow Dot

Foreign students are likely to join a student chapter at MSc level

Have a reason to be there in addition to the curriculum

Encourage student chapters to engage with each other in a geographic area across
universities rather than make them university
ic e.g. Warwick and Coventry

If it is for under
grads they need to include topics related to their coursework. If post
it can be additional.

Vary the events and tailor to the market, having researched the market very carefully. One
size cannot fit all

It needs an ‘
’ to the university to drive it

Could be run by YPG

Send BCS members to university rather than invite them to us.

1 Orange Dot

Practical support to students

zero cost to students or very clear benefit

Benefits of student chapters


Funding from student unions


New recruits to BCS


Enthusiasm, fresh ideas


More in it for higher degree students?


Membership of chapter

HE only or FE / Tech?

SFIA level 3 relevance to FE

Benefits to students


Employment potential




Practical exper




Enhancing profession / HE links

Social element critical

the ‘free beer’ concept

Select events on skill level and / or area of expertise

Issues preventing student engagement

time and energy, workload of professionals and
resources and money

1 Blue dot

Not undergrad students. More post


one day training.

PHD prep

what jobs, what grants, industry representatives


mailing list

all students in Britain or every student

free offer to help


can we do to help

Info retrieval

focus post grad students. Travel grants. Other sources. Difficult to get
existence out there. Student members BCS often learn too late

Student member mailing list


W London

strong links with unis

student pri

, 2
, 3

year students.

Get rep from uni onto branch

Some unis have student computing groups


tips for finding jobs

Put on CV have won a student prize

Live cast studies on how someone been successful

Take the meetings of MGs to the students
, instead of them coming to external meetings


an information pack on successful chapter. BCS involvement. Chapters to be run
by MGs.

Have themed events

Young Prof Gp

blurred time between when student stops and young professional starts

Not been su
ccessful on engaging the form IT teachers

too much on their plates

Careers day held for IT teachers for independent

Hong Kong

mentorship scheme in 2008. Recruit 100 + members each year. Recruit
mentors. Organise events, open discussion, encourage join
BCS about 10%

1 Green Dot

Bring rela life to ‘academia’

helping them to ‘get real’

Students are ephemeral and have experience of enthusiasm dwindling quickly

Focus towards the lecturers who are more permanent or student union or similar

around club funding

Academics on the branch committees (or technical staff)

BCS strategy

use funding from the big IT companies to sponsor student membership

stop playing as we are not IET or IEEE so can’t compete as we are.

1 Black Dot



with programme of study students, final year helping younger

Outside speakers


students aware of BCS early, companies aware of what students are doing and
skill levels and capabilities

Sri Lanka already have student group

Technical uni 5/6 potent
ial for uni to have student chapter

1 Purple Dot

Needs active presence on
site to promote at university / colleges

Engagement via social media e.g. YouTube resource from events ‘free shop window’

BCS needs to be doing a better job of selling the benefits

of membership to students /

Many academic members who join a ‘group’ of outreach members, take responsibility of
bring signing up students

2 Blue Dots

Need to communicate with local university students

Need to have a university member of staff

in communication with the branch committee

Should be easier, quicker to find BCS events calendar

2 Orange Dots


affiliation with university locally


reach through talks


Focused on P/Gran or U
Gran Project

Focus on students

Refr and Pizza sessions

Also F.E. colleges

Bringing students together with employers

Taking on from univ. provisions about careers

2 Yellow Dots

Practical support MGs best offer to meet needs of students

What students

NVQ, GCSE, Apprentices

ome companies pay for ‘fit employees’ thus not necessarily apprentices £30

Networking opportunities

Student prizes

Practical skills employabiliyy

Government (SG)

Fundamental knowledge

uni / college

Mentoring students

SG support for dissertation, equi
pment, etc

Branch and SG has different role

Link with teachers as volunteers in schools


student chapters


2 Green Dots

What practical support and engagement do member groups feel they could best offer that
would fit with the needs of
students to go about offering them

Work placements / internships with group membership companies

NI coding workshops (run weekends)

members working with school (11


distance etc, ‘hacking space’ support groups

Finding more ways
of interesting students in BCS e.g.raspberry pi ‘capturing


technical activities (not business oriented stuff)

Being available to answer questions

2 Red Dots

Want to encourage more students to join but it’s £50 for 4 years

e is demand but no
special deals available

Chartered accountants offer it for free


BCS should engage more with sections and their students

also wants free
student membership

Mentoring to offer valie


Talk to UGs in 1

term / semester t
o explain what’s offered by BCS, instead of large

Keep it simple

too much material / handouts

Students volunteers to helpout / watch

2 Black Dots

Dorset has chapter, but needs support

East Anglia has 4 universities so has resource issues
covering all of them all the time

Attempts should be made to connect with existing computer clubs

Shoulf encourage female groups of students


Discover what students want from student chapter

Career relevant advice from professional members

reps on MG committees

Finances for chapters?


(other than student chapters)

can member groups do to engage with and encourage
the involvement of students and young professionals

1 Red Dot

Target members

Roles of the students of specialis
t groups

Student level?

Coding club

initiative to get professional developers to share their professions

In US coach organization, OK it is coding club

Very intensive to find a group of students to do this and takes effort

Bristol Branch, talking about r

Weekend with school children

Similar activities should be done to other branches

Marketing: needs to get BCS marketing involved

Sponsor student prizes

Money? Extend companies or BCS

Other companies providing money to sponsor

Ensure that students know

what they doing

Seems to be very difficult

Much more fair and suggestions

Have meetings and short video

Training support and sign in YPG

Lot of committees of retired people and can’t commit too much

IBM and government department, not large companies

finance and where there is a lot of IT people and to make their people chartered

Employers to be valued for their membership

CITP no use in relevant to specific person

Corporate level membership or any universities

Accredited course, could become a member

Individual or student can become a member

Role of organization affiliates, what does BCS do for these organizations in terms of

1 Yellow Dot

Dose of reality with solutions

Expand into non
IT areas

Base meetings at university

Roster competit
ions with prizes

Demonstrations of sexy technology (3D printing)

Free events to encourage students

Use of games as an educational development mechanism for young kids

1 Orange Dot

Industry forms

busy, advantage for professional

Continued engagement

Links with interest groups

BCS go to local ‘geek’ group at pub


job prospects, interview skills, skills
, CPD records, wide knowledge of
real world

Time / money

Membership rates?


Advertise events to non members to encourage member

BCS creator of ind forum, link to uni courses

Fees student rate for 3 years in work

Unemployed rate?

YPG yes for branches

1 Blue Dot


introducing professional development

Got into a bit of a knot

Short half day training courses on specialist
software packages, interface design

Workshops and conferences attended well by students

Don’t interact young professionals

not enough committee time

Different interest groups and events

Prizes for best student paper

Poster sessions

aimed at students

sist and help to complete projects

Suggest local employers on IT etc, open up doors of an evening to show young

Publicise benefits

Membership fee

pay over 10 months

Keep YP status of membership at same price as student e.g. post grad
student, to keep

Retention and value for money

Post grad students strapped for cash

Computing committed students very high number were BCS members

Geographical problems when finish as student and move away

Not got ability to keep in touch

member to believe in BCS

need to be passionate about IT profession

In Engineering, was a chartered member, was very beneficial. CITP doesn’t have same
value as
CEng, which

is widely recognized. Make the CITP worth while

1 Green Dot

Get young profession
als in member group committees.

we can’t speak their
language and lack street cred at present

Try to get them involved early

at school and to see the advantages

Can BCS reduce or remove the subs for young professionals who are actively involved


, ‘real life’ experience. Being a committee member etc
is seen as enhanced employability

but is it?

Improved company recognition of BCS so students will want to be members

this isn’t
the case now

Cost, time, events do
n’t meet needs

Need a strategic approach

BCS members to go into university to give


professional ethics


links to CPD and companies seeing it as useful

The way we do events now is not interesting

virtual meetings, web etc.

1 Black Dot

Free drink, free lunch


Vendor hands

come and play / test

Guest lecturers to attend

CPD record for future interviews

Career advice from professionals

job hunting / agency


CV, contacts, professional viewpoint,

Stops students time, ease of access, post to

Timing of events 17.30 starts local to students (at uni), convenient to students

Sporting events, social events, student competitions

1 Purple Dot

Encourage ad
vertises to request / require MBCS, CITP etc as part of job specifications

Improve brand image of the BCS

, via networking etc

HQ roadshow to travel around branches and run the BCS graduate scheme (maybe for


to encourage student members to convert to professional membership after they

Better advertising of BCS activities within university departments

marketing database

Retention management

are members with lapsed membership nagged for the next two


BCS website is clunky in places and not very exciting

Joining / renewing should be easy

are the electronic process easy?

2 Blue Dots

Hands on presentation

Benefits if part of studies

2 years of retention by students


Officers from

BCS HQ to support

Online documentation

to strengthen

Free access for personal development

2 Orange Dots

Role model


? Charging

secure good events

Pay for something

greater value perceptions

Y.P. Long hours etc

get employers to

give time



sell benefit to employers

Help / seen as key part of career development

CPD tool

2 Yellow Dots

What is a young professional

in debt, too much happening, lots of work pressures

Make it worthwhile

Something of interest

Support professionally like other professional organisations

Should we have the government involved?

Free membership

What would a young professional give back?

2 Green Dots

IT professional of the Year

Do they stay on and what is done to encourage them t
o stay on?

We can offer support of the university

London hit students to help committee

CPD should apply to everyone

Engage students on committee to act as ambassadors

Competitions uni / college open event prize by BCS, sponsor BCS

2 Red Dots


Be proactive

branches look at the bigger companies in the area and approach them
direct, practicing in IT and sell them the benefits e.g. some companies pay the fee for
their employees to

Students leave their education with a degree


CS very involved in the industry

the practice

Work collectively with IET, with BCS as lead


for the employers

More of a push and promote to deliver guest slots on degree course e.g. the BCS UK
expert in key topics

2 Black Dots


ideas and opportunities

Sponsoring, skills development




Regional events

Progressive student membership (post uni)

Free membership ideas (for a period)

Support that’s available (post uni)

HR buy
in for graduates


iness week

winner get membership

Branch / SG visits (either or)

Discount membership

Student TP rep on committees

Survey this


How can BCS help young professionals in the early stages of their career,
in terms of finding employment in times of recession

1 Red Dot

Job recruit on portal BCS website

CDP will be useful what these students have done

Students can send their CVs to BCS

Message boards in BCS?

Advertise by universities and
current students recently graduated

Focus on employer, different text, employer understands the students


better by organisations

Possibly should be a member of an organization

Some persons leave their membership as they are not getting any benefit

CITP which is beneficial for students

See a list on a database, for example seeing a video presentation, you need to be a

Provide benefit to the public for non members


can get specific

to specific items whereas on members can only bro
the main website

Is there enough trade fair for BCS?

Google Plus and YouTube broadcasting live

Invite large organisations to know BCS is doing

Remove geek of computing

1 Yellow Dot

CIOs won’t take people without experience

students on year out

wich placement work, persuade companies

Companies preferring 18 year olds ad 3 year apprenticeships

Soft skills and tech skills

Practical experience is needed

Leave a positive trail of work share on social media, have a portfolio

Bring back mentoring schem

Help members become mentors, take a share, don’t have to be professional member



debate on Academic

Workplace learning

CV writing and tailoring needed

1 Orange Dot


CV clinic

Appropriate events

Interview practice

students into industrial / work placements and emphasise importance of this

Publicise vacancies

Members could learn from students!

Students could learn relevance of the skills they are learning

Engage with Unis and colleges!

Personal invitations to prestig
e events for unemployed students / graduates

Need to find high profile speakers!

BCS register of high profile speakers or ability of raising enquiries with members

Actively promote Lovelace Colloquium and other events

bulleting of impending events

similar to IET approach, add to e
biz mail

Mail to people based or address not whether they have joined a branch

Students may be reluctant / way of networking, help them to learn to network, make
events networking friendly

Events open to all, anyone coming

to an event could be a potential member

1 Blue Dot


Run mock interviews, feedback

’ by S Yorks branch


sessions and activities

Monitor guidelines to help students

Year 3 students what advice on job hunting

Link up with
Unis themselves

Get students up on their feet to present about their work, oral and written


local employers in and get them to explain how important soft skills

presentations skills

Bank of China IT head gave talk to guide students on what the
y will need as skills

lead to internships

Seen post grads on TV doing technician jobs. See BCS as the chartered route

too elite


If MG has 1 or 2 unis in catchment area

get a single meeting to cover all chapter events

Problem of increas
ing number of students and unis, but decreasing number of IT

Need to ensure not too academic

BCS to help? Practical and free

Mailing lists

don’t just focus on BCS students

but all students

Social media

E.g. Biology, Sociology, Geology etc

eep continuity when graduate

for an MG to
keep track or share geographical move of post grad students

BCS website

more promotion of local job opportunities on each branch patch

Free advertising to employers

Members keep up for job hunting

Job list

mbers only

Potential members who work in IT

1 Green Dot

Networking, but are most BCS current members worth networking with? Retired,
redundant or academics.


in bridging youth and experience with employers

CV sessions

Training in innovation and


‘Dragons Den’

before employers see unworkable ideas

way mentoring

young and old

young people explain new ideas to older which both
helps with soft skills and educates the ‘grey’ committee

Internships and work of projects where Cos

don’t have resources to complete

BCS work with government on jobseekers etc to position work experience

Must be top lead to avoid BCS looking a shambles with differing committee approaches
etc. Not workable now.

Lack of BCS standards mean benefits depend
on individuals

Should student membership be free? Subsidise the youth for the benefit of the whole

1 Black Dot

Getting agencies involved in talking

Endorsements (like LinkedIn)

Meetings should be open to all

Passing student questionnaires and su
rveys round at meetings

1 Purple Dot

Don’t do this well for mature

Encourage use of CPD resources

give a presentation, write a tech report, write a good

Need to do more mentoring

Set up buddy relationships

Who are the experts

feature them

activities, sell their contributions to life in
the UK, promote them on YouTube, scientists do it, why can’t we?

Connect on public events / news

Compensate ‘negative publicity’ with ‘positive publicity’

2 Blue Dots

Enthusiastic YPG

jobs with charity

to get experience

‘The Graduate’ programme

rolled out more widely

Putting lectures out on YouTube

appears to be significant interest

Educate employers to look at the wider skillsets of graduates

BCS can get involved in progression f
rom graduate to employee

2 Orange Dots

Why young?

what about older ones?

Encourage for chartered


Bringing people together

SG is focus


help with introductions

after events

Bring employed together with job seekers, with intent
but informally

2 Yellow Dots

How can BCS help

Lots of organisations

trying to help young people into work

Who is best placed to help? HR / Personnel

tell them our story to help them

How do get experience if haven’t got job?

Connections Hayes requirem
ent to Bedford Branch

IT recruiters, IT educators, case study and moved on

Lots will only go through recruitment agencies

Experience opportunity

Skill shortage

out of work can’t necessarily match

Being a BCS member good sign want to get on

2 Green Dots

Internships, work experience

Contact addresses of corporate members from HQ


Clues from membership numbers

Communicating experience

Interview training, CVs

Provide a friendly environment

Interview clinic

2 Red Dots

Job exposure, shadowing with comp

Providing CVs, interviews, mentors to assist the young prof

Invite the students to join branch / SGs

Register of students that can be provided to local companies (vice

Join up BCS HQ with member branches, members for team time

Information of c
orporate schemes to be made available to member groups (branches)

Better visibility of promotions and information available

Make aware to local companies the BCS schemes

Publicise the list of corporate company members (e.g. IBM) and the benefits

students to talk to the committees of the local MGs

2 Black Dots


entry level jobs, register of

Attendance at Branch and SG activities

Student CPD


Redundancy coaching / courses / mentoring

Returning to work coaching, courses,


Identify opportunities in the industry to help make career decisions

Off committee ‘jobs’ i.e. webmaster / video editing / tech support to gain experience

Job fair involvement

Link with the business community

Partner with the industry (Intellect
?) to provide and find work experience opportunities

Find out what universities are already doing to avoid duplication and possibly link back to
a BCS portal

Keep skills up to date

refresh activities