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Importance of iOS
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012 15:43
Why is iOS preferred by most developers? And what are the things online businesses can learn
from this fact? Every developer knows answers for these questions, yet this article does not go
bias towards iOS because doing so makes no sense. It is the era of Google's OS where about
900,000 Android devices are activated on daily basis. For now Google is an undisputed leader
with a huge market share. The open secrete of Google's success is the openness of its
Android is open source that allows vendors to introduce low-priced smartphones that attract
users upgrading from "dumb" mobile. Still, majority of businesses prefer iPad or iPhone
application development. Why? Professional developers can give so many reasons that why
they prefer iOS or iPhone application development. It is easy to develop iPhone application than
Android. iPad or iPhone application development is also a rewarding business.
Developers are able to earn more revenue from an iPad or iPhone development in comparison
of others. Many developers recommend iOS for high quality gaming app developments. iOS
developers' dedication to iPad and iPhone has helped Apple made its devices ultimate choices.
Now we come to the problems with Android because of that developers prefer iOS. The first one
is fragmentation. Yes, Android devices are too fragmented. There are hundreds of types of
Android devices.
Some of them are by globally popular companies while others are unpopular even at regional
level. But, most are able to offer Android in spite of the fact that the hardware configurations of
their mobiles are not capable of fully supporting all the Android features. Fragmentation
frustrates even developers as they have to optimize an Android app to run on more than one
type of smart device. Still, fragmentation is not a real cause.
Fragmentation in terms of OS was a problem in early days, but since 2.2 Android OS, there
have been one app for all. One more fragmentation issue is because of varying screen sizes.
Developers argue that how can they optimize an Android app for different types of screens?
They think it is difficult; however, if they optimize their app for selected devices, then it is
possible to scale the same code for all. Although fragmentation was a popular criticism of
Android, but for now, it is baseless.
The key issue developers choose iOS is simpler: money. iOS app development is profitable
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Importance of iOS
Written by TechMaker
Tuesday, 26 June 2012 15:43
than Android.. Developers have found that iOS device users are more willing to pay for apps
than Android users who mostly search for a free app even if it is a demo with limited functions
and they use it for longer time. Culture may also play its role. Many iOS users have already
been exposed to iTunes where they have learnt that quality contents come at some price, not
free. Money matters for all; for big software development companies and for amateur
developers. It is money that encourages more and more developers to favor iOS over Android
as well as others.
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